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Flowers Booking and Purchase
Xiyangyang Flower Store             Address: No. 932, Jinggangshan Road        Telephone: 86401606
Hangchang Flower Store             Address: A13, Flower Market, Jinggangshan Road   Telephone: 86419686
Tianshi Flower                 Address: A5, Flower Market, Jinggangshan Road   Telephone: 86406023
Chengxin Flower Store              Address: No. 1142, Jinggangshan Road        Telephone: 86419315
Huangxiangyuan Flower              Address: A12, Flower Market, Jinggangshan Road   Telephone: 86405296
Yili Flower Wholesales Store          Address: A2, Flower Market, Jinggangshan Road   Telephone: 86406126
Xidelai Floriculture              Address: No. 263, Supu Road            Telephone: 86393190
Flower Dream Store               Address: No. 265, Supu Road            Telephone: 86393136
Huaxianzi Flower Store             Address: No. 369, Supu Road            Telephone: 82196331
Rose and Love                Address: No. 182, Supu Road            Telephone: 86395733
Aixinyuan Flower Wholesales and Retail Center       Address: No. 186, Supu Road            Telephone: 82196091
Siyi Flower Store                Address: No. 174, Supu Road            Telephone: 87519885
1+1 Flower Store               Address: No. 172, Supu Road            Telephone: 86297518
Flower Wedding Store             Address: No. 162, Supu Road            Telephone: 82108383
Shasha Flower Etiquette             Address: No. 57, Guangchang North Road       Telephone: 86298543
Yingbin Flower Store             Address: No. 61, Guangchang North Road       Telephone: 86200245

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