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Shopping Mall and Supermarket

Department Store                  Address: No. 1, Zhongshan Road                          Telephone: 86228995
Department Store Dazhong Shopping Center      Address: No. 487, Dieshan Road                          Telephone: 86820024
Department Store Dazhong Chengdong Shop       Address: No. 233, Beijing East Road                        Telephone: 88330880
Department Store Qingshan Shop           Address: No. 278, Qingshan South Road                       Telephone: 88653585
Department Store Ruzilu Shop            Address: No. 252, Ruzi Road                            Telephone: 86268833
Department Store Dazhong Liantang Shop       Address: Vienna Square, Liantang                         Telephone: 85736078
Hongcheng Building                 Address: No. 156, Beijing West Road                        Telephone: 86223398
Hongcheng Building Lihua Shopping Plaza       Address: No. 1, Ruzi Road                             Telephone: 86286666
Hongcheng Building Shanghailu Shop         Address: No. 132, Shanghai Road                          Telephone: 88222153
Hongcheng Building Honggutan Shop          Address: No. 725, Honggu Middle Road                       Telephone: 83951083
Wal-Mart Supercenter                Address: North Side of Bayi Square                        Telephone: 86216215
Wal-Mart Supercenter Jiefangxilu Shop        Address: No. 87, Jiefang West Road                        Telephone: 88230305
Fortune Shopping Plaza               Address: No. 357, Bayi Road                            Telephone: 86300003
Hongkelong Department Store Bayi Shop        Address: No. 358, Bayi Road                            Telephone: 86219254
Hongkelong Department Store Tielu Shop       Address: No. 66, Tianyou Road                           Telephone: 86101431
Hongkelong Department Store Xiangshan Shop     Address: No. 295, Xiangshan South Road                      Telephone: 86210262
Hongkelong Department Store Dieshan Shop      Address: No. 498, Dieshan Road                          Telephone: 86700870
Hongkelong Department Store Honggu Shop       Address: Block C1, Honggu Century Garden, Honggutan New District         Telephone: 83839375
Hongkelong Department Store No. 1 Block Shop  Address: West Side, North Section, Honggu Middle Road, Honggutan New District   Telephone: 83850903
Hongkelong Department Store Liantang Shop      Address: No. 28, Fuqian East Road, Liantang Township               Telephone: 85717200
Hongkelong Department Store Jinxian Shop      Address: No. 18, Lanhu Road, Jinxian County                    Telephone: 85671118
Hongkelong Department Store Zhongshan Shop     Address: No. 150, Zhongshan Road                         Telephone: 86216889
Parkson Department Store              Address: No. 177, Zhongshan Road                         Telephone: 86728888
Times Square                    Address: No. 78, Shengli Road                           Telephone: 86578888
Metro Market                    Address: No. 40, Hongdu South Road                        Telephone: 88458888
Rainbow Department Store              Address: No. 318, Zhongshan Road                         Telephone: 86789933
Rainbow Market                   Address: No. 214, Nanjing West Road                        Telephone: 88329222
Trust-Mart Xianghu Chain Store           Address: No. 488, Sandian West Road                        Telephone: 85223972
Beijing Hualian Hypermarket             Address: No. 185, Shanghai Road                          Telephone: 88230933
Better Life Supermarket Shengli Shop        Address: No. 235, Shengli Road                          Telephone: 86810239
Better Life Supermarket Chuanshan Shop       Address: No. 605, Chuanshan Road                         Telephone: 86622105
NGS Supermarket                   Address: No. 37, Fuhe North Road                         Telephone: 86626765
Good Neighbors Shanghailu Shop           Address: No. 445, Shanghai Road                          Telephone: 88300728
Good Neighbors Longwangmiao Shop          Address: No. 218, Jiefang West Road                        Telephone: 88200205
Good Neighbors Fuheqiao Shop            Address: No. 12, Chaoyang Middle Road                       Telephone: 86512363
Good Neighbors Yongshulu Shop            Address: No. 10, Yongshu Road                           Telephone: 86211952
Good Neighbors Luoyanglu Shop            Address: Luodong Garden, Luoyang Road                       Telephone: 88590350
Good Neighbors Mafang Shop             Address: No. 250, Yingbin North Road                       Telephone: 85227625
Good Neighbors Dashiyuan Shop            Address: No. 1, Banbu Street, Dashiyuan                      Telephone: 86836558
Good Neighbors Chemical Fiber Factory Shop     Address: No. 85, Wuwei Road                            Telephone: 88611693
Good Neighbors Hongdu Shop             Address: No. 5, Hefang East Road                         Telephone: 88463080
Good Neighbors Zhanqianxilu Shop          Address: Zhanqian West Road Living Quarter                    Telephone: 86405910
Good Neighbors Qingshanlu Shop           Address: No. 288, Qingshan South Road                       Telephone: 88638156
Good Neighbors Nanpulu Shop             Address: No. 92, Nanpu Road                            Telephone: 86621835
Good Neighbors Shiquanlu Shop            Address: No. 479, Beijing Road                          Telephone: 88332035
Good Neighbors Hufang Shop             Address: Shunwai Road                               Telephone: 88320208
Good Neighbors Lixiang Shop             Address: No. 69, Lixiang Village, Jiefang East Road                Telephone: 88487215
Good Neighbors Luojiaji Shop            Address: Luojiaji Machine Repair Factory                     Telephone: 88368781
Good Neighbors Guantian Shop            Address: Beside Guantian Food Market                       Telephone: 88368725
Good Neighbors Xingjia¨an Shop           Address: Beside Xingjia¨an Temple                        Telephone: 88225080
Nanchang Wanshida Supermarket            Address: Beside Jiangxi Socks Factory                       Telephone: 86526111
Pingnan Chain Supermarket              Address: No. 99, Bayi Road                            Telephone: 86280288
Pingnan Chain Supermarket              Address: No. 762, Jiefang West Road                        Telephone: 87187577
A. Best Supermarket                 Address: No. 2, Taoyuan Street                          Telephone: 82150000
Wangzhongwang Supermarket Normal University Shop  Address: Beijing West Road                            Telephone: 87097864
Wanshida Chain Supermarket             Address: Shunwai Road (Beside Yujincheng)                     Telephone:  88301278

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