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Huaying Fitness Center             Address: No. 630, Chuanshan Road             Telephone: 85543272
Best Fit International Fitness Center     Address: No. 109, Zhanqian West Road           Telephone: 87100899
Times Fitness Center              Address: No. 292, Shanghai North Road          Telephone: 88323231
Meiligongchang Fitness Club          Address: F9, Rainbow Department Store, Zhongshan Road  Telephone: 82198111
Southern Fashion Fitness Club         Address: No. 339, Minde Road               Telephone: 86796588
Kangqiao Fitness Club             Address: No. 81, Fuhe Middle Road            Telephone: 86415656
Xiajinyi Health Care              Address: No. 292, Qianjin Road              Telephone: 86398417
Jinhaima Sport Club              Address: F6, Fortune Shopping Plaza           Telephone: 86318111
Energetic Space Fitness Club          Address: No. 183, Yangming Road             Telephone: 86820121
New Self Fitness Club             Address: No. 16, Chadaokou West Road           Telephone: 86160140
City Fitness Club               Address: No. 240, Hongdu Road              Telephone: 88525573
Kangbite Fitness Club             Address: No. 28, Fuzhou Road               Telephone: 88861162
Sunshine Women Club              Address: No. 175, Dieshan Road              Telephone: 86809268
New Century Club                Address: No. 43, Huanhu Road               Telephone: 86228999
Zhenhua Fitness Club              Address: No. 71, Zhongshan Road             Telephone: 86283708
Donghu District Culture Center Fitness Club  Address: No. 30, Huanhu Road               Telephone: 86805501
801 Leisure Fitness Center           Address: No. 947, Fusheng Road              Telephone: 86588188
Hengmao International Hacheng Club       Address: No. 88, Dinggong Road              Telephone: 86661950
Xihu Fitness Center              Address: No. 56, Ximazhuang               Telephone: 86297052
Yizhen Yoga Beauty Saloon           Address: No. 155, Shengli Road              Telephone: 82127217
Hada Professional Yoga             Address: No. 8, Zigu Road                Telephone: 86691265
Shengjia Yoga                 Address: No. 289, Zhanqian West Road           Telephone: 86491388
Shengma Yoga                  Address: No. 7, Jiangda South Road            Telephone: 82186202
Qinglian Yoga                 Address: No. 98, Xinzhou Road              Telephone: 86832323

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