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Tourist Routes

Nanchang One-day-tour
1. August 1st Square- August 1st Uprising Museum-Tengwang Pavilion
2. Shengjin Pagoda- Badashanren Memorial Hall- Nanchang Note Printing Factory
3. Tianxian Garden- the Sea Park- Hubin Park


Tour of Nightview
Shengjin Pagoda- Yanjiang Road- Tengwang Pavilion- August 1st Bridge- Honggutan-
Qiushui Square- Nanchang Bridge- Xianghu Park

Changtian Port (sightseeing on boat)- August 1st Bridge- Tengwang Pavalion- Honggutan- Qiushui Square- Nanchang Bridge


Migrant Birds- Watching Tour
Tianxiang Garden- Xiangshan Forest Park- Nanji Hill


Religious Culture Tour
Youmin Temple- Xishan Longevity Palace- Mt. Mengshan


Route of Red Tour for the Conception of Chinese Revolution
Shanghai- Jiaxin- Nanchang- Mt. Jianggang- Ruijin- Changdin- Gaozhou- Yan'an-
Xibaipo- Beijing


Golden Route of Jiangxi Red Culture Tour
Nanchang- Mt. Jianggang- Ganzhou- Ruijin


Route of Jiangxi- Hunan Red Culture Tour
Nanchang (or Jianggang Mountain)- Pingxiang- Shaoshan- Changsha


Route of Jiangxi- Fujian- Guangdong Red Culture Tour
Ganzhou- Ruijin- Changdin- Longyan- Meizhou- Guangzhou


Route of Jiangxi- Zhejiang- Shanghai Red Culture Tour
Nanchang- Dragon and Tiger Mountain- Shangrao- Sanqing Mountain- Hangzhou-
Jiaxin- Shanghai


Route of Jiangxi- Hubei Red Culture Tour
Wuhan- Huanggang- Jiujiang (or Lushan Mountain)- Gongqingcheng- Nanchang- Mt.

Golden routes around Nanchang
Culture tour to famous mountains, towns and villages

Nanchang- Jiujiang (Lushan Mountain)- Jingdezheng- Wuyuan


Red cultural tour to famous mountians and towns
Nanchang- Mt. Jinggang- Ganzhou- Ruijin


Environmental- friendly tour to scenic attractions
Nanchang- Dragon and Tiger Mountain- Guifeng- Sanqing Mountain

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