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Development and Construction of Nanchang Mobile high-tech Incubation Park
Project Overview
Nanchang Xiaolan Economy Development Zone intends to develop and construct Nanchang Mobile high-tech Incubation Park on the basis of Nanchang Auto Industrial in  Xiaolan Economy Development Zone. The construction will include office facilities, factories, research centers, facilities, as well as green, landscape, roads and other necessary facilities in the science and technology park. The construction area will be about 300,000 square meters.
Market Analysis
The  two vehicles are under construction. It will reach the annual production capacity of 300,000, and there will be a large number of supporting companies in Xiaolan Economy Development Zone in the future.  Offices and high-grade factories will have excellent market potential.
Project status 
There are a 300-mou area at Xiaolan Economy Development Zone. It has handled the land certificate.
investment Scale
The total investment is 300 million yuan.
Investment Benefit
The estimated annual profit and tax will be 30 million yuan, and the investment recovery period is 12 years forecast.
investment Mode
The introduction of venture capital.
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