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Justice Bureau of Nanchang City
Main Functions:
   (I) Carry out the guidelines, policies, laws and regulations on national justice administration; draft policies and provisions on the city’s justice administration; formulate mid- and long-term planning and annual plans of justice administration and supervise their implementation.
   (II) Manage, supervise and guide the city’s reeducation-through-labor work.
   (III) Formulate publicity and education concerning the law and the city’s planning of “rule by law”, and organize the implementation. Give guidance to governance by law in every county, district and every industry.
   (IV) Administer, supervise and guide the city’s attorney and legal advisor work, administer social legal service agencies; supervise and guide work of Municipal Bar Association.
   (V) Administer, supervise and guide the city’s notarization institutions and activities; supervise and guide work of Municipal Notary Public Association.
   (VI) Give guidance to civil mediation, legal services at grass-roots level and work of justice assistants; Take charge of settlement and education of people released from the prison or free from reeducation-through-labor.
   (VII) Administer, supervise and guide the city’s legal aid and “148” legal services.
   (VIII) Give guidance to the city’s law education.
   (IX) Take part in the drafting of local relevant regulations; give guidance to theoretical researches of law; guide and administer social judicial organizations; administer centrally work of Municipal Law Society.
   (X) Administer, supervise and guide finance and accounting of the city’s judicial administration system and materials and equipments, such as firearms, ammunitions, uniforms and vehicles, etc.
   (XI) Administer by laws the registration of arbitration; administer, supervise and guide judicial authentication service open to the public.
   (XII) Take charge of the National Judicial Examination in the city.
   (XIII) Give guidance to team construction and ideological and political work of the city’s judicial administration system; administer personnel work of bureau organ and its affiliated institutions. Take charge of police service and rank work of the city’s judicial administration system; assist county and district to administer leading cadres of Bureau of Justice.
   (XIV) Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal government.
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