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Program Outline of the 11th Five-Year Plan of National Economy and Social Development of the People's Republic of China

Table of Contents

Part 1 Guideline and Development Goals
Chapter 1 A Crucial Stage to Build the Well-off Society in an All-round
Chapter 2 Full Implementation of the Scientific Concept of Development
Chapter 3 Main Objective for Economic and Social Development
Part 2 Build Socialist New Countrysides
Chapter 4 Develop Modern Agriculture
Chapter 5 Increase the Income of Peasants
Chapter 6 Improve the Rural Landscape
Chapter 7 Train New-type Farmer
Chapter 8 Increase the Investment to Agriculture and Rural Area
Chapter 9 Deepen the Rural Reform
Part 3 Promote Optimization and Upgrade of Industrial Structure
Chapter 10 Accelerate the Development of High-tech Industry
Chapter 11 Revitalize the Equipment Manufacturing Industry
Chapter 12 Optimize the Development of Energy Industry
Chapter 13 Adjust the Industrial Structure and Layout of Raw Materials
Chapter 14 Raise the Level of Textile Industry
Chapter 15 Actively Promote the Informationization
Part 4 Accelerate Development of Service Industry
Chapter 16 Expand the Producer Services
Chapter 17 Enrich the Consumer Services
Chapter 18 Perfect the Policies relevant to the Development of Service Industry
Part 5 Promote Regional Coordinative Development
Chapter 19 Implement the Overall Strategy for Regional Development
Chapter 20 Promote the Formation of Primary Function Area
Chapter 21 Promote the Healthy Development of Urbanization
Part 6 Build a Resource-saving and Environment-friendly Society
Chapter 22 Develop the Circular Economy
Chapter 23 Protect and Restore Natural Ecosystems
Chapter 24 Strengthen Environmental Protection 
Chapter 25 Strengthen Resource Management
Chapter 26 Properly Use Marine and Climate Resources
Part 7 Implement Strategy of Invigorating China through Science and Education and Strategy of Strengthening China through Talents
Chapter 27 Speed Up the Scientific and Technological Innovation and Leap
Chapter 28 Give Priority to the Development of Education
Chapter 29 Promote the Strategy of Developing China by Talents
Part 8 Deepen System Reform
Chapter 30 Lay Emphasis on Promoting the Reform of Administrative System
Chapter 31 Uphold and Improve the Basic Economic System
Chapter 32 Promote the Reform on Financial and Tax System
Chapter 33 Accelerate the Financial System Reform
Chapter 34 Perfect the Modern Market System
Part 9 Implement Mutual-benefit & Win-win Opening Strategy
Chapter 35 Accelerate the Transformation of Foreign Trade Growth Mode
Chapter 36 Improve the Ratio of Foreign Capital Utility
Chapter 37 Actively Implement the International Economic Cooperation
Part 10 Promote Establishment of a Socialist Harmonious Society
Chapter 38 Guarantee the Work on Population
Chapter 39 Improve People's Living Standard
Chapter 40 Improve People's Health Level
Chapter 41 Strengthen the Building of Public Safety
Chapter 42 Perfect the Social Management System
Part 11 Enhance the Establishment of Socialist Democracy
Chapter 43 Enhance the Establishment of Socialist Democracy
Part 12 Enhance the Establishment of the Socialist Culture
Chapter 44 Enhance the Establishment of the Socialist Culture
Part 13 Enhance the Establishment of National Defense and Army
Chapter 45 Enhance the Establishment of National Defense and Army
Part 14 Build a Mature Planning Implementation Mechanism
Chapter 46 Build a Mature Planning Implementation Mechanism
Chapter 47 Adjustment and Perfect Economic Policies
Chapter 48 Improve the Planning and Management System