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Program Outline of the 11th Five-Year Plan of National Economy and Social Development of Nanchang (Chapter 1 to Chapter 5)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 General Requirements and Main Goals of Nanchang's Economic and Social Development 8
Section 1 Based on the Nanchang's Starting Points for Development 9
Section 2 Seize the New Opportunity of Development for Nanchang 14
Section 3 Establish the New Idea of Development for Nanchang 16
Section 4 Realize the New Development Goal of Nanchang 18
Section 5 Implement the New Development Project of Nanchang 21
Chapter 2 Unswervingly Promote the Internationalization and Marketization of Nanchang's Economy 22
Section 1 Vigorously Raise the Level of External Opening 22
Section 2 Firmly Implement the System Reform 25
Chapter 3  Put forth effort to optimize the coordination in urban and rural areas development of the overall arrangement of the large market land of Nanchang 31
Section 1  Overall arrangement of time sequence 31
Section 2 Overall arrangement of regional development 33
Section 3 Overall arrangement of the function 35
Section 4 Industry overall arrangements 38
Section 5 Ecological overall arrangements 42
Chapter 4 Basically build up a modern important base of manufacturing industry of middle position 43
Section 1 Strengthen industrial capacity 43
Section 2 Improve industrial competitiveness 44
Section 3 Strengthen the potential for further development of industry 44
Section 4 Implement the plan to promote the cohesion strength of industry 45
Section 5 Implement the plan promoted industry modernized level 46
Chapter 5 Building the regional modern center of service trade in a more effective manner 48
Section 1 Accelerate the development of the productive service trade 49
Section 2  Run the business circulation industry as a strong trade 53
Section 3 Develop tourism exhibition industries in a more effective manner 54
Section 4 Develop real estate in order 55
Section 5  Actively expand the service trade of community 56
Chapter 6 Accelerate the construction of the modern garden city and green homeland towards the world 57
Section 1 Continuously devote to strengthen the bearing capacity of the construction of infrastructure in urban and rural areas 58
Section 2 Continue to Strengthen the Urban and Rural Ecological Environment Construction 64
Section 3 Further Improve the Long-term Mechanism for Urban Management 69
Chapter 7 Focus on Build up Socialist New Countryside Cities 72
Section 1 Comprehensively Enhance the Rural Economy and Coordinate with the Fast-growing Economy in the Urban Areas 73
Section 2 Comprehensively Improve the Level of Public Services in Rural Areas to Catch up With the Continuously Increasing Level of Cities 74
Section 3 Comprehensively Promote the Constructions of Towns and Villages to March with the Ever-changing Urban Landscape 76
Chapter 8 Further Implement the Strategies of Prospering the Province with Science and Education and Qualified Personnel 77
Section 1 Implement the Strategy of Prospering the Province with Science and Education to Enhance the Continued Ability to Innovate of Nanchang’s Development 77
Section 2 Accelerate National economical and social informationization, Provide the Leading Raising Energy for Nanchang 80
Section 3 Actively Build Regional Talent Highland, Gather Core Resources for Nanchang Raising 82
Chapter 9 Build a Harmonious and Peaceful Nanchang 84
Section 1 Regard Employment Increasing as Important as Economic Development 84
Section 2 Basically Establish A Social Security System Compatible with The Level of Economic Development 86
Section 3 Rationally Regulate the Distribution of Income 87
Section 4 Improve the Overall Physical Health of Urban and Rural Residents 87
Section 5 Enrich People's Spiritual and Cultural living 90
Section 6 Strengthen the Building of Socialist Democracy 91
Section 7 Maintain Social Security and Stability 93
Chapter 10 Effectively Establish the Implementation Mechanism of Medium-term and Long-term Development Planning 94
Topic 1 Completion Situation of Main Indicators in 11th Five-year Plan of National Economic and Social Development in Nanchang City
Topic 2 Main Goals of “11th Five-year” Economic and Social Development in Nanchang City
Topic 3 Indicator System
Topic 4 Fields and Items for Preferential Arrangement of Governmental Public Finance and Governmental Building Capital
Topic 5 Comparison of GDP Indicators of Provincial Cities in Middle Area during “11th Five-year”
Topic 6 Preferential Items of Infrastructure in Counties
Topic 7 Build Preferential Projects of Key Modern Manufacturing Bases in Middle Area
Topic 8 Build Preferential Projects of Regional Modern Service Centers
Topic 9 Build Preferential Projects of Modern Garden City and Green Homeland
Topic 10 Build Preferential Projects of Socialist Urban New Countryside
Topic 11 Implement Preferential Projects of Strategy of Invigorating Nanchang City through Science and Education and Strengthening Nanchang City through Talents
Topic 12 Build Preferential Projects of Harmonious and Secure Nanchang

   The Program Outline of the 11th Five-Year Plan of National Economy and Social Development of Nanchang (the "11th Five-Year Plan") is the ambitious goal

of building a moderately prosperous society put forward by the Central Party Committee, the first medium-term and long-term development plan prepared after

the scientific concept of development and the major strategic thinking of building a harmonious society were put forward, the blueprint to cohere strength

and lead the development, the common action program of the people of Nanchang City and the important basis for the government to undertake the

responsibilities of economic regulation, market supervision, social management and public services. In accordance with Opinions of the State Council on

Strengthening the Development of National Economy and Social Development and Suggestions of CPC Nanchang Committee on the Preparation of the 11th Five-Year Plan of National Economy and Social Development of Nanchang, Nanchang government needs to implement the scientific development and effective implementation of the "11th Five-Year" planning, which is of great significance for Nanchang to continue to develop in the harmonious way and to accelerate the achievement of the overall goal of enriching people and prospering city at a new starting point.

Chapter 1 General Requirements and Main Goals of Nanchang's Economic and Social Development
Section 1 Based on the Nanchang's Starting Points for Development

   Entering into the new century, in the fierce competition among cities and encountered with the complications, prominent contradictions and new

"bottlenecks" arising from the upheaval in macro-economic environment and urban development, the Party Committee and government of Nanchang, by leading the

people of Nanchang, adheres to Deng Xiaoping Theory and the "Three Represents" as guidance, earnestly implements the scientific concept of development,

firmly grasps the development, the chief task of governing and rejuvenating the nation, vigorously implements the main strategy of external opening and the

core strategy of building the important modern manufacturing bases, struggles to do well in building Nanchang into a modern regional economic central city

and a modern civilized garden & profound city, creatively coheres to the resource development, creates the resultant force for development and seeks for the

great-leap-forward development, finally, Nanchang obtained the prominent achievement on reform & external opening and socialist modernization; furthermore,

on the basis of the completion of the main development indicators regulated in the "10th Five-Year" 1 to 2 years in advance, Nanchang also realized the goal

of "Small Change in a Year and Great Change in Three Years" and achieved historic breakthrough with “10,000,000,000” as symbol on the following aspects: the total fiscal revenue exceeded 10.0 billion Yuan, the local gross output value exceeded 100 billion Yuan, the additional amount of the local gross output value per capita exceeded 10 thousand Yuan and the per capita disposable income of urban residents exceeded 10 thousand Yuan.
   In 2005, Nanchang's total output value doubled compared with that in 2000, reaching 100.8 billion Yuan, 30 billion more than the goal of the "10th Five-

Year", an average annual increase of 14.9% in five years and 6% higher than the goal of the "10th Five-Year". The total output value per capita was 22

thousand Yuan, an average annual increase of 13.2%. For the proportion of the tertiary industries, the proportion of the secondary industry increased by 5%,

compared with the requirements planned in the "10th Five-Year", the industrialization greatly drove the urban development. In addition, the investment also

significantly drove the development of economy, it could be seen from the fact that the consumption after the later stage of the "10th Five-Year" started to

grow. In 2005, the total investment to the fixed assets was 52 billion Yuan, 6.5 times of that in 2000, an average annual increase of 46% and 34% higher than

that in the "10th Five-Year"; the retail amount of social consumer products was 30.8 billion, increasing from 11.4% at the beginning of the "10th Five-Year"

to 15.9% in 2005, with the average annual growth rate 7% higher than that in "10th Five-Year". The total fiscal revenue was ahead of the economic growth, in

2005, the total fiscal revenue reached 12.6 billion Yuan, an average annual increase of 23.1% and 8% higher than the economic growth and 14% higher than that

in the "10th Five-Year", of which, the local government budgetary revenue was 5.8 billion, an average annual increase of 26% and 15% higher than that in the

"10th Five-Year". The rapid growth of economy and the great increasing of economic benefit brought more coordinated relations between the social development and the economic construction, and the urban and rural residents benefited a lot from the development. The higher education changed from the elite education to mass education; specifically, the gross entrance rate on higher education increased from 16% in 2000 to 25% in 2005, the urban quantity of employment increased by nearly 300 thousand people in the five years and 300 thousand rural surplus laborers transferred; in 2005, the annual per capita disposable income of urban residents was 10,301 Yuan and the annual per capital disposable income of farmers was nearly 300 Yuan, both of which were higher than those in the "10th Five-Year".
   During the "10th Five-Year" period of time, the main changes that were be significant in the long or medium term in the economic and social development

of Nanchang were as follows:
   The speed of economic growth of Nanchang now was ranked among the top provincial cities, laying a solid foundation for the development of Nanchang in the new century. During the "10th Five-Year", Nanchang's total output value was 346 billion Yuan, 160 billion higher than that in the "9th Five-Year" and an

average annual growth rate of over 4%. Among the provincial cities of China, Nanchang developed rapidly with the ranking in the speed of economic growth rate rose from the 23rd to the top five at the end of the "10th Five-Year" and the comprehensive competitiveness of Nanchang was ranked among the top 30 in the 200 major cities in China and the overall strength was ranked among the top 35.
   The main themes in the structural adjustment were highlighted, creating a broader space of the economic development of Nanchang. From 2000 to 2005, the

proportion of the added value of the industry in the tertiary industries was adjusted from 33% to 37%, the proportion of the total industrial output value of

towns to the total industrial output value of Nanchang was adjusted from 20% to 25% and the proportion of the added value of the non-public sectors of the

economy to the total output value was adjusted from 35% to 65%. In addition, some industrial enterprises in Nanchang have started to achieve the annual sales

income of more than 10 billion Yuan, and among the top 100 state-level leading enterprises of the agricultural industry, six enterprisers were located in

Nanchang. The above data showed that the dynamic and competitive economic structure of Nanchang with the main part of industry and the coordination between the rural and the urban had been formed, promoting the continuous improvement of the macro-efficiency. In 2005, the labor productivity of industrial

enterprises was 106,000 Yuan /person, 4.5 times of that in 2000 and the proportion of the total fiscal revenue to the local total output value was 12.5% in

2005, 2.5% higher than that of 2000.
   The open economy of Nanchang developed rapidly, promoting Nanchang to be integrated into the economic globalization. The foreign investment in actual use

in the five years was 2.7 billion U.S. dollars and annual amount of foreign investment used was ranked among the top 10 in the provincial cities of China;

furthermore, 750 enterprises invested by the foreigners from more than 50 countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions were entered Nanchang, of which, there were 20 enterprises among world top 500; the total domestic investment of 70 billion Yuan was attracted and nearly 1,800 domestic-funded enterprises settled down in Nanchang, the rate of the contribution of the open economy to the economic growth reached 40%. The investment environment of Nanchang had been improved continuously, the public service system had been constantly improved, the brands featuring the minimum costs, the fastest return, the highest efficiency and the best credibility had attracted the attentions of all concerned, Nanchang's economy was rapidly shifting from the domestically-oriented economy to the open economy.
   The urban capability to cohere the development factors was greatly improved, making Nanchang, as the capital of the province play a more and more

important role. In the last three years, the urban population increased by 400 thousand, the proportion of the talents to the total population increased by

4% in the five years and the talent inflow and outflow balanced with each other, that is to say, the passive situation that the talents were hard to stay a

long time in Nanchang had been improved markedly. During the five years, the investment rate increased by 34%, which was the highest in history, the

investment to the fixed assets was over 130 billion Yuan, 100 billion Yuan more than that in the "9th Five-Year", accounting for nearly 70% to the total

investment of Nanchang since the founding of China; the proportion of the non-state-owned investment increased from 32% in 2000 to over 60% in 2005. In 2005, the credit funds of banks were over 100 billion Yuan for the first time. The goal of Nanchang to be powerful and bigger increased the level of urbanization

by 2% per year, and the proportion to the total fiscal revenue of Jiangxi increased by 1% annually and the proportion of the foreign investment in actual use

to Jiangxi increased by 10% in 2000 to 38% to 2005, indicating that the role of Nanchang, as a provincial city was more and more important.
   The urban and rural landscape changed dramatically, showing that Nanchang kept pace with the times. The investment to the urban infrastructure was more

than 20 billion Yuan, nearly 10 billion Yuan more than that in the "9th Five-Year". Besides, the large-scale transformation of urban and rural road networks

and outbound traffic facilities were constructed, as a result, it takes only 6-8 hours from Nanchang to the provincial cities around and 30 minutes from the

city to towns, and the significant results had achieved in the transformation of urbanization in surround urban freeways and suburban roads. The rural roads

of 4800 kilometers were constructed and the roads connecting different administrative villages were basically constructed. In addition, great achievements in

creating four titles to the city were obtained (National Sanitary City, National Civilized City, National Garden City and National Environmental Protection

Model City). In the urban area of Nanchang, the road construction was made in three consecutive years, finally, the area of paved roads per capita increased

by 3.5 square meters. Besides, the improvement of "Eight Lakes and Two Rivers" and the landscaping, beautifying and cleaning of the city continued to be

made, as a result, the green area of Nanchang increased by 100 hectares annually, more than 20 main polluting enterprises moved out from the downtown area of Nanchang, the rate of excellent air quality was ranked among top 10 in the municipalities and provincial cities of China, the ratio of cluster sewage

treatment increased from 0 to 41%, basically resolving the problems of the water logging in the old urban area. The rapid improvement of urban ecological

environment built an outstanding brand of "Clear water and blue sky" for Nanchang; furthermore, the "Urban migratory phenomenon" of Tianxiang Scenic Spot was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. The built-up area of Nanchang increased from 85 square kilometers in 2000 to 206 square kilometers in 2005, one and a half times of the original one and expanding the area of Nanchang, what's more, the urban pattern of "A City in Both Banks of a River" had started to be formed. In addition, the spiritual civilization construction had reached a lot of achievements, the social security and the employment and re-employment

project had been effectively strengthened, and the people's living standards and quality had been improved significantly. Nanchang won the titles of

"National Clean City", "Outstanding Tourist City of China", "National Civilized City and Excellent City of Improvement", "National Model City of Science and

Education Improvement" and "National Model City of Agricultural Industrialization" and others.
   It should be noted that with the five years of rapid development, the enthusiasm of People of Nanchang for creating business and setting up enterprises

was risen, making people of Nanchang be more cooperative and united, building their confidence in creating a beautiful homeland, strengthening their sprit of

playing a leading role in the fashion and seeking for the excellence, and exploring a way for rapid development featuring meeting the requirement of Nanchang

and the times and agreeing by the people. Looking into the future, Nanchang was standing at a new historical starting point.

Section 2 Seize the New Opportunity of Development for Nanchang

   During the "11th Five-Year" period of time, the international industry is subject to the strategic adjustment and the coastal industries continue to move

into the middle part; the upgrading of the consumption structure will create the huge space for the industrial development, especially the transformation of

traditional industries and the upgrading and expanding of new industries; the policies concerning the regional economic development of the state are improved

and the strategy promoting the development of the Central China is being fully implemented; By the economic cooperation platform such as "9 +2" Pearl River

Delta Region and others, the concept of mutual benefit and win-win now has been rooted in peoples' minds, and the system of regional division of labors and

cooperation has been mature, providing a rare opportunity for Nanchang to bring into full play the location advantages of adjacent to the provincial cities

of Yangtze River delta, Pearl River Delta and Fujian, and the transport advantages of only 6-8 hours away from the provincial cities around, to enhance the

initiative to undertake the transfer of industries, to form the distinctive industrial clusters, create the potential advantages and realize the great-leap-

forward development.
   The interactive promotion and acceleration of industrialization and urbanization is the important strategy of improving the regional economic

competitiveness by playing the leading role of the downtown area in other places to form the economic circle of the metropolis and then to the urban

agglomerations or urban zones with powerful polarization. Jiangxi Government supports the policy that Nanchang is the first one in the province to be

stronger and powerful, so as to ensure Nanchang has wilder development space and more sufficient conditions. Especially after the new century, Nanchang has

attracted the investments of more than 1 trillion and 2,000 to 3000 enterprises, as a result, the great development potential formed a long time will be

released continuously in the future, facilitating Nanchang to further promote the cooperative development between the advanced manufacturing industry and the

modern service industry and then to build the driving force for long-term development, being conducive to upgrade the taste of Nanchang's advantageous

resources on landscape, expanding the new space for urban development, laying a solid foundation for Nanchang to develop, effectively enhancing the strength

for sustainable development and the capability of serving the province, and achieving the development in a harmonious way.
   After entering the "11th Five-Year" period of time, Nanchang has been ranked among the "Cities with Hundreds of billions", its economic aggregate will be

more than 10 billion Yuan and the per capita gross domestic product comes to the range of 3000-5000 U.S. dollars, now Nanchang is at the stage with the

accelerated development of industrialization and urbanization and the coexistence between the stage of the rare development opportunity and the stage of the

more prominent contradictions; therefore, Nanchang government needs to grasp each opportunity because the challenges are stern. Specifically, at the end of

the protection period after China's Accession to the WTO, the phenomenon of "Winner takes everything" has been already apparent in the new round of

structural adjustment, the market competition both at home and abroad has been more intense, the competition between cities has been more intense, showing

the trend that " Not to advance is to go back, slow progress will be left behind and standstill is to regress", the restrictions of traditional

industrialization and the traditional urbanization by energy, land, capital and environment are increasing, the coordinated development tasks are arduous,

and various social problems and contradictions are increasing and being complicated. What's more, Nanchang is still a less developed city, it has the

following problems: its economic aggregate is small, its enterprises with great strengths are few, the industrial hierarchy is low, the overall benefits are

also not high, the contradictions on agriculture, rural areas and farmers and employment are obvious, it runs into many debts on the urban construction,

people's lives are still at a lower level, the stability of the government is still complex and the tasks of breaking through the barriers of system and

mechanisms and realizing the coordinated and sustainable development are still arduous. However, the government of Nanchang believes that it can make good

use of the rare strategic opportunities in the first 20 years of this century, eliminate the negative factors, realize the faster and better development and

gain the due place in the rankings of the development of China's cities by sticking to the main strategy of external opening; implementing the active and

extensive participation in the international and domestic cooperation and division of labor; adhering to the development of modern agriculture and rural

areas, new industries, new town, marketization of economy and internationalization; focusing on the industrial follow-up; aiming at being bigger and

stronger; accelerating the development of the core competitiveness of Nanchang and enhancing the strength, optimizing the structure, increasing the

efficiency, improving the people's lives, maintaining the good environment and highlights the specificities of Nanchang in the rapid development.

Section 3 Establish the New Idea of Development for Nanchang

   The government of Nanchang sticks to Deng Xiaoping Theory and the "Three Represents" as guidance; adheres to the concept of scientific development as

principle, firmly grasps the rare opportunities; struggles to do well in building Nanchang into a modern regional economic central city and a modern

civilized garden & profound city; realizes the aim of making people be wealthy and city be strong; unswervingly implements the primary strategy of external

opening; carries out the core strategy of building an important base for modern manufacturing, the urban strategy, the strategy of vitalizing the province by

science and technology and the investment-driven strategy; follows the overall concept of "Catching up, Interaction and Surpassing" to lay a solid

ideological foundation, material foundation, institutional foundation and organizational foundation; focuses on building Nanchang into a dynamic and open

city, a civilized and harmonious city, a city of honest pioneering and a city of good environment; perfects the systems and mechanisms; transforms the mode

of growth; enhances the innovation capability; creates the development models and enhances the quality and level of development, so as to lay a solid

foundation for Nanchang to rise among the cities of central China and for building Nanchang into a well-off society.
   In the "11th Five-Year" development process:
   1. Struggling to do well in building Nanchang into a modern regional economic central city and a modern civilized garden & profound city; realizing the

aim of making people be wealthy and city be strong and inspiring the enthusiasm of people. Specifically, the government needs to take into consideration the

long-term goal of building Nanchang into a modern regional economic central city and a modern civilized garden & profound city and the short-term goal of

"Small Change in a Year and Great Change in Three Years", and inspires the people of Nanchang to stick to the principle of focusing on economic construction,

emancipating the mind, keeping pace with the times, cooperating with each other and making progress steadily.
   2. Adhering to the working policy of "The rapid development is the prerequisite, the coordinated development is the key and the sustainable development

is the goal". Specifically, the government aims at narrowing the gap with the developed cities by the rapid development; realizing the all-round social and

economic progress by the coordinated development and accelerating the goal of Making Nanchang rise among the cities of central China and building Nanchang

into a well-off society by the sustainable development.
   3. Insisting on the primary strategy of external opening and the core strategy of building an important base for modern manufacturing. Specifically, the

government needs to take the primary strategy of external opening as the most important task for accelerating the development and realizing the rapid rise of

Nanchang, and take the core strategy of building an important base for modern manufacturing as the driving force for promoting the rapid growth of economy,

so as to gain the due place in the rankings of the development of China's cities.
   4. Vigorously implementing the urbanization strategy and promoting the coordinated development of urban and rural areas. Specifically, the government

needs to make full use of the resource advantages of Nanchang as a provincial city; to building Nanchang into a bigger, stronger and more beautiful city; to

enhance the role of the central city in leading the county economy and the rural economy and society; to increase the utilization factor of public finance in

rural areas; to accelerate the building of a new socialist countryside and to realize the prosperity of both the rural area and the urban area.
   5. Changing the mode of economic growth and enhancing the capability of independent innovation. Specifically, the government needs, based on the

excellent ecological environment, to accelerate the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society; to adhere to strengthening the

capability of independent innovation which must be used as the strategic basis for scientific and technological development and the central link for

adjusting the industrial structure, transforming the mode of growth, improving the core competitiveness of enterprises; to vigorously improve the capability

of original innovation, integrated innovation and innovation based on others' achievements.
   6. Building a socialist harmonious society. Specifically, the government, in accordance with the people-oriented requirements, needs to strengthen the

social construction and management; actively promote the construction of public service system and public security system and pay more attention to the

equality in the society, the work of the grass-roots level and the coordination between reform, development and stability, so that all people can benefit

from the development of Nanchang.

Section 4 Realize the New Development Goal of Nanchang

   The government, by the efforts in the five years, aims at doubling the economic output and completing the requirements of the Party on doubling the

economic outputs based on optimizing the structure and increasing the benefits put forward in the 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China, so as

to rank the comprehensive competitiveness of Nanchang among the Top 25 Cities from the Top 30 Cities; initially building Nanchang into an important base of

modern manufacturing with strong competition in central China and a regional center of trade, logistics and vocational education and basically building into

a modern regional economic central city and a modern civilized garden & profound city. Besides, by the efforts in the five years, the government also aims at

further improving the socialist market economic system; significantly accelerating the process of industrialization and the development of the service

industry; making great progress in the construction of a new socialist countryside; realizing the overall upgrading of economic structure and the significant

improvement of the economic benefits; ensuring the comprehensive development of social undertakings and bringing into full play the functions of science and

technology, education and talents; significantly expanding the employment capacity of Nanchang, creating a sound social security system and largely

increasing the incomes and quality of life of urban and rural residents; continuously strengthening the urban construction and management, creating perfect

infrastructure and public service network and improving the environment quality and ecological advantages; and realizing the harmonious development of

political civilization construction, spiritual civilization construction, and material civilization construction and significantly improve the degree of

harmony of the society.
   Key development indicators:
   Indicators on the scale of development
   The local gross output value will increase by 14% annually on average, reaching more than 2,100 Yuan.
   The local gross output value per capita will increase by 11.6% annually on average, more than 5,000 U.S. dollars;
   The total fiscal revenue will increase by 15% annually on average and the local government budgetary revenue will increase by 16% annually on average;
   The investment to the fixed assets of the society will increase by more than 23% annually on average and will come to 500 billion Yuan at the end of the

five years;
   The foreign investment in actual use in the five years will reach 6 billion U.S. dollars;
   The gross export will increase by 16% annually on average.
   The retail amount of social consumer products will increase by 15% annually on average;
   The population of Nanchang will be about 2.6 million;
   The built up area will come to more than 260 square kilometers.
   Indicators on the structural adjustment
   The ratios of the three industries will be 5:56:39;
   The proportion of the added value of industry to the local gross output value will increase to 46%;
   The proportion of the added value of the non-public sectors of the economy to the local gross output value will increase by 15%;
   The proportion of the added value of the high-tech industries to the local gross output value will increase by 0.5% annually;
   The total income from tourism will be equal to 6% of the gross output value;
   The contribution rate of scientific and technological progress will increase by 5%;
   The proportion of the local gross output value of Nanchang to Jiangxi Province will increase by 3%.
   Indicators on the harmony of the society
   The disposable income of the urban residents per capita will increase by 5,500 Yuan on average in the five years;
   The net income of farmers per capita will increase by 1,800 Yuan on average in the five years;
   350,000 persons will have their jobs in the cities in the five years;
   The registered urban unemployment rate of the city will not be higher than 4.5%;
   300,000 farmers will be transferred in the five years;
   The comprehensive coverage of social security system will increases to 90%;
   The urbanization rate will increase by 1.6% annually and to 60% in 2010;
   90% students will study in senior middle schools;
   The gross entrance rate on higher education will increase by 5%;
   The students will study 12 years in schools;
   The indicators of the residents' consumption price will be around 102;
   The per-capita usable space of houses in urban areas will come to 28 square meters;
   The per-capita living area in rural areas will come to 38 square meters;
   The Engel coefficients for urban and rural areas will be 39% and 46%;
   The fertility level of women will maintain stably within the child-bearing ages and the natural population growth rate will be controlled within 8‰

annually on average.
   Indicator on environmental quality
   The energy consumed for the outputs valuing 10,000 Yuan will decrease by 20% from 2 tons of standard coals to 1.6 tons of standard coals;
   The centralized disposal rate of the urban domestic sewage will increase from 41% to 80%;
   The green coverage rate of Nanchang will increase from 38% to 42%; and The public green area per capita will increase from 7.5 square meters to 9 square


Section 5 Implement the New Development Project of Nanchang

   The government needs to pay more attention to the time efficiency, the level and the competitiveness; bring into full play the support role of major

projects in the rise of Nanchang and effectively carries out the mode of increasing the effective investment, enhancing the potentials of self-expansion of

enterprises, the competitiveness of industries and the comprehensive strength of Nanchang with the basis of projects. Besides, the special efforts need to be

made to concentrate strength on the construction of the major industrial projects with greater leading role, stronger support capacity and more inter-

relationship between industries, to implement the responsibility system for key projects, to promote the commencement of projects on time and to put into

operation as early as possible. During the "11th Five-Year" period of time, 1,500 support projects are planned to be implemented (The projects in the towns

and development zones are not less than 1,000), of which, there are 800 projects on industrial development, 300 projects on urban development, 200 projects

on social development and 200 sustainable development projects (including rural infrastructure projects). In the planning of the support projects, the number

of the municipal priority projects must be not less than 100. In this way, the government forms the system of planning the projects first, and then

developing, building and finally put into operation; furthermore, in accelerating the development, the government needs to continue to plan, start and

construct more projects, so as to realize the great-leap-forward development of Nanchang.

Chapter 2 Unswervingly Promote the Internationalization and Marketization of Nanchang's Economy
Section 1 Vigorously Raise the Level of External Opening

   Broaden the Development Space of Nanchang
   It needs to bring into full play the leading and key role of the primary strategy of external opening in the economic and social development of Nanchang,

continue to expand the capital attracted, optimize the investment structure, improve the project quality, expand the scale of foreign trade, practically

promote the regional cooperation, upgrade the open economy, develop the system mechanism innovation of the city and inspire the enthusiasm of Nanchang in

development, so as to build Nanchang into the important base for undertaking the international industrial capitals in central China and the domestic

industries moving from the costal areas.
   The government needs to seize the opportune moment to raise the level of the utilization of foreign capitals. Specifically, the government needs to make

full use of the advantages of Nanchang on resources, ecology, location and the costs of production factors, the existing industrial and investment

foundation; to consolidate the investment from Hong Kong and Macao, deepen the investment from Taiwan, expand the investment from Japan and South Korea and pay more attention to the investment from Europe and the United States based on the concept of expanding the investment; to make full use of the "9 +2" Pearl River Delta economic cooperation platform; to follow up the pace of modernization of the Yangtze River Delta area and the coastal areas; to focus on the

gradient transfer of industries and the direct transfer of high-end industries; to highlight the policy of attracting strategic investors, major projects,

advanced technologies and high-quality talents, especially the enterprises of world top 500, China top 200, top 500 of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the

regional headquarters, the R&D centers, the settlement centers, the operating centers and the purchasing centers; to introduce 80-100 projects with large

investment amount, good returns and long industrial chains in the five years; and to participate into the international and domestic economic and

technological cooperation and competition in a larger scope, at a wider field and a higher level. Besides, the government needs to form the new mechanism of

government guidance, enterprise orientation and specialized investment; to perfect the investment assessment method; to enhance "Investment Attracting and

Selection"; to pay more attention to the quality of investors; to lower investment costs and to assess the performance of investors. And finally, the

government needs to promote the integration and cooperation between external enterprises and local economy & culture.
   The government needs to build the investment attracting band featuring the minimum costs, the fastest return, the highest efficiency and the best

credibility. Specifically, the government needs to firmly establish the concept of honoring the merchants, sticking to the honesty, focusing on efficiency,

paying more attention to supportive facilities and return first; to stick to legal administration and open administration; to continuously create the model

of trusting them, attracting them, pacifying them and enriching them" towards the business people; to strengthen the cooperation between the services of

government affairs and business services; to firmly carry out "Regulations on the Optimization of the Investment Environment of Nanchang"; to build Nanchang

into a place attracting the investment of businessmen, providing excellent investment services and creating great returns on investment. At the time of

reasonably increasing the labor costs, the government needs to focus on lowering administrative costs, business costs, system costs, ancillary costs and

financial costs; to pay more attention to establish and perfect the system of policies and regulations compatible to international practices and those

applied in the costal areas; and to create a fair but competitive business environment. Furthermore, the government needs to actively promote the customs

clearance project; to build the fast & convenient import and export channels; to perfect the sea-railway combined transportation; to speed up the launching

and construction of bonded logistics centers and export processing zones; and to construct the platform facilitating the business. What's more, the

government needs to establish and perfect the professional service system; actively cultivate and develop information consultation, logistics agency,

international certification, dispute settlement and other special intermediary service organizations. And finally, the government needs to develop the multi

-level financing security system suitable for the small and medium-sized enterprises. Besides, in accordance with the government-driven and market-oriented

principle, the government needs to accelerate the social credit system with the support of morality, the foundation of property rights, the guarantee of

laws; to strengthen the good faith construction and to build the "Honest Nanchang".
   The government needs to vigorously develop the foreign trade. Specifically, the government needs to optimize the development structure of foreign trades;

to cultivate 30 enterprises with the export amount of more than 30 million U.S. dollars; to actively guide the enterprises to further upgrade the export

commodities; to increase more exported machinery and electronic products and high-tech products; to promote the diversification of the export goods market;

to encourage the development of processing trade; to promote the enterprises with strength to share the international market and to  speed up the integration

into the global industrial chain, marketing chain and supply chain; to attract the contracting of more international projects and to expand the international

labor cooperation. Besides, the government needs to speed up the progress of the tax reimbursement for export; to strengthen the cooperation with other

relevant departments; to improve the fair trade policies and to construct the system for monitoring the running of foreign trade. And finally, the government

needs to encourage the import of equipment with advanced technologies and deficient resources in China.

Section 2 Firmly Implement the System Reform

   Build a New System for the rise of Nanchang
   The government needs to pave the way for the reform by external opening and to clear obstacles for the external opening by the reform. Specifically, the

government needs to unify the degree of reform, the speed of development and the sustainability of society; to unwaveringly adhere to the direction of

reform; to size every opportunity to achieve new breakthroughs in important areas and key links; to ensure the rationality of the decisions on the reform and

to pay more attention to enhancing the coordination of reform measures, so as to provide the strong motivation and institutional guarantee for achieving the

goals of the "11th Five-Year Plan" period of time.
   The government needs to fully complete the reform on state-owned enterprises. By listing, joint ventures, merger, acquisition and other means, the

government needs to accelerate the standardized stockholding system reforms on the state-owned large and medium enterprises and to vigorously develop the

economy of diversified ownership. Specifically, the government needs to further improve the corporate legal person management system and to use more market-based ways to hire leaders; to maintain the separation of main business & secondary business and the system reform of the secondary business of state-owned large and medium enterprises and to relieving the public welfare from such enterprises; to take transfer, auction and other forms to enliven the state-owned small and medium enterprises; to fully complete the state-owned enterprise reform within 1-2 years; to follow the requirements on the modern enterprise

system of "Clear Ownership, Definite Responsibilities and Rights, Strict Protection and Smooth Transfer" for accelerating the establishment of the modern

enterprise system, for bring into full play the property right transaction platform of Nanchang and for the free, smooth, safety and orderly transfer of

property right; on the promise of realizing the inflation-proofing and appreciation of state-owned assets, to definite the scope and form of the layout of

state-owned assets in a scientific way and to actively prevent and resolve the conflicts generated by the withdrawing of state-owned assets; to actively

explore the effective forms for state-owned assets supervision and operation, to improve the authorized operation of state-owned assets and to define the

rights and responsibilities of both operators; to strengthen the basic management of state-owned assets, to improve the procedures on asset and capital

verification, assets assessment, definition of property rights and others concerned, to pay more attention to the debt disposal; to perfect the way of

supervising the non-operational state-owned assets, to establish a sound regulatory mechanism and to make better use of the non-operational state-owned

assets; at the time of the full completion of the reform of state-owned enterprises, to further improve and promote the policies of private and individual

economic development, to strengthen the construction of the public service system for small and medium-sized enterprises and to promote the healthy and rapid

development of small and medium-sized enterprises.
   The government needs to pay more attention to the reform of the administrative system. Specifically, the government needs to accelerate bringing into

full play the functions of the government and the transform of management means and to promote the economic marketization and internationalization; to focus

on resolving the problems of "Offside", "Absence" and "Dislocation" in various degrees of government departments; to follow the requirements on the four

major functions of the government to lay emphasis on the development of public policies, the improvement of public services, the maintaining of competition

orders, the deepening of social justice, the guarantying of public safety and others as the main contents as the duties of the government;  to change the

focus of economic growth into the system construction, the planning and preparation, the policy development and the coordination; to separate the functions

of enterprises from the those of the government, the functions of the government from the investment, the functions of the government from those of

institutions, the function of the government from those of intermediary organizations; to actively bring into full play the role of the intermediary

organizations and to initially form the fair & honest and clean & efficient administrative system featuring standardized codes of conducts and well-

coordinated operation steps; to further deepen the reform of government institutions, to reduce the administrative levels, to clear the division of

functions, to promote the e-government and to lower administrative costs; to perfect the scientific, democratic and standard decision-making mechanism of the

government, that is, all major development decisions need to be evaluated by experts in principle and to be released to the public before the items involved

into the decisions are implemented, so as to increase the participation and transparency of the public and implement the investigation system of the

government's responsibilities; to set up the scientific, standardized and strict administrative examination & operation mechanism and effective monitoring

and restricting mechanism, to actively explore the relative concentrated administrative licenses and to stop the pursuit of benefits by rights in government

departments; to rationalize the administrative law enforcement system, to speed up the construction of administrative procedures; to strengthen the

administrative law enforcement supervision and to implement the administrative law enforcement responsibility system and the law enforcement fault

accountability system; to strictly implement the system of administrative compensation and to ensure any a department and employees can disturb residents &

enterprises and fight over benefits with the public by violating the statutory laws and procedures; to reasonably divide the responsibilities of the

governments at the city level and at the county (district) level on economic regulation, market supervision, social management and public service and to

strengthen the dependency management of public service and to promote the reform of public institutions and strengthen the vitality of institutions.
   Take greater paces in perfecting the public financial system and deepening the reform of investment system. Innovate the development of motivation

mechanism; adhere to the principle of “more development, more benefit and quick development may bring more benefited as well”; perfect the incentive

mechanism; fully arouse the enthusiasm of making the big finance “cake” rapidly of different fields, such as county (district), township (town) and

enterprise, etc. In accordance with the corresponding principle of the right of responsibilities and property, divide the financial responsibility of the

governments at all levels rationally. Further adjust and optimize the structure of expenditure; gradually expand the public financial coverage rate, increase

the input in key field. Strengthen the support of city to new rural construction of county (district), pilot infrastructure construction of urban area and

county town, support of advantage project of industry. Innovate the financial management system; deepen the reform of department budget and treasury

centralized paying system; perfect government procurement management; expand the range and scale of government procurement; further deepen the reform of

“two lines of revenue and expenditure”; unify the non-tax revenue management system; implement the all around budget management; perfect finance

supervision inspection and assessment mechanism of financial performance. Further play the role of direction of the finance fund; implement the finance and

tax revenue system benefit for the change of growth pattern, scientific and technological progress and conservation of energy and resources. Further

strengthen the work of tax collection and management; insist on the principle of managing the tax in accordance with the law; rigorously enforce tax

collection and management; standardize the policy implementation; strengthen audit and supervision. Adhere to principle on “who investment, who decision,

who be benefited, who bears the risk”; perfect the pluralistic investment mechanism. Based on planning of land and environmental protection as restriction;

take industrial policy and market access condition as the orientation; together with the investment macro adjustments and controls system closely cooperated

with finance, tax revenue and finance, etc., implement more convenient and effective project formulation and assessment system and the system of approval and

examination. Rationally define the investment range of governmental; standardize the behavior of governmental investment; set up effective investment

responsibility claim system; strengthen the National People's Congress and social supervision mechanism; improve the scientific process and democratization

level of the investment decision.
   Accelerate the construction of modern market system. Plan scientifically, proper redistribution and built regional market system based on commodity

market and the key element market; promote goods and all kinds of factors of production to flow freely and fully competed. Build 10 professional wholesale

markets of more than 1 billion Yuan above; perfect the system of big market of goods, trade and circulation, form the advantage commodity with the pattern of

developing the trade by means of industry; further develop the production  elements  market of property  transaction, such as land, finance, capital, real

estate, technology, talent and workforce, information, etc. Strengthen the main body construction of the market, regulate the development of intermediary

agencies; accelerate to realize the opposing connection of local market, domestic market, and international market; strengthen the radiating capacity of

market. Break the trade segment and monopolization, perfect market access, marketing, market competition, and market withdraw mechanism; regulate the order of circulation; perfect the management system; innovate the supervision method of price adjustment and control. Take vigorous action to seek and promote the development of the effective mechanism of the trade organization; advance the development of self-disciplining organizations, such as employer's organization

and trade association, etc. Continue rectifying and standardizing the order of market economy; prevent and immediately restrain the illegitimate

competitions; crack down on various behaviors of endangering market order in accordance with law such as making and selling fake goods, commerce swindles,

making and selling fake goods, etc. in accordance with the law, protect rights and interests of consumer.
   Deepen rural reform in an all-round way. Perfect and stabilize the double management system of taking household responsibility system as foundation and

combination; promote the circulation of land contractual management right according to the principle of voluntary, with compensation and relevant law and

regulation; develop diversified forms of business operation with appropriate scale. Consolidate the achievement of rural reform of taxation expenses; put

forth effort to dissolve the rural debt, regulate the system of “one project one discussion”; basically finish coordinated reform, such as organization,

rural compulsory education and financial management system of county, villages and towns, etc., perfect the supervision and management system that the chief

leader of party and government authority is responsible for the burden of peasants. Strengthen the implementation of policy of to develop agriculture and

benefit farmers; establish the stead increased fund channel for agriculture; establish the effective mechanism to ensure the peasant's interests and rural

development. Improve the rural financial service; further expand the service range of credit to support agriculture. Actively promote the reform of rural

land acquisition system; forbid taking up basic farmland and various kinds of production and operating activities of serious destroying the arable layer;

strictly defined the land used for public welfare and operational land; perfect the land acquisition procedure and rational compensation mechanism; improve

the compensation standard in accordance with the economic development level; establish basic living security system of land acquisition farmer; take many

ways to safeguard the rural collective land ownership and land contract farmers franchise; adequately protect interests of land acquisition farmer.

Comprehensively push forward the reform of property rights system of forestry and water conservancy; promote the development of forestry and rural water

conservancy career. Deepen the reform of grain circulation system; establish the standardized and orderly market of buying and selling of grain; give play to

the role of the main channels of state-run grain enterprises; guarantee the grain security; encourage the non-state-owned grain enterprises with purchase

qualification and the self-employed entrepreneur to purchase the grain to peasants directly. Encourage peasants to develop various professional cooperative

economic organizations; improve the organization degree of agriculture. Strengthen the rural grassroots organizations; perfect the democracy in grass-roots

units; perfect the villager's autonomy mechanism.
   Regard the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people as the basic point of the reform; realize the economic system reform

and coordinate with social domain reform; accelerate the promotion of the system reform in social fields, such as employment, assigning, social security,

education, hygiene, etc. Solve the problem better, which is particularly important issues of concern to the masses, directly relates with the interest of

people and embodies the realistic interests; really make sure that the reform the achievement share for the people.

Chapter 3  Put forth effort to optimize the coordination in urban and rural areas development of the overall arrangement of the large market land of Nanchang

   Train of thought is way out, orientation is the decision of position, and the overall arrangement guides the final result. Realize the goal according to

the “11th Five-Year Plan”; establish time sequence overall arrangement and overall pattern of space development; promote intensive utilization of

production factor and science arrangement of resource development; promote the economy of half an hour of Nanchang to enclose long pearl Fujian more

effectively; accelerate to form the large market land economic development pattern of Nanchang; ensure that the prosper may illustrate in the appearance of

urban area, and the economy strength may illustrate in the outskirts; plan and structure the city of Nanchang circle in advance, focus the urban function of

Nanchang on “important city of hub of communications of China more suitable for living and suitable for startup a business, the national historical cultural

city, the important economic key city of the country as a bridge between the east and the west, key city of distribution center of traveling with

characteristic glamour, move towards modern garden city of world”, with very more challenging posture, merge into the competition and cooperation between

the key cities.

Section 1  Overall arrangement of time sequence

   On the new starting point, realize the goals more effectively that there is a new change in one year; ensure a major phased change in three years;

through the efforts of five years, makes Nanchang enter into historical new stage of the interaction and surmounting development since the stage of stead

catching up.
   In earlier stage and middle period of “11th Five-Year Plan”, the focal point is to continue implementing investment and pulling strategy; accelerate

expanding economic scale, accelerate perfecting the infrastructure in urban and rural areas; build up the support capacity of industrial economy; strengthen

self-development ability in rural area; draw back and perfect framework of urban development; all-round accomplish the task of reforming system in the state

-owned enterprise; establish at a preliminary level the system of modern service trade; settle a more solid foundation for Nanchang rising.
   Basically accomplish the task of reforming system in the state-owned enterprise in 2006; actual utilized foreign capitals is top to 1 billion dollars;

open the new situation of reform and opening-up; the total output value per capita regional tops 3000 dollars; make a good start to realize the goal of

“11th Five-Year Plan” and have a good beginning;
   Scale industry of 2007 realize double added value, sales income and tax revenue in the second three years; play an more outstanding function that

industrialization drives the harmonious "locomotive engine" of Nanchang rising;
   The total scale of investment shall reach 100 billion Yuan in 2008; the general financial revenue reaches 20 billion Yuan; make the decisive victory in

establishing the journey of "Four Cities".
   In the middle and later periods of “11th Five-Year Plan”, the focal point is to accelerate the strategic readjusted of economic structure and

transition style of economic increase; promote the economic pulling function of consume to export; improve the integral innovating and competitive capacity

of the city; promote the function and abundant intension on the new aspect of the city; the social harmonious degree of civilization of the city shall reach

to a new level.
   2009 is the 60th anniversary of Nanchang liberation, the regional total output value exceeds 1/4 of the whole province; the built up area of urban shall

reach to 3 times of the value in the beginning of this century; and accelerate the city construction and development focused on the application of the

seventh national urban games in 2011;
   The agricultural added value in the whole city is up to 10 billion Yuan in 2010; industrial added value exceed 100 billion Yuan; regional total output

value is about 200 billion Yuan; the average regional total output value is about 5000 U.S. dollars; basically finish the " two articles " that the people of

the whole city are united as one to struggle through ten years effort; Nanchang begins to get rid of the undeveloped urban image.
   On the basis of realizing “11th Five-Year Plan” goals, work hard to double the regional total output value by 2020 in ten years, namely, reach 10,000

U.S. dollars above; the urbanization level is up to 70-75%; realize industrialization, basic modernization of rural agriculture and basic informationization

of the society; urban population is up to 3 million; the area of finished area reaches 300 sq. km., form a more capable city encloses in an hour of Nanchang

with certain position in national city group; elevate the living standard of the people in the city to a new level; economy develop further; grassroots

democracy on a sounder basis; science and education progress further; culture is more prosperous; the society is more harmonious; the people's lives are more

well-off; realize the strategic goal of building up a well-off society in an all-around way; Nanchang enters the first ranks of national similar city.

Section 2 Overall arrangement of regional development

   Implement the difference development strategy in accordance with the trend of regional development. East Lake district and West Lake district shall focus

on the function promotion; abundant urban intension; Qingshan Lake, Qingyunpu, two national-level development zones, newly developed area of Honggutan and Changleng group shall implement the urbanization, urban and rural areas merging strategy, and implement overall planning construction; Liantang, Wanli,

Wangcheng and Lehua group implement the development strategy of integration of urban and rural areas; Minhe, Xiangtang and Longjin implement the strategy of satellite town; promote the center town (key town), general organic town, market town of the villages and towns, and coordinate development strategy of

center village in masses of countryside area.
   Stress the key points and define the basic trend of the overall arrangement of development space. The overall arrangement of city development shall take

the running the nuclear function of urban area as the focal point; stretching both north and south, promote the industry overall arrangement and upgrading of

cities and towns of Changjiu industrial corridors (the Section of Nanchang area). With economic and technological development zone as the leading role,

strengthen development of Sanghai, Lehua, Hero and silver trigonometry area; turn the Xinqizhou--Xiangtang area into the outstanding area of Changjiu

industrial corridors. Appropriately expand the overall arrangement of east-west development of the city; the industry advancing line shall reach the east

circle of high and new technology industrial development zone, which may cover the Changdong and Maqiu area, cross the Changleng in the west to Wangcheng and Zhaoxian, and stretch southwest alone the Ganjiang River to Shengmi, which may cover the Dongxin area. Actively cultivate the Xiangtang--Wenzheng to Fuzhou including the characteristic industrial zone of Wengang and Lidu area; pay attention to the radiation of center city to the industry on the bank of Poyang

Lake in Northwest; plan to build the travel highway of Poyang Lake; turn this area into the key promotion area in industries, such as the new-type urban

ecosystem of the infrastructure with more excellent function and city tour culture in the future, etc.; make the water affection characteristic of lake bank

of Nanchang city has a qualitative leap!
   Take the industry division of labor and coordination of work as the foundation; realizes the major linkage of the development of county district.

Nanchang County shall exploit the particular advantages of comprehensive strength county; takes the lead in entering the one hundred prosperous counties of

national economic county in the whole province; establish the national civilized county town. Accelerate the newly-built county from large county of

agriculture to the transition of the strong county of the industry and trade; enter the top ten counties with comprehensive strength in the whole province.

Enter into the Xian County; put forth effort to realize the goal of “two industries and one”; build up the characteristic county of industrial base. Turn

Anyi County into an ecological strong county of outskirts with fast growing economy; building up a key function district of modern service trade development

of the whole province in the East Lake region; building up West Lake district into the strong economy and culture district in the whole province; builds up

lake region of Qing hill into a strong industry district, which may become the newly developed area reflects the prosperous of the city; the Qingyunpu

district may become the sub-centering area with strong and radiate function; the Wanli district become a back garden of tourism and leisure of Nanchang. Seek

to realize the goals that the lake region, the West Lake district, East Lake region, general financial revenue of Nanchang county of Qing hill reach 1,500

million Yuan in 2010, and the general financial revenue of newly-built county, Jinxian County will reach more than 500 million Yuan in 2010.

Section 3 Overall arrangement of the function

   Combine long-term interests of urban and rural residents with recent interests; according to the dynamic strength, resource, environmental bearing

capacity in different regions and demand of developing of development of Nanchang, combine the current competence of development, determine 4 space

development of the function area of the whole city in “11th Five-Year Plan” period.
   Optimize the promoting area, which means the developed range in the economic and densely-populated center urban area. During “11th Five-Year Plan”,

devote more efforts to develop this area, finish the transformation of reconstruction of old and dilapidated buildings, plant 30 blocks of large-scale public

green land of more than 3000 square meters; the arterial streets arrange with 20 stories of public buildings on both sides; the river and lake side building

shall properly control the dimension; optimize the vision corridor near the water; rationally control the density of building area; the rate of removed

illegal structures shall be 100% in the urban area; put forth effort to promote the service function; enrich the intension of development; advance and

develop economy, economy of general headquarters and building economy in the city; accelerate the development of the modern service trade, promote the high-level manpower capital assembling; reduce the density of inhabiting population to a rational level; stress the transform of the settlements environment of

north area of the city; strengthen city management through the project means; completely solve the problem that ordinary people reflect strongly; focus on

the construction of the orderly traffic network, convenient school, medical and purchasing facilities, comfortable living and leisure environment. Build up

81 Square, grade separation of Tanzikou, Beijing East Road, Shanghai Road intersection and four major prosperous center of original economic building; drive

this area to become quintessence area which may reflect the modernized level and individual character glamour of the city.
   Development zone of the main body: have very high industry and construction demand of development, have a profitable development, environmental city

larger in capacity in the expanding area, including the follows:
   1. CBD of Honggutan: build and drive the major commercial affairs, culture, education and construction of public building with administrative function and construction of business center; further strengthen the traffic facilities; build up the high-story buildings of Honggutan;
   2. Zhaoyang block: initial the construction of Zhaoyang block, become habitant center with comprehensive living facilities based on the large-scale house;
   3. Industry area of “Two lake”: Emphasis on the constant improvement of the infrastructure of east area of the city, promote the development of Scenic Area and industry assembling of Aixi Lake and Yaohu district in time; build a new high-tech industry of Aixi Lake and ecological function area of service trade, Yaohu district culture education and ecological sightseeing area;
   4. Industrial zone of two banks of one river: start the planning and construction of the industrial zone of two banks of Ganjiang River; Binshuei district shall highlight the characteristic of public, continuity, accessibility, water affinity and security; form the industry corridor of modern service trade and tourist industry of the city as subject; formulate the gold central axis in the future of the city;
   5. New city of Changnan: adapt to the urban environment and accelerate trend of the southern expansion; explore the advantage and potentiality of the area of southern city; build up the Changnan city as the second center area of the city; strengthen the overall function of the city and the radiation capacity to the Xiaolan, Liantang, Xiangtang and southern area.
   Improve the appearance of Luojia block; actively promote the suburb urbanization of this area. Progressively adjust the function of vegetable production of Yangzi Zhou district to a leisure, habitant and urban production base. Accelerate incorporating the scenic spot of Wanli district to urban construction;

improve the bearing capacity of infrastructure of Changleng district; pay attention to the step of using big project to promote the urbanization paces of

Shanghai – Lehua; promote the integration development of the industry of economic and technological development zone and urban construction, city

management, advance the integrated construction of Changbei district.
   During the “11th Five-Year Plan”, the investment of infrastructure of development zone accounts for not less than 40% or above of the total investment of infrastructure of the whole city.
  General expanding area: have higher demand of industry and building development; the area with high economic benefit for development and social value include 3 county and 6 pilot towns in reform and development such as Liantang, Longjin, Minhe, Xiangtang, Lidu, Dinghu, Shengmi, Yangzizhou, and Meiling, etc. (Abbreviate as 3+6 key towns); establish city level finance subsidizes system to the infrastructure project of above-mentioned cities and towns and Changleng town; annual subsidy fund is 50 million Yuan for 5 years in succession; especially solve the county and town of Nanchang, integrated joints of the newly-built county and urban area, infrastructure construction of Anyi and Jinxian County, the construction preventing flood of Anyi county; the project

construction relates with the six pilot town and industry environments in the urban area of county lacks funds, which make the development of county reflect

and requirements in the urban area in such aspects as planning, overall arrangement, construction, service, management; the pilot town becomes the important

carrier for transferring the spare workforce and strengthening the rural public service in the countryside, which may promote the urban system.
  Ecological protection zone: Area where the important agricultural product base and the ecological sensitiveness are higher and ecological service function

are stronger. Among them, the rivers and lake surface, mountain forest and wetland, scenic spot, historical culture remains are classified as the place have

priority for protection; protect basic farmland, Meiling, source of water, Poyang Lake, urban corridor to migratory bird, Junshan Lake and Ganjiang River and

its tributary; the main function is ecological capacity and protection of resources; strictly control and forbid the construction activities for the

development which diminish the environment and style and features of resource; ensure the development of Aixi Lake, Yao Lake, Huangjia Lake and Diezi Lake

bank in order; and expand wetland resources. Plan to keep the original ecological area and follow-up of certain scale to develop the area in city expansion

activities; pay attention to the ecology of the project means in renovation of urban river and lake; it is prohibited to destroy the ancient and well-known

trees in the transformation of villages and small towns. Pay attention to the protection of the historical style and features of city; strictly control the

dismantle building and reconstruct of the original landmark building of the city; keep historical original appearance of several arterial streets of old

town; choose 3-5 historical culture blocks for implementing the protective repair in the transformation of old city

Section 4 Industry overall arrangements

   Through further optimizing overall arrangement of industry space, continue accelerate the promotion of industrialized process; promote the agriculture with high-quality characteristic; promote the development level of service trade in an all-round way; strengthen the industrial linkage of city and towns; make the industrial structure, competitiveness and delayed effect of development of Nanchang has an obviously improvement, which may transfer the Nanchang form industry key city with bigger influence to the traditional consume-city.
   Industrial distribution: Industry is centralized in the garden; the configuration facilities are arranged in the county district; appropriately combine the industrial land of the center city; in implementing the “promote tertiary industries and develop the secondary industries”, develop “promote co-

development of the secondary and tertiary industries” simultaneously; support the excellent enterprise to develop the economy of general headquarters or

dispose the regional research center and marketing center development; develop the profitable city industry, pollution-free and labor intensity, which adopt

cleaner production with medium and small-scale. Advance two national-level development zones to move forward so as to realize the main index in precedence of

the national national-level development zone development in "Second phase of development". The high and new technology development zone forms the development

pattern of software application, electronic information, biological medicine, optical, mechanical and electronic integration, new material as leading

factors; the proportion of the output value of new high-tech product in the output value of the new high-tech product in whole province is about 60% above;

the total amount of newly-increased land development is about 10- 2 sq. km., which form the scientific and technological newly developed area oriented to

“modernization, internationalization and ecology”; the total output value rises to 28 billion Yuan in 2010 from 7 billion Yuan in 2005; the economic and

technological development zone mainly rely on the improvement of the quality of absorbing foreign capital; mainly rely on developing the modern manufacturing

industry; mainly rely on optimizing the export mix, make great efforts to develop the new high-tech industry; make great efforts to develop the service trade

of the high added value; develop to the multi-functional comprehensive industry district; and form the development pattern of air conditioner, automobile,

papermaking, electronic information as leading factors. Build up the prosperous east industrial area with the feature of knitted dress, fodder and packages

printing, Changnan Industry Park with the characteristic of automobile fitting and printing, the small blue industrialized country with the feature of car

making, medicine and electro mechanics; Changleng foreign investments industrial area with the characteristic of food, medicines and health protection, new-

type building materials, rice process, industrial development zone on the mountain of phoenix with the characteristic of building materials, mould abrasive,

electron chemical industry. Promote the Civil-run Science &Technology Garden with the feature of textile clothing, organic food, and Xiangtang development

zone with the feature of machinery, building materials and shoes industry which merges with the development of the development of cities and towns. Develop

the Jinxian industry the gathering areas and Wanli Luoting IT industry garden with the characteristic of steel frame structure, medical herbs and food

processing. Actively develop the county district and extending to the key town, including the supports system of pioneer garden of peasant industrial

   Agricultural overall arrangement: firstly, the focal point is to take advantage of the situation, in near suburbs of the city, utilize extension of the

consumption demand breadth and depth of key city, utilize the enhancement radiation of key city, joint the development of high technology, high benefit and

integrate produce, ecology, and recreation function of city agriculture; form the agricultural area. Secondly, promote the development of bottom level area;

build up the agricultural industrial zone along the area of Poyang Lake, make the utilization of the mountain region of this area, mountains and rivers

resource better, and take the obvious industry advantage, obviously narrow down the difference with the living standard of resident compared with average

level in the whole city. Thirdly, build up the scale characteristic; put forth effort to build the demonstration base and ten large “Ten thousand" high-

quality agricultural product production bases with eight major characteristics. Eight major characteristics plant and raise the demonstration base: the

demonstration base eight major characteristics are: 6000 mu of special aquatic products base of Yao Lake, 3000 mu of special aquatic products base, 3000 mu

of environment-friendly fruit industry base of Wanchang, 8000 mu of high-quality tea-oil camellia of the Qiangfang crops on and forest base, 2000 mu of

traditional Chinese medicinal materials base of Sanghai, 10,000 mu of pearl cultivation base of Tie River, 1000 mu of flower and plant base of Zhuoyin, 5000

mu of Guowang agricultural base of country; ten major “ten thousand” high-quality agricultural product production bases: 500,000 mu of high-quality rice

base, 1 million mu of oil base, 30,000 mu of environment-friendly vegetables base, 500,000 lean meat species pig base, 20,000 cow base, ten million feather

poultry base, 70,000 mu of special aquatic products base, 30,000 mu of flowers nursery stock base, 300,000 mu of industrial raw materials forest base, 10,000

mu of bamboo base. Fourthly, improve the development level; focus on the construction of Huangzhou, Jiangxiang, Dinghu LeHua and Jinxian agriculture

ecological Science-tech garden and technological demonstration garden of anti-poverty of Nanchang, which shall be built as the innovation, popularization,

radiation and demonstration base of agricultural new technology and new species.
   Overall arrangement of service trade: Rely on the construction of Honggutan, expansion construction of logistics garden of port and the fast cycle system of railway station square of newly developed area; develop four major new growth poles of service trade. Build the ecological garden and new urban area with

modern significant in the whole province in the Honggutan; give priority to the development of commercial convention and exhibition, the house property of

trade and business, recreation industry of culture and education and tourism; the proportion of added value of service trade to total output value is up to

60%. Prolong to the road of Shanghai on the east square of railway station, which shall be developed as new trader circle. Promote the supporting capacity of

logistic in the whole city in an all-round way through the construction of the logistics garden of the port; the logistics industry becomes new growth pole

of service trade. Along with the perfection of the fast cycle system of the city, especially the building up of the Shengmi bridge, construct the large-scale

productive projects of service trade along the middle and external area of the city, such as logistics garden, professional wholesale market, etc., and

ecological sex tour, lives on the base as well. In the area of old course of Fu River—Yangming Road--East Yangming Road--North Erqi Road--South Erqi Road--West Jiefang Road--Hongcheng Road, develop modern service trades, such as high-level trade and business finance, intermediary consultation, information service, scientific and technological culture, etc.; strengthen the extreme nuclear function of the service trade in the city. The newly-built building in

this area shall not arrange in this district; the project has the existing environmental pressure and traffic pressure shall be arranged and moved outside in


Section 5 Ecological overall arrangements

   The construction of ecology afforests system area of central city: Including the center urban area within the outer ring and east district, south district and, Chaoyang district, Hongjiao district and Changleng district of the city; the construction object is to realize the ecological human settlements. Fully utilize the key element of natural landscape of “one mountain, one river, two rivers, eight lakes”; taking measures suited to local countryside in developing garden green land; establish the rational and equilibrium distributed green land system; form the overall arrangements of city afforestation system as “an axle, a ring, a chain, eight districts, nine corridors” of urban area in Nanchang; basically eliminate the green land blind area of 500 meter radius service; gradually achieve the goal of building a more blue sky, more clear water, more green land, and more beautiful human settlements ecological environment.
   Construction area of ecology economic industry in suburbs: the construction range includes the area away from the central city about 30 kilometers; build up a high-quality and high-efficient economy forest industrial zone of ecology; form the first ecological protective area and urbanite of urban area for pursue the rustic charm and recreation play.
   Construction area of ecology green protective area in suburb: building range includes the area outside the suburbs. Build up a high-standard green ecological protective area; protect, consolidate and improve forest reserves and ecological function of Nanchang; foster the forest base and set up the ecological tourist spot of outer suburbs forest.

Chapter 4 Basically build up a modern important base of manufacturing industry of middle position

   Adhere in new-type industrialization; lay  equal  stress  on the development of manufacturing industry and equipment manufacture; attach equal importance to “made in Nanchang” and “create in Nanchang”; vigorously promote the leap forward expansion of total amount of industrial; enlarge the excellent

enterprises under the open frame of dividing work of industry; highlight the function of industry chain; obviously promote key competitiveness of enterprise;

achieve the remarkable economic benefit of industry. In 2007, the added value of industrial scale, sales income and total value of profits tax will finish

second “Doubling in three years”"; on this basis, by 2010, strive to realize three major indexes of the third “Doubling in three years”; promote the

added value of industry in the whole city to increase by 18% above every year during “11th Five-Year Plan” and reach to 100 billion Yuan; rise the

proportion in the provincial capital in the middle parts to 15% above; increase the comprehensive benefit index. Put the automobile, medicine and food,

electronic information and optical, mechanical and electronic integration, electrical home appliances, metallurgy, new material, the pillar of the textile

clothing at the prior place; the products bases of ten major industries, such as automobile, plane, electrical appliances, food, electronic information,

papermaking, textile clothing, medicine, medical equipment, electro mechanics, metallurgy and new material, etc. shall be in strategic cities throughout


Section 1 Strengthen industrial capacity

   Plan of “Expansion suitable scale enterprise”
   Enterprise of the above-mentioned scale of the whole city increase to 8- 10% in several years; top to 1000 families by 2010; which the rises proportion to 65% accounts for the total amount of enterprises; among them, the enterprise with annual sales income shall exceed 1 billion Yuan and shall not be less than 30; the enterprise exceed 2 billion Yuan shall not be it is no less than 20; the enterprise exceed 5 billion Yuan shall not be it is no less than 10; the enterprise exceed 10 billion Yuan shall be 3--4; establish the new brand array of “made in Nanchang”. According to the principle of “the government

guides, market-based operation, economic lever and prize”, orient to the big enterprise and big group, realize that the complete set rate of localization of

the complete machine or the terminal necessary spare part of products enterprise is up to 65%.

Section 2 Improve industrial competitiveness

  “Thousand, hundred and ten plans of advantage brand”
   Fully utilize the platform of the national information-based of project of manufacturing industry in central city; accelerate the processes of driving

industrialization in informationization; constantly promote the optimization and upgrading of the structure of manufacturing industry; develop in advanced,

high added value and high-tech direction. Based on the development of new product; and adhere the principle of “to succeed with quality” and “establish

our own brand”; expand the occupation rate of market of "made in Nanchang". By 2010, achieve the national-level famous trade mark for 10 above, the famous trade mark for 100 above, develop more than 1000 new products; the new products shall account for 20% of industrial sales income in the whole city.
Section 3 Strengthen the potential for further development of industry
   “Old transformation plan of industrial base”
   Seize the opportunity that the country supports the old industrial city of middle part to accelerate readjustment and reform process; give play to the

comparative advantage; insist on activating the stock with increment; increment input drive the optimization of stock; promote the strategic structural

adjustment of industrial economy; promote the resource and workforce to be shifted and centralized to advantage industry, advantage enterprises, superior

products; form the new characteristic of “made in Nanchang”. Promote ten 3-billion Yuan project and 30 1-billion Yuan project construction (“3010”

project); industry investment shall not be lower than 150 billion Yuan in five years; the proportion of the finished added value of pillar industry to the

added value of the industry with suitable scale is about 70% above. In 2010, the production capacity of automobiles, such as light track, buffet coach, off-

road car and ordinary car, etc. will rise to 300,000 (about 100,000 cars); the automobile engine rises to 220,000; the production base of car making realizes

that the value-added tops 10 billion Yuan; among them the sales income of the Jiangling reaches 30 billion Yuan; the photo electricity, electronic

information production base, food production base, medical treatment and medical equipment production base realize that the value-added tops 8 billion Yuan

respectively; the production base of air conditioner exceed 10 million; the papermaking production base exceed 1 million tons; the production base of the

electronic product, textile clothing production base, metallurgical production base realize that the value-added tops 5 billion Yuan separately. Build the

illuminating engineering base of the national semiconductor.

Section 4 Implement the plan to promote the cohesion strength of industry

  “Garden block promotion plan”
   Actively introduce the centralization of the industrial enterprise to the garden; accelerate "retreating in the city and entering the garden" for the

industrial enterprise with good prospect in urban area. Continue increasing the input in industrial park; strengthen garden economy and lead fast-developing

capacity of industry in the whole city. Overall planning the development policies of industrial park; strengthen the combination of develop resources of

industrial park; promote misplace development of industrial park and form explosive capacity of industry; set up characteristic and organic integrative

“garden block”. Perfect the infrastructure and construction of auxiliary living facilities in the garden; strengthen the intensity of project investment of

garden area; promote rationalized complement of the intensified increasing of garden economy and garden function; make the garden become growth pole of

development of the whole city and new urban area. During “11th Five-Year Plan”, no longer provide the ground to industrial projects of the new and high

technology with the investment under 20 million Yuan, but only offer the standard factory building; intensity of the investment of industrial project shall

not be lower than 500,000 Yuan/mu in the garden; volume rate shall not be lower than 0.5; the coefficient of the building shall not be lower than 30%;

administrative official working area of service facilities shall not be higher than 7%. Steadily improve the land output rate of individual event. Promote

the development zone to increase the scale of bank financing. Finish 60 sq. km. area of newly constructed garden in planned range within five years. Make

great efforts to turn the economic and technological development zone, high and new technology development zone and prosperous east industrial area into the

area developing the ecological industrial park of recycle economy.

Section 5 Implement the plan promoted industry modernized level

  “Industry upgrading plan”
   Put the strategy of supporting the development of new high-tech industry in the more outstanding position; make effort to build Hi-Tech industries, such as automobile, optical industries, mechanical and electronic integration, electronic information, new material and biological medicine group, etc. According to the system of the autonomous innovation requirements of “optimize the enterprises as the main body, scientific research institution as the supporting,

market demand as the orientation, preferential policy as assistance”, encourage and support the strong and excellent enterprises catering on improving the

innovation ability independently; combine introducing, digesting, absorbing and innovating together, develop a batch of competitive products with independent

intellectual property right and key technology; gradually change the “made in Nanchang” to “created in Nanchang”. Implement the fiscal and taxation

policy of supporting the technological progress; actively encourage and guide the enterprises to adopt advanced equipment, advanced process and advanced

management style; improve the quality of product; and increase economic efficiency. Actively introducing and fostering the processing link of manufacturing

and research institution of higher engineering levels and larger content of added value; accelerate the research and development, hatching and

industrialization of the new and high technology; put forth effort to promote industry scale and level; continuously improve the modernized level of the

integral industry. Rely on the trades with comparative advantage, such as semiconductor and luminescent material, air conditioner, digital electrical home

appliances, software industry, etc., put forth effort to foster 1-2 gardens of information industry with national-level advantage, and form the brand and

characteristic. Regard fostering the national-level Jinlu software center as focal point, implement the planning of software center construction; accelerate

cultivating leading enterprises of software of a number of national famous brands; promote the software industry to realize rapid and supernormal

development; build Nanchang into the highland of software industry of middle part.
   Put the development of the industry of Nanchang under the background of further accelerating the building of Changjiu industrial corridors in Jiangxi; in a forward-looking vision of sustainable development, insist on striving for catching the important strategic point of the coordinated economic development of

east, middle and west in scientific development; in vision of developing motive force, insist on deepening the reform and extending the sound interaction; in

vision of growing pattern, insist on accelerating the transaction form the extensive style increase to the intensive style increase; in vision of developing

process, insist on proceeding from the reality, make the industrial park of the whole city form the industry gathering area with characteristics as soon as

possible at first; in vision of industry chooses, insist on market-oriented, coastal area -oriented, world-oriented, and future-oriented strategy; fostering

the products with high sales rate, high processing rate and high added value; in vision of enterprises organization, insist on gathering the relevant

enterprises and supporting system in the high intensity area together as possible; form the intact division of labor on the basis of specialization and

production and management network of cooperation; in vision of technical policy, insist on combining the independent innovation and introduce the advanced

applicable technology together; in vision of ecological environment, insist on seeking the greater industry advantage in protecting the environment, and

ensure Nanchang to become the outstanding industrial corridor of Changjiu.

Chapter 5 Building the regional modern center of service trade in a more effective manner

   Take the marketization, industrialization and socialization as direction; stress and strengthen the collecting and distributing, service, innovation, driving and coordinating function of the service trade of Nanchang; foster the service trade, develop the main body and new developing service trade in an more effective manner; continuously expand the scale of total amount of service trade and scale of employment; expand the external opening of internal and

external side of service trade; promote the innovation of the management system of service trade, operation mechanism and variety of service; promote

integral standard and competitiveness of service trade. Put forth effort to develop the productive service trades which reflects the position, collecting and

distributing function advantage in the city, such as finance, logistics service, information intermediary, key element market, etc.; actively develop the

intellectual service trades with the human resources advantage in provincial capitals, such as education training, health care, culture media, intention

industry, etc.; accelerate the development of exhibition, community service, real estate, cosmopolitan style tourism, etc., which have the outstanding

function of promoting the employment in the city; strengthen trade and business circulation industry; make the contribution rate of the economic growth of

service trade has an obvious growth; basically form the service industries consistent with socio-economic development, cooperated with modern manufacturing

industry construction, coordinate with urbanization process, and in conformity with demands of urban and rural residents with flexible, inside structure

optimizing, high degree of opening service trade system; accelerate turning Nanchang into the modern comprehensive center with the advantage of obvious

characteristic, wider service trade, strong regional competitiveness of hinterland. During “11th Five-Year Plan”, the acceleration rate of value-added

service trade shall be close to the economic growth rate;, employment of service trade increase more than 20% every year.

Section 1 Accelerate the development of the productive service trade

   Adapt to the construction of the modern base of manufacturing industry; accelerate forming the more intact industry chain of the productive service trade; offer overall directional support of the service for industrial development from production to marketing of the products; effectively improve the output value at different stages of the production process and operational efficiency; offer the sufficient motive force for high growth of industry.
   Financial insurance and capital market: cultivate the financial demand in a more effective manner; optimize the financial environment; promote financial

institutions, such as more local commercial banks to settle in Nanchang; establish comparatively perfect modern financial industry. Make effort to introduce

about 5 local commercial banks in five years; introduce 1-2foreign capital in the bank branch; continue to perfect the jointing mechanism between policy and

bank, as well as bank and enterprise; encourage the financial institution to expand the scale of credit; improve the quality of credit; promote the service

efficiency and level. Actively foster the financial market; form the capital market system with multi-level, multi-field and multi-agents. Strengthen

financial risks prevention; perfect the credit assurance system of small and medium-sized enterprises; establish and perfect credit and assurance risk

controlling and compensation mechanism of the trade; support the development of financing assurance organization of small and medium-sized enterprises;

encourage financial institution of Nanchang to adopt the various forms to participate in the finance service of medium and small corporation; build the

perfect investment and financing system of small and medium-sized enterprises; strengthen the supervision assuring organization of credit. Develop the

insurance in a more effective manner; make it become new growth point of financial development of Nanchang. Tentatively form the "three major pillar"

security system of supporting parents of basic endowment insurance, supplementary pension, individual savings endowment insurance. Make efforts to open up

the capital market; strengthen the work of listing of enterprise; improve the financing capacity of listed company; make good use of the bond market of

enterprises; put forth effort to improve the proportion of direct financing. During “11th Five-Year Plan”, try to coordinate with the development of the

economy of Nanchang in growth of bank loan; the first listed enterprises is about 8- 10; financing of listed company is about 3; issue 2- 3 corporate bond;

and total value of financing is about 2.5 -- 3 billion Yuan.
   The modern logistics service industry: fully utilizes the position advantage of our city, so as to reduce the logistics cost of the whole society; take the elevating value appreciation chain of enterprises as the goals, take increasing social demand as the direction, stress the logistics facility construction related to port, professional market, industry garden; regulate all kinds of logistics gardens and overall arrangement of the base; tentatively form the high-efficient logistics facility network system characterize by providing and delivering logistics, and transferring the logistics in the city; the

logistics service pivot begins to take shape. Strengthen the logistics base on the north mainly belong to the Baishui Lake area including logistics garden of

the port; build the external area extending to the Xiangtang area including the construction of small commodity town of Nanchang, Qingyunpu container

transfer station, Xingfa logistics of southern logistic base; start the logistic base construction east to Gaoxin road and north to Jiefang east road, rely

on railway and road construction, plan and build Wangcheng—Shengmi district of Chengxi logistic base in appropriate time; promote the function of west

market and logistics base function of existing city mainly relying on big market group of Hong city; ensure the existing storage and freight transportation

function move outside. Pay close attention to the peculiar position advantage in the logistics industry development of Xiangtang of the whole city; actively

prosper the economy of Xiangtang; plan to build Class I Highway of Nanchang-Xiangtang. Actively cultivate and introduce the logistics enterprise of the third

party and fourth party; encourage industrial and commercial enterprise separate the logistics business of procurement of raw materials, transportation and

storage. Apply the modern electron and network technology; combine the city and transport resources and traditional warehousing and transportation function;

standardize the freight transportation trade; maintain the smooth transportation of logistic business; accelerate the construction of urban logistics and

delivering system. Give play to the function of connecting transportation of "anhydrous harbor" in Nanchang with Shenzhen, Haitie of Xiamen; further promote

and make good use of port resources in Nanchang. Make good use of the container terminal of Nanchang, the Ganjiang River and inland shipping advantage of the Yangzi River. The proportion of logistics cost of the whole society to total output value of the area drop by 5 percentage points during “11th Five-Year

   The intermediary service: encourages and guide all kinds of intermediaries to apply the enterprise management, scale management and socialized service; form a number of brand enterprises with higher popularity and influence; tentatively formulate the intermediary service system that complies with market economy and international common practices, which characterizes with complete, just operation of function, standard management, and highly disciplined unit. Focus the construction of intermediary service system in major seven fields: 1. Develop financing intermediary service trades, such as securities, insurance,

financing and transactions of property right, etc. in a more effective manner; 2. develop technological intermediary service trades such as researching and

developing, design, technological trade, science and technology consultation, industry incubation and promotion of productivity; 3. Give the priority to

develop intermediary consultant  service as decision, planning, management, project and market survey, etc.; 4. Actively develop the intermediary service

trade of human resources for the talents and workforce; 5. Accelerate the development of the intermediary service trades of information, such as culture,

sports, travel, medical treatment, education and trade and business, etc.; 6. Regulate and improve the intermediary service trade of accountant, audits, law,

assessment, authentication, appraisal, arbitrating, measuring and examining etc. a; 7. Accelerate the development of international public service,

professional policy consultation and investment intermediary service trade of the high-efficient examination and approval listing service. Introduce the

competition mechanism of the market; reduce the accurate elementary threshold of the market; break the trade or the department monopolization; separate the

function from the government department as soon as possible; explore the market space of development of intermediary service trade; make the intermediary

service organizations of different forms coexist at the same time, independent to each other, implement the intermediary service activities in a justify

pattern, and compete under the same market regulation. Actively introduce the intermediary of international and domestic famous accountants, legal, consult,

assessing, etc. which may settles in Nanchang by way of individual proprietorship, joint-venture, cooperation, etc.; foster the service organization of the

intermediary; foster the famous brand of intermediary service trade approved in society; promote the level of intermediary service trade in the whole city.

Combine various kinds of resources; guide and set up the intermediary function area, function area of service agent, function district of intermediary

transaction, function district of culture and sports publishing service, production service function district, function district of tourism and leisure

intermediary service; form a batch of Law firm, accounting floor and consulting floor with professional characteristic; By applying the modes of " one street

", " center ", foster the smaller intermediary service trade; gradually form the scale and characteristic and give play to the effect of gathering. Develop

the employer organization in a more effective manner; set up and amplify the benign operating mechanism of the self-discipline, self-perfection and self-

development service trade of the intermediary. Set up and amplify the access system of intermediary services employee and organization; standardize the trade

behavior of the intermediary; make the service trade of intermediary become important promotion strength of socio-economic development.

Section 2  Run the business circulation industry as a strong trade

   Adhere to the tenet of adjusting, improving, innovating and developing; actively establish the modern commerce with characteristic of native country; in

setting up and perfecting 81 Square and Honggutan administrative area as the center of the city level, form the integral commercial network of the whole city

with proper scattering, community relatively centralized commercial network structure of new growing business as the developing focal point; promote and form

the rational business circulating system of structure optimization, standard management, high-quality service trade. Encourage the leading enterprises of the

trade and business to adopt the new-type modern commercial state of regular chain and joining the chain etc.; develop chain operation and expand to the

small-and-medium-sized town and rural areas; promote the construction of markets of townships villages; improve the quality safety of the rural products;

steadily improve rural consumption proportion. The sales amount of chain operation will account for 40% in the proportion of total volume of retail sales of

the social consumer goods in 2010. Accelerate the technological innovation of enterprise in circulation; promote the modern marketing such as logistics

distribution, e-commerce, auction, secondhand goods and mortgage, etc.; accelerate the modernization, marketization, industrialization and internationalized

process of circulation of commodities. Start from strengthening and improving the integral function of city; combine resource of professional wholesale

market inside urban area; no longer build new wholesale market in the center of Zhonghuan city; continue developing a batch of large-scale and normal

professional wholesale markets in combination area of city and country; promote and form the market group of annual 1 billion yuan turnover above with

characteristic of Nanchang city. Develop 5-10 characteristic recreation business street in the cities; strengthen the promotion and supporting working of

"supermarket changed from grocery market"; transform the market of farm produce of urban area in an all-round way; build the city square in south of the city

and Chaoyang district represented by diversified functions of the commerce of city; promote the commercial atmosphere of the city; continuously meet the

diversified consumption demands of the citizen. Do a good job for the implementation of regulation and control measures in the products as meat, dish and

candy, etc.; promote the feature of Jiangxi cuisine of "Nanchang food and beverage" brand in a more effective manner.

Section 3 Develop tourism exhibition industries in a more effective manner

  Insist on the government leading, department link, market operation, and communal participation mode; give play to the comparative advantage; develop market demand; combine the tourist resources; realize the great breakthroughs of the travel destination and construction of collecting and distributing center of travel. Fully explore the cultural deposits in Jiangxi; give prominence to characteristic ecological city and red travels; develop, link and promote three-dimensionally the tourist industries under the abundant tourist resources background of the whole province; foster the major industry; foster the big market; promote the integral positive impact on foreign tourism of "urban water scenery Nanchang, hero city" in an all-round way. The focus is to build the national-level patriotism educational base, such as "Aug.1st"Uprising Sites of red tourist resources, the old site of the New Fourth Army headquarters (the square of invincible army) and Xiaopin side road, etc.; explore the tour value of one river two sides, scenic spot of one river two sides and landscape around lakes; build the recreation atmosphere of the urban characteristic block; promote the cultural grade of the Tengwang pavilion--Meiling scenic spot; build the hot spot of city tourist in newly developed area of Honggu; select the change to build the tourist landmark project and theme park; build the characteristic travel scenic spot of South desert, city migratory bird, millennium ancient village, Wangshan soil storehouse; develop the terminal market and high-quality service market of the whole province; realize the common development of regional tourist industry. Build the gold medal route of one day excursion of Nanchang and the two -day tour route; support the sound development of service industries, such as amusement, fitness, scouring bath, hairdressing and recovering, etc., and provide the enough stringent environments. Set up and amplify the large and unified management pattern of tourism in whole city. Rely on regional advantage, industry advantage and advantage of ecological environment; combine the exhibition resources; promote the convention and exhibition level; and build the exhibition brands. The total income of tourist increase by more than 18% every year, among them, the foreign exchange earnings from tourism increase by 25% every year; the number of star hotel increases by 10% every year. Hold 1-3 national-level convention and exhibition project every year; build 2 nationwide brand conventions and exhibitions; the rate of utilization of main convention and exhibition venues shall be obviously raised.

Section 4 Develop real estate in order

   Catch the opportune of the upgrading of consumption structure, accelerating of urbanization and improvement of environmental quality of Nanchang human

settlements; closely combine the construction of real estate and small town garden urban; implement the mutual development. Take resident house as the focal

point; promote the development of real estate in classification and division; focus on the development of the house of medium income families and economy

housing of low-income group. Strengthen macro-control of government; set up the house security system specializing in the low-income household; set up the

house supplying system which meets different demands of high-middle-and-low grade; improve the inhabit level and living quality in an all-round way. During

“11th Five-Year Plan”, real estate investment increases by 16% every year, and will reach 20 billion yuan in 2010; completed floor space will increase by

15% every year, and reach to 6 million square meters; the developing amount of annual house is adjusted and controlled in 3--4 million square meters; average

annual rate of commercial housing prices  shall be limited to rational range of price; the construction of ordinary commercial housing and economically

affordable housing and low-rent housing account for about 70% of the general quantity of dwelling construction in the whole city; form the development

pattern of the real estate of "the basic balance of supply and demand, the basic structure of reasonable market, and the price is steady basically";

basically solve the problem of housing poor families in urban area. By adhering to the principle of unified planning, rational overall arrangement, suits

measures to local conditions, comprehensive development and requiring construction insist on the block development; build the communal facilities and

municipal infrastructure related to dwelling construction at the same time; strictly control fragmentary construction. If the housing construction process

fails to obverse the planning of the education community management, and commerce shall not pass the examination and approval for selling; continue

perfecting the trade service function of the real estate; build the online real estate trade platform. Constantly improve the scientific and technological

content of the commodity apartment; actively develop the ecological housing and green and environmental friend residence; accelerate the construction of

"energy province to type" resident. Transform and remove "incomplete or delayed projects" in the urban area. Actively promote the separate operation of the

development of real estate, sale and the estate management; promote the transition from the traditional management to socialization, specialized estate

management. Set up and amplify the measuring of real estate market and information issue mechanism; strengthen the integral management of real estate market

of the urban area, Nanchang county, newly-built county.


Section 5  Actively expand the service trade of community

   Build and perfect the development mechanism of the modern community service with the supporting of government and communal participation; meeting the needs of the market, actively develop and support service industries of pension, nurseries and kindergartens, culture, fitness, medical treatment, housekeeping, commerce, legal advice, estate management, social welfare, psychological consultation, employment etc.; meet the daily requirements of community resident inside the community. Build information network of community service, service network of community entity and service network of community volunteer in the whole city; through the linkage three networks, combine and improve the function of offering information and entity service for community resident. Actively guide and cultivate all kinds of development of service inside the community; build up various social service organization and economic organization and favorable service atmosphere benefit for the community; conscientiously strengthen the facility construction of the service trade of the community; strengthen the service function and promoting the service level; by 2010, all urban areas shall have a community service center with more than 1500 square meters; all county cities and street shall have the community service center with more than 600 square meters; the neighborhood committee shall have the community service station with more than 100 square meters and build the network facilities of community's service.