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Urban Economy
   Industry: Nanchang is the largest industrial city of Jiangxi Province, New China’s first aircraft, tractor, motorcycle and marine defense missile were all developed in Nanchang. Since the reform and opening up, Nanchang's industrial economy has developed rapidly and formed the modern industrial system composed of aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, metallurgy, electro-mechanics, textile, chemical engineering, medicine and others; furthermore, the emerging high-tech industry represented by electronic information, biological engineering, new materials and others has also developed rapidly. Now Nanchang is building an important base for modern manufacturing with the base of industrial parks to form the five pillar industries and ten production bases, to build 8 industrial parks higher than the provincial level and to attack 700 large-scale enterprises.
   Agriculture Nanchang’s agriculture has steadily increased, the agricultural structure optimization has been improved, the agricultural foundation has been enhanced and the views of the towns and villages have been completely changed. Now Nanchang’s agriculture has formed "Ten leading products", including high-quality rice, high-quality fruit, lean pork and special aquatic product. Nanchang has been the national important production bases of commodity grains and agricultural and sideline products.
   Commercial Distribution, due to the convenient water traffic, Nanchang has always been the important city for commercial and trade circulation at the South China, where not only gathers many merchants, but also is the consumables distributing center of Jiangxi Province and the trade and business transfer hub of the coastal area affecting the central and western areas. The rapid development of the large-scale business leads to the form of the pattern of "Shopping Mall in the City, Large Market of the Outskirts, and Large-scale Logistics Company outside the City", of which, the shopping malls are Nanchang Department Store, Hongcheng Building, New Hongkelong Department Store, Beijing Hualian Group (Jiangxi), Wal-Mart, Metro and others, and the large markets of the outskirts are Hongcheng Market, Jiangxi Decoration Material Market, Nanchang-Shenzhen Agricultural Product Wholesale Market and others, of which, the well-known Hongcheng Market now is one of the nine large commodity wholesale markets of China.