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How should a citizen, legal person or other organization search for government information?


There are many ways to get government information and the ways are decided by the means of the information release. Government information that can be released should be released in one or several of the following ways in accordance with the characteristics of the information via:

(1) government bulletins or other newspapers and magazines;

(2) government websites online;

(3) government press releases, or public media such as radio and TV;

(4) public checking rooms or material searching rooms, government information bulletins and electronic screens in major office areas of government departments; or

(5) other means through which the public can acquire information accurately and on time."

The public can acquire government information through the following ways:

(1) by logging onto the "Nanchang, China" website (www.nc.gov.cn);

(2) via the government information released by the NanchangArchive;

(3) by dialing the hotline telephone number of the relevant government department;

(4) by sending a mail, fax or email to the relevant government departments; or

(5) by going to the checking office(s) and application room(s) of the relevant government department.

To acquire government information, the recommended easiest way is through online searching by logging onto the website of "Nanchang, China": www.nc.gov.cn. On the homepage, you can find the latest releases of government information in the "Bulletin", “legislation and regulation" and other windows and pages. In the bottom section of the home page, there is a "Linking" area, through which you can visit some websites of government departments and districts and other important governments. You will also find the "Search within this website" button on the upper right of the website and thereby search according to your key words. You can also open the window, "Apply for Released Government Information" and apply for the information you need.