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How does foreign doctor get the Practicing License for short-term practice in China?

   When applying for registration of short-term practice in China of foreign doctors, the following documents shall be submitted:

   (Ⅰ) Application form;

   (Ⅱ) Degree certificate of the foreign doctors;

   (Ⅲ) Foreign medical license or certification of right to practice medicine;

   (Ⅳ) Health certificate of the foreign doctors;

   (Ⅴ) Certificate of the inviting or employing units and Letter of Agreement or statements having civil liabilities.

   Contents of the articles (Ⅱ) and (Ⅲ) above must be with certification by a notary.

   Step 1: The applicant (unit) shall submit a written application to Health Bureau of Nanchang City, and submit relevant materials;

   Step 2: The Medical Administration and Maternal & Child Health Division of the Health Bureau of Nanchang City shall deliver preliminary examination opinions after examining the materials, and submit the materials to leaders of the Health Bureau of Nanchang City for approval.

   Step 3: If the applicant’s application complies with legal conditions and standards, the municipal Health Bureau shall report it to the provincial Department of Health, for those unqualified after examinations, the Department of Health shall furnish written replies and give reasons.