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How do foreign employees get employment permit?

   Necessary materials for handling the foreign employment license

1. Duplicate of Business License for Enterprises as a Legal Person, Certificate of Approval, Code of Organization, Articles of Association, original and copies of the Contract (All above documents shall be within the validity period, the originals are only for certification, the Business License shall be inspected annually, and the Articles of Association shall be consistent with the records in the Bureau for Industry and Commerce, and be approved by relevant functional departments of the government);

2. Draw up written application reports of the foreigners to be employed (The application reports shall contain basic information and operating status of the company, detailed functions of proposed posts for foreigners, the particularity of the posts for the foreigners and the significance to the company etc.)

3. Employment Intension Letter (The formal employment letter issued by the company to the foreigners to be employed);

4. The curriculum vitae of the foreigners to be employed and the qualification certification for the post taken (The curriculum vitae refers to the employment records of the foreigners. While the qualification certification refers to the relevant qualification certificates for taking this job, such as the Practioner Certificate, Profession Certificate, university diploma etc. as well as the service certification furnished by the previous company served for the foreigners. For those jobs requiring vocational qualifications in our country, the foreigners shall acquire the vocational qualification certificate issued by the labor department, special works such as western catering manager and pastry cook can hold the original copies of qualification certificates issued by the local government or industrial bodies, all these certificates shall be certified at Notary Offices, the notarial certification shall be in duplicate, in Chinese and English..

5. Certificate of no criminal conviction of the foreigners to be employed (Those who handle the employment permit in China for the first time shall hold the certificate of no criminal conviction issued by the police agency in the foreigners’ country, and translate the certificate into Chinese. While for those who have been employed in other provinces and come to Jiangxi Province for employment, the new employment permit shall be issued by the police agency in the original province, and translated into Chinese);

6. Health certificate of the foreigners to be employed (The physical examination report issued by standard hospitals is right for handling the permit, if it is issued by foreign hospitals, the report shall be translated into Chinese);

7. The foreign employment application forms in duplicate

8. The original and copies of the passport (The original is only for certification, and the copies shall contain pages with the photo and visa);