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Notice on Printing and Distribution of Suggestions on Implementation of Comprehensive Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Enriching the People, Innovation and Development


To all county and district people’s governments, administrative committees of development zones (new areas) and departments of the Municipal Government:

Suggestions on Implementation of Comprehensive Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Enriching the People, Innovation and Development has been examined and passed at the 20th Executive Meeting of Municipal Government and has been agreed by Municipal Committee, and hereby printed and distributed to you, please implement it carefully.


Suggestions of the People’s Government of Nanchang on Implementation of Comprehensive Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Enriching the People, Innovation and Development

To thoroughly implement the spirits of the Seventeenth Congress, the Fourth Plenary Session of Twelfth Provincial Committee and the Fourth Plenary Session of the Ninth Municipal Committee, and to promote good and fast economic and social development of our city, the following suggestions has been presented on implementation according to the spirit of the Decision on Study and Implementation of the Spirit of the Seventeenth Congress and on Strategies of Comprehensive Implementation of Entrepreneurship, Enriching the People, Innovation and Development.

I. Guiding Ideology and Basic Principles

1. Guiding Ideology. Hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, follow the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents, take Entrepreneurship, Enriching the People, Innovation and Development as the main line, thoroughly apply the Scientific Outlook on Development, vigorously carry forward the city spirit of “Openness, Good Faith and Work Hard”, accelerate transformation of the development mode, focus on strengthening development driving force, achieve fast and good economic and social development and achieve uprising and leaping forward of Nanchang at a new starting point.

2. Basic Principles

——Focus on reform and opening, innovate institutional mechanisms and inspire power and energy for speeding up development. To adapt to the new requirements of the era of capital economy, vigorously promote reform of investment and financing systems, reform of state-owned enterprises and market-oriented reform of resource allocation. To adapt to the new situations of economy globalization and transfer the industries and developed countries and developed coastal areas more proactively, grasp the development initiative by making full use of domestic and international markets and resources.

—— Adhere to integration of speed, quality and efficiency, innovate development ways and promote good and fast economic and social development. Vigorously promote upgrading of the industrial structure, completely improve independent innovation ability, promote the national entrepreneurial level, balance urban and rural development, speed up to build a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly society and continuously enhance comprehensive economic strength and sustainable development capability.

——Taking the opportunity of the Seventh National City Games, innovate city development and improve the city modernization level. To adapt to the new requirements for transformation of capital central city to regional central city, through high starting point program, high standard construction, high level administration and high efficient operation, build the city brand, improve image of the city and completely improve concentrated radiation force and comprehensive competitiveness of the city.

——Adhere to the main contents of safeguard and improvement of people’s livelihood to innovate society management and promote social harmony. Vigorously promote the people's livelihood project and comprehensively implement various measures for the people enjoying their rights to education, employment, medical, age care and housing to benefit more populations. Vigorously promote grassroots social management and construction of safe Nanchang to ensure social stability and promote social harmony.

——Adhere to major project as the breakthrough to innovate working methods and construct service-oriented government. Firmly establish the idea of “do things carefully and high efficiently”, seize opportunity to promote projects, establish project promotion responsible mechanism and standard system, strengthen project evaluation mechanism, advance project reward and punishment mechanism and practically put project promotion as an important support to increase the potential for development and collect development finances. Deepen reform of administrative systems, vigorously promote the “two concentrations” of administration and approval, improve administrative efficiency and optimize investment environment.

II. Strive to create new advantages of institutional mechanisms and accelerate development of capital economy

1. Actively use capital market to expand the amount of direct financing of enterprises. Strengthen overall planning for enterprises’ listing work and list more than 30 enterprises in the resources listed bank each year. Focus on seizing the major opportunity for Growth Enterprise Market about to be launched. Bring the small and medium-sized enterprises, especially private enterprises, which were established latterly at small scale without obvious achievements but with good and higher growth prospects, into the listed planning. Support stand-listed companies to introduce investors from home and aboard, optimize the pattern of share ownership, establish sound corporation governance structures, enlarge and strengthen the main industry, strengthen core competitiveness and solidify the foundation for successful listing. Accelerate declaration of issuance, strive to achieve 2-3 enterprises to be listed in this year and ensure certain number of enterprises to be listed from now on. Support the eligible listed enterprises to implement refinancing through allotting shares, additionally issuing and issuing corporate bonds, and strive to achieve more than 2 billion Yuan of refinancing by listed enterprises each year. Strengthen construction of property transactions Center of the city to provide services for small and medium-sized enterprises to finance property realization. Support the eligible enterprises to raise funds in various ways by issuing corporate bonds and short-term financing bill.

2. Deepen investment and financing system reform of government and optimize allocation of resource market. Establish Nanchang Financial Investment Management Center (Financial Investment Company). Make centralized management on government’s various fiscal investments, compensatory specific fiscal funds and various funds set up through fiscal allotment and under financial administration. Introduce more fiscal capital, private capital and international capital to invest to infrastructure field of urban public services and energy and transportation. Increase and strengthen city investment companies to make them be investment and financing platform and establish a fine interactive mechanism of borrowing, spending and repayment. Invest some business land to city investment companies as the capital fund to enhance their direct financing capability. Make sure the investment and financing tasks some large-scale urban infrastructure construction projects supported by state industrial policies are undertaken by city investment companies, and strive to issue one billion Yuan of corporate bonds in two years based on these projects; establish diversified water conservancy investment and financing mechanism, make full use of water investment companies as the investment and financing platform to transform water conservancy assets to be capital and stock assets as incremented assets; create conditions actively to establish forestry investment companies, vitalize forest resources through market operation and capital operation, increase forestry investment and develop the forestry; further improve pure land transfer system, and in principle, adopt the method of pure land transfer to transfer industrial land, operational land, and urban redevelopment and enterprise reform land; integrate urban operational and near-operational assets and resources, positively explore to establish water right system and emission trading system and gradually set up the adjustment system of ladder consumption price to improve the using efficiency of resources and energies.

3. Deepen the reform of State-owned enterprises and establish diversified property system. Adjust measures according to the local conditions of enterprises and promote restructuring of enterprises with one policy for a plant through great business investment, annexation and reorganization, transfer of property rights, overall acquisition, leasing management and legal bankruptcy, etc. Focus on promotion of the whole reform of listed state-owned companies, change government’s means of contributing investment, build and standardize state-owned companies’ management and operation organizations and strengthen resource integration and investment and financing function. Greatly support commercialization and asset restructuring of industrial land, speed up payment of land-transferring fees and return schedule, and solve the questions left over by history; do well in asset restructuring of GMC Group and Jiangguo Unite and try to complete the base construction to produce 300,000 cars; implement strategic alliances with domestic and foreign big enterprises, promote cooperation of municipal holding companies, city investment companies and municipal tourism groups with foreign-funded enterprises to implement strategic alliances with domestic and foreign big enterprises; start business bankruptcy of ten policy-based bankruptcy enterprises which have been listed in the State Property Management Commission of the State Council and solve historical debt thoroughly; continue to do well in packaging repurchase of bad assets of the four Finance Assets Management Companies in Huarong, avoid enterprise debt risks, prevent erosion of state assets and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of workers practically.

4. Deepen reform of administrative systems and optimize investment environment. Vigorously promote the “two concentrations” of administration and approval. Without increasing the number of manning quotas, internal bodies and middle-level cadres, municipal administrative examination and approval departments establish “administrative examination and approval office” to combine administrative examination and approval (including administrative licensing and enterprise-concerned non-administrative licensing) functions, and the organizational system in administrative service center is for doing business, optimizing examination and approval process and realizing separation of examination and approval functions from supervision functions. Vigorously promote the administrative examination and approval “overtime default system”. Matters not settled within the commitment time shall be deemed to have passed examination and approval and all results thereof shall be undertaken by the overtime-limit department. Advocate “absence default system” for joint examination and approval. Matters concerning joint examination and approval shall be handled by the leading department. If the relevant department refuses to participate in or does not accept the leading department’s coordination, the opinions of the defaulted department shall be deemed to have agreed and all results thereof shall be undertaken by the defaulted department.

III. Actively Expand Opening up in Scope and Depth and Improve Our Open Economy in an All-round Way

1. Create new way of attracting investment. We should take five pillar industries: automobile, electronic information, biomedical, new materials, textile and clothes as the key industries, seize the core link, support link and irradiative link of industrial chain, emphasize attracting large and strong enterprises, carry out the investment attracting mode of “industry+base” and try to attract one or two Fortune 500 companies, two or three of top 200 companies in domestic manufacturing industry and one or two of top 100 companies of Taiwan; seize the forth wave of investment of Taiwan business represented by electronics and service industry to carry out oriented investment attraction in Taiwan and cities and regions which are crowded with Taiwan-owned enterprises such as Dongguan and Kunshan; strengthen the joint investment attraction and industrial chain supporting investment attraction of the advanced and characteristic industry and the domestic and foreign staggered transferred industry; seize the opportunity that some processing trade enterprises in eastern coastal areas speed up to be transferred to the Midwest to undertake processing trade in Yangtze River, Pearl River and Min River Delta region which is crowded by processing trade enterprises.              

encourage competent enterprises to carry out international operation in R&D, operation and marketing and speed up developing the multinational company and well-known brands of our city; encourage foreign trade enterprises to carry out oversea marketing by establishing offshore subsidiaries, agencies, direct marketing by retailer and participating in oversea exhibition to strengthen international competitiveness; encourage competent foreign trade companies to open up new labor market and increase the technical content of cooperation of service dispatched abroad; take building Algeria “China JMC Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone” and Argentina Wang Shi Industrial Park as the breakthrough and direct and support automobile, home appliances, machinery and medicine industries and key enterprises to make oversea investment, with the aim of establishing 3 to 5 oversea manufacturing and processing bases and marketing networks every year.    

3. Improve policy support. Since 2008, the foreign trade developing fund of Nanchang City has been increased to 7,000,000 Yuan per year to support the local specialties export, award growing export enterprise and for sea-rail joint transportation subsidy. Award the newly established foreign invested companies engaged in modern service industry according to the provisions in Measures for the Implementation of Speeding up Development of Modern Service Industry   

VI. Strengthen Industrial Economy with Large Projects and Large Industries as Main Direction

1. Innovate project promoting mechanism to promote “3010” project. We should give preliminary expense subsidy to project deemed to belong to “3010” and give investment subsidies or loan interest discount of a certain proportion according to the actual investment amount and progress of fixed assets, give priority to applications of key projects and land use indicators of the province and promote the project to be settled, started and put into production early; strengthen “3010 project” examination and improve and carry out rewards and penalties system to mobilize the initiative of all parties in promoting “3010 project”. We should promote important projects such as Xinchang Power Plant, Jiangtong Copper Strip and Plate, Nanchang Hailite and JMC Xiaolan Base this year to ensure the annual industrial fixed assets above 35,000,000,000 Yuan.       

2. Strengthen key enterprises and promote industrial cluster. Create key enterprises supporting system and coordinating system and assign specific person to take certain responsibility to communicate and interact with enterprises regularly. Keep the system of on-site working of municipal leaders in key enterprises to coordinate and solve the problems in operation; Strengthen policy support and carry out the key enterprises awarding policy in time; encourage export for earning foreign currency through inland freight subsidy of export sales; give priority to factor supply in water, electricity, oil and transportation of key enterprises; promote various advanced resources factors to the outstanding enterprises and outstanding entrepreneurs. Our goal is as follows: in 2010, there will be 16 enterprises in the city with revenue from main business exceeding 5,000,000,000 Yuan and revenue tax exceeding 500,000,000 Yuan, wherein four enterprises have revenue from main business exceeding 10,000,000,000 Yuan and revenue tax exceeding 1,000,000,000 Yuan; 2 enterprises have revenue from main business exceeding 20,000,000,000 Yuan and revenue tax exceeding 2,000,000,000 Yuan. A certain amount of fund shall be arranged in the special funds for supporting enterprises to support the leading enterprise which can drive the cluster development of the industry and support the matching projects good for extending the industrial chain. Meanwhile, we should encourage and support private economy to take part in industrial supporting, extend the industrial chain and encourage industrial cluster to make the scale of manufacturing bases of 10 products such as new materials, foods, automobiles, textile and clothes, medicine and medical appliance and electro mechanics exceed 10,000,000,000 Yuan.      

3. Keep staggered development and improve the park. We should build a unified and coordinated working system and lead the scientific planning and correct positioning of the development zone and industrial park; emphasize the characteristics and keep staggered development to avoid disorderly competition and resource waste. In particular, we should promote the development of new and high technology industries led by electronic information, biomedicine, optical, mechanical and electronic integration, new materials and application software in new and high-tech zones; development of advanced manufacture industry led by automobile, air-conditioner, paper making and microelectronics in economic and technological development areas; the development of characteristic parks led by manufacturing of automobile and parts in Xiaolan Economic and Technological Development Area and led by textile and clothes, food and drink, pharmaceutical chemicals and printing and packaging in Changdong Industrial Park; we should improve the intensive management, further integrate land resource and increase investment density and intensity per unit area land. We should also enhance the infrastructure construction, improve the matching service and continuously increase the advantage of comprehensive investment environment of the park. Since 2008, the returning system made by Finance Bureau of Nanchang City to the high-tech zones and economic and technological development areas have been changed into a special fund for supporting the development of the development zone. Meanwhile, Finance Bureau of Nanchang City arranges 10,000,000 Yuan every year for discount loans of infrastructure construction in different industrial parks. In 2010, the main business revenue in high-tech zones and economic and technological area shall exceed 100,000,000,000 Yuan; the main business revenue in Xiaolan Economic and Technological Development Area and Changdong Industrial park; the main business revenue of Changling Industrial park and Anyi Industrial park shall exceed 10,000,000,000 Yuan.   

4. Strengthen the energy saving and emission reducing system to improve the economic benefit. Strengthen the supervision of energy saving of key energy consuming enterprises, mainly including the ceiling of energy consumption, the elimination of high energy consuming equipment, energy saving management, energy consumption metering and charging and energy statistical statement. Speed up to eliminate high energy consuming equipment, strictly carry out the energy consumption evaluation and examination and control the construction of high-consuming project construction from the source. We should establish pollution emission reducing system; improve and carry out total amount control, approved pollution discharge, undertake treatment within a prescribed limit of time, clean production, project approval, environment violation penalties, accountability system of pollution discharge reducing and one-vote veto system, public disclosure, government listed supervisor and support of special fund for environmental protection; seriously punish environmental violations. We should ensure that in the year 2010, the comprehensive energy consumption falls more than 20% than 2005 and an energy consumption laws and regulations standard system, a policy support system, a monitoring and managing system and a technical service system.            

V. Speed up Construction of “Three Centers” and Promote Development of Modern Service Industry

1. Improve the financial institution system. Strengthen the introduction of financial institutions particular in foreign banks, domestic joint-equity commercial banks, insurance and securities and support them to set up branches or head offices in Nanchang. 3 to 5 financial institutions are listed into key objectives every year. Our goal is to introduce 3 to 5 joint-equity commercial banks, 2 to 3 foreign banks, 3 securities companies business departments and 6 to 8 insurance companies and achieve the zero breakthrough of fund company within 5 years; we should actively support local financial organizations to dispose the non-performing asset, enrich the self-owned asset through capital and stock increase, introduce strategic investors, strengthen the business contact and cooperation between domestic and foreign financial institutions, with the goal of realizing cross-section operation and realizing IPO of commercial banks within the city and restructuring of Hongdu Rural Credit Association into Rural Commercial Bank. We should also continue to implement the tax sharing policy of introduced financial institutions within the district and the city; lead competent large enterprise to participate in the share, hold the stock or invest to set up rural banks, loan companies and other local financial institutions; lead and standardize the civil financing & investing and encourage civil capital to set up credit guarantee agencies; support the private enterprises to participate in the share of local financial institutions, with the goal of setting up 2 to 3 rural banks within 5 years.  

2. Optimize the layout of logistics and commodities and trade. Efforts should be made in improving municipal business center and setting up a commercial circle with Bayi Square as the center and with Zhongshan Road and Shengli Road as main commercial trunk and through radiation to the periphery.We should speed up the construction of Honggutan CBD and construct Lianfa Mansion and International Financial Mansion and other business services from a high starting point and with a high standard; promote the construction of eastern city, southern city, western city and northern city as well as the new and high-tech zone and economic and technological development zone and other district-level CBD, with the goal of setting up 4 to 6 district level business centers within 3 to 5 years; develop community business center and satellite town business center, actively implement market projects such as community business “double entering” project and “thousands of villages and towns” to promote the coordinated development of business and trade industry of both city and town; promote the upgrading and restructure of commodity market and guide the proper layout of commodity market; promote the public logistic area and plan to construct 3 logistic bases, 8 logistics centers and 15 distribution centers; strengthen the policy support to the logistics and commodities and trade.   

3. Speed up the development of culture, tourism and exhibition. We should strengthen the reformation of state-owned cultural enterprises and institutions such as film companies, professional art theatres; attract social capital through cooperation, share participation and other forms and construct a brand new cultural industry system through the group development. We should compile the cultural industry development plan and investment guidance to speed up construction of Badashan humanized industrial park and develop a group of cultural market main body with great competitiveness and impact; speed up making an overall planning of tourism and strengthen 4A guidance and support of Nanchang Uprising Memorial Hall, Tianxiangyuan and Shengjin Tower; give full support to the development of key tourism areas such as Meiling area and the construction of high-rank hotel such as Shenzhen Shangri-La Hotel; actively strengthen regional and international tourism cooperation and communication and try to receive more than 100,000 oversea tourists and more than 10,000,000 domestic tourists; strengthen the application of China Food Exposition and other brands exhibitions; hold the National Spring Agricultural Machines Order Fair in 2008 and other national brand exhibitions well; actively take part in Shanghai Expo. In 2010 and particularly develop local characteristic brand exhibitions such as Nanchang Manufacturing Expo to promote the development exhibition economy.  

VI. Speed up Developing County Economy and Promote the Balanced Urban and Rural Development 

1. Improve the agriculture industrialization. We should develop a group of leading enterprises with good growth and strong leading capability and particularly seize 17 leading enterprises with annual sales revenue exceeding 100,000,000 Yuan. The special fund for agricultural industrialization arranged by the Finance Bureau of Nanchang City is mainly used to build bases, provide loan guarantee for the leading enterprises and award some leading enterprises in technological innovation and brand development. We should carefully run business and give full play to various functions of “Nanchang Agriculture Industrialization Credit Guarantee Company” ; provide 30,000,000 Yuan as the registering capital of the guarantee company for the financing guarantee of the leading enterprises and attract more social capital into agriculture; actively try to get more national agricultural comprehensive developing industrialized operation projects, support the leading enterprises with obvious product characteristics and great leading power on the farmers and support the development of key enterprises with key projects. We should actively implement “1221 demonstration project” of farmer professional cooperative society, that is to say, choose 10 professional cooperative societies of different industries and categories as the pilots to play a role of demonstration and driving; select 20 professional cooperative societies which develop well to conduct the standardization and perfection of internal management system and standardize the running of professional cooperative societies; support 20 professional cooperative societies to make them have a certain scale and level; train 100 principals of professional cooperative societies to increase their capacity of self-development and self-service. We should try to make all leading industries of the city into professional cooperative societies and drive above 50% rural families; enlarge support range of "double driven to prosperity” to provide support to village cadres and able persons who have created entities and led farmers to prosperity in capital, technology and talent. 

2. Strengthen the characteristic economy. We should speed up developing regional characteristic parks with clear advantage, large scale and clear characteristics, in particular to modern agricultural demonstration parks such as Nanchang Jiangxiang Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park, Nanchang (Huangma) “Liangjiang”ecological agricultural corridor, the Strait (Anyi) Agricultural Experimental Region, Wanli 2000 mu organic cloud mist tea base, Modern Agricultural Park of Junshan Lake, Jinxian County, Five Star Cultivation Farm Modern Gantai Agricultural Demonstration Park and Xinjian County Lehua Vegetable Modern Agricultural Scientific and Technological Demonstration Park. We shall give full play to their driving power and make them important carrier of county economy. We should speed up agricultural brand construction. This year, we have finished more than 30 chemical-free farming products identification,created more than 5 well-known farming products of Jiangxi Province, 1 Chinese branded well-known farming product and 20 markers of characteristics and organic food products.     

3. Increase the investment of “agriculture-countryside-farmer”. We should improve the fiscal administrative system of city and county (district) to lower the proportion of fiscal matching support of the county (district) to the largest extent. The fiscal expenditure structure shall be adjusted. The tax for newly added arable land is mainly used for “agriculture-countryside-farmer”. Of the city maintenance and construction expenditure, some shall be adopted for rural planning, infrastructure construction and maintenance. The fiscal expenditure of agriculture shall have “three higher”: the added volume of fiscal expenditure shall be higher than the last year; the added volume of fixed asset investment for village shall be higher than the last year obviously; the added value of land leasing revenue of the government for the village construction shall be higher than the last year obviously. We should strengthen agricultural infrastructure construction with agricultural hydraulic engineering as the key point; start the danger removal and consolidation of 24 sick and dangerous reservoirs which have been listed into national special planning; implement danger removal engineering of 40 reservoirs; actively implement updating and restructuring of 12 large pump stations listed into the subsidy plan of four provinces in Middle China; treat 4000 kilometers of the drainage channels, 1000 mountain gate pools to solve the problem of unsafe drinking of 100,000 population. We should strengthen the public welfare forest protection and arrange ecological public welfare forest building engineering supporting fund for guarantee in major and key projects. We should continue to put the ecological public welfare forest construction project matching fund into place. Each year, we should arrange 3,000,000 Yuan rural road green award for channel greening, village greening, river and mudflat greening and farmland network building. To the end of 2010, the newly added qualified forestation area with plain greening as main content shall be 610,700 mu and the forest coverage rate shall reach 21.55%. An urban large environmental and ecological system with characteristic of urban-rural integration shall be set up preliminarily. “Project of increasing farmland, increasing food and enriching farmers” shall be continued to effectively increase the cultivation area.Strengthen the agricultural comprehensive development. Take the middle and low yield field as the key content of restructure, make scientific planning and scaled development to build a batch of standard farmlands to increase the comprehensive production capacity and promote the agricultural industrialized structure regulation. We should further strengthen the road construction and restructure of village, town and county and the restructure of county grid; strengthen the infrastructure construction of small town and speed up the project of converting boat to bridge in rural area and specially in lakeside area and continuously improve the production and living conditions in rural area.

VII. Strengthen Urban Planning, Construction and Management around the Theme of the Seventh National City Games

1. Make urban planning from a high starting point. Keep sunny planning, scientific planning and open planning around the National City games and as per requirement of city development. We should pay equal attention to public engagement and expert evaluation and compile various urban planning with high standard and high quality. In 2010, main urban zone control detailed planning shall reach 100%. The main trunks crossing facilities planning, blue lines and yellow lines planning of key sections, layout planning of hotels and other receiving facilities, Eastern ground of railway station planning, preliminary research of Qichenghui transportation organization, traffic jam spot improving and relief research report, scenic design of main trunks which were compiled in 2008 were put into practice in 2009. Good urban environment can be created through reasonable planning, scientific selection of the project spot, reservation for developing room of major projects and optimization of the regional distribution.       

2. High standard urban construction. With the goal of ensuring the smoothness of traffic of Urban Games, the Changbei International Airport, Xiangfu Railway Station, Nanchang West Railway Station and Changjiu inter-city express railway and other major external transport hubs shall be promoted. According to the requirement of transportation strategy planning “102030”, the city road skeleton road network system construction shall be speeded up. The Yihuan Road shall be formed and the Xi’erhuan shall be made through to set up a fast, humanistic, intelligent, ecological and comprehensive transportation system; with the goal of holding high level games, we should grasp the supporting construction of major comprehensive project of Nanchang International Sports Center and Wanli Shooting Center, actively support the construction of Olympic Sports Center, carry out the information and intelligent project of the venue, Urban Games unified network platform project, Urban Games command high system project, Urban Games media information center project and Urban Games portals website project to increase the network and information level of the Urban Games; with the goal of showing a “historic city, a city of mountains and waters and a modern city”, the ecological landscape surrounding Qishan Lake, Xiang Lake, Aixi Lake and on both banks of Gan River are created. Projects of plaza, greenbelt, beautification, brightening, lake treatment, sewage water disposal, environmental monitor, wastes disposal and conducted to improve the urban resource and energy guarantee system such as water, electricity and gas, thus improving the environmental quality of the city and providing a scenery for leisure and sightseeing for the Urban Games; with the goal of expanding the urban room, we should promote the development and construction of Chaoyangzhou Region, speed up old city reconstruction, start and finish the civilized street construction of New Park Road and carry out the low, dangerous and old house plot such as Qili Village, Donghu District and the restructuring project of Chengzhong Village.            

3. High level administration of the city. We should carry out activities of national civilized city year widely and deeply around the goal of “national civilized city” and “national environmental model city”; break down the creation task, define the creating unit, set up and improve adjusting system and liability system of creative work according to National Civilized Cities Evaluating System and the Eleventh Five-year Plan Create National Environmental Protection Model City Index System; hand in the record every month and check regularly to inspect the index implementation and the working progress; consolidate the result of creating a sanitary city and strengthen the urban sanitation and environment punishment, put emphasis on dead corner, sanitation of lane and order surrounding the railway station; carry out the liability system of “be responsible for general sanitation, green covering and keeping good social order in a designated area outside the unit building” of the “village in city”; grasp the smooth urban transportation project, give priority to public traffic, carry out special punishment of transportation order, punish illegal running of “five vehicles” according to law and strengthen the management on motorcycle, petrol engine scooter and electric bike; improve and create urban management effective system, set up and improve the evaluation standard and work evolution system; adhere to the principle of "empowerment and focus downward" and “uniform liability, right and benefit” and set up a defined liability system. Promote the way of market running and set up a system of information collection; improve the urban management network information system to promote the digitization and networking. Carry out civilization creating activities such as “entering communities for six times”, “hundreds of practical deeds" and “sincere Nanchang” to improve the civilized consciousness and citizens qualities.

VIII. Enhance Independent Innovation Capacity and Speed up Industrialization of Scientific and Technological Achievements

1. Speed up the sci-tech innovation platform and innovate demonstration park and incubator construction. Try to meet the innovation requirement of new and high-tech fields such as electronic information, optical, mechanical and electronic integration, biomedicine and new materials. We should encourage, guide and support enterprises to set up key labs, engineering and technological center and enterprise R&D center independently or together with universities and colleges and research institutes. Award the technological center which is set up by enterprises and deemed to be above the city level and give priority to its scientific program. Support the construction of Nanchang Scientific Resource Sharing Platform; support the construction of innovation demonstration bases such as Nanchang (Yaohu) Scientific Innovation New Town, Nanchang National Service Outsourcing Demonstration Zone, Nanchang National Biomedicine Industrial Base, China Torch Program Software Technology Park (Jinlu Software Park). The city level scientific and technological plan and science and technology research funds incline to National Innovation Demonstration Base and incubation parks of Peking University and Tsing-hua University; we should speed up establishing Nanchang Scientific and Technological Innovation Service Center, support five scientific and technological achievement transformation bases and provide one-station service to scientific and technological innovation in policy, application, scientific and technological development, innovation condition and program financing.

2. Strengthen the development and application of proprietary intellectual property rights and conduct new and hi-tech industrial projects. With the goal of becoming a national demonstration city on new and hi-tech industry rights, we have set up municipal special patent fund (2,000,000 Yuan) to finance the patent application. The patent application of the whole city is expected to reach 2000 pieces in 2010 with 1200 approved; we should promote the scientific and technological innovation achievement and product first purchasing system to finance the qualified new and high technology or proprietary intellectual property rights program; encourage enterprises to cooperate with universities and research institutions to actively promote the new high-tech industrialization. Since 2008, 15,000,000 Yuan can be drawn from the municipal scientific fund every year to strengthen the support to the new and high-tech industrialized program and in particular to major scientific industrialized programs.   

3. Expand technological innovation financing channel. We should encourage Nanchang venture capital companies to invest more in scientific innovation programs and scientific innovation enterprises; strengthen the financing capacity of loan platform of Nanchang scientific and technological middle sized and small enterprises and the annual loan amount is expected to be 100,000,000 Yuan; innovated fiscal expenditure support the financing mode of scientific and technological fund. Since 2008, some scientific and technological expenditure adopt the mode of capital injection and equity investments to support major new and high-tech industrialized program and increase the funding returns.  

4. Improve the scientific and technological innovation talent stimulating mechanism. Try to implement “pioneering adviser action plan" of Torch Center of Ministry of Science and Technology and attract high-end pioneering advisers to provide innovation and pioneering service for our city. We should carefully make “scientific and technological star” evaluation which is carried out twice a year in Nanchang. The special contribution reward is started in 2009 to award talents who have made special and outstanding contributions in scientific and technological innovation. The academic and technological leaders of Nanchang City have been set up and the talent pool is innovated. Make training program in different layers and categories. 20 scientific and technological innovation leaders are selected to receive training according to the program and 20 scientific and technological innovation leaders are selected to receive training on modern enterprise management to motivate the initiative of scientific and technological innovation talents. 

IX. Further improve the incentive system and increase the national capacity on business starting

1. Develop entrepreneurial culture and expand the subjects of business starting. Deeply conduct the selection on the “three of the ten models on starting business” and the activities of touring report meetings relevant to the business starting models, develop special editions and columns in Nanchang Daily and at Nanchang TV Station to promote the entrepreneurship in the masses and to propagandize the national entrepreneurship in our city and the stories on the advanced models and actively create a cultural atmosphere in which national people will participate in business starting and the whole society will advocate the entrepreneurship. Cultivate the subjects of business starting by adopting the method of Three “A Batch of”, which is to encourage and guide the existing private enterprises to give play to their advantages in such aspects as production management, marketing expansion, capital accumulation, etc., conduct the “starting a new business”, promote the development from small to large and from old to new, develop diversified businesses within one industry, strengthen enterprises and cultivate a batch of backbone group in terms of business starting; taking use of interpersonal relationship based on the hometowns, friends and relatives, invite talent people living in other places beyond their hometown to come back and start business at their hometowns, to move their enterprises back and to recycle their capital, and cultivate a group of people form other places to start businesses in the city; conscientiously carry out preferential policies for such groups as urban laid-off workers, unemployed young people, land-less peasants, ex-servicemen and students graduated from colleges to start their first private enterprises (except otherwise stipulated by the state), so as to cultivate a batch of real group in business starting.

2. Strengthen construction of entrepreneurship base and establish entrepreneurship service platform. Divide the industrial parks and scientific and technological parks in urban and rural planning, reconstruct bankrupt enterprise factories before separation for release, reconstruct idle factories, buildings and warehouses before release of field, and make use of the field suitable for establishing small enterprises to establish undertaking bases for small enterprises. Try to establish 30 undertaking bases for small enterprises with supporting facilities, complete functions, efficient services and obvious achievements by 2010, encourage to found more than 2000 small enterprises, employing more than 100,000 personnel. Integrate various social resources and establish a batch of public service platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises with complete functions. Focus on establishing such four comprehensive service platforms as investment and financing platform, information consultation platform, HR platform and technological innovation platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. Government shall increase investment capital. Through guidance of funds from government, establish good private enterprise credit guarantee companies. Various counties and districts, mainly depending on special industries, establish public service platforms for technology, training, management consultation and information inquiry serving special industries. Try to establish over 30 public service platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises in the whole city by 2010.

3. Strengthen business support and share business achievements of all people. Since 2008, in the municipal financial budget, 5,000,000 Yuan is allocated as civil special business funds each year for supporting development of small enterprises, business training and construction of undertaking bases for small enterprises. Counties, districts, development zones and new areas shall also set up relevant special funds in the financial budget at this level. Funds for development of small and medium-sized enterprises are increased from 3,000,000 Yuan to 5,000,000 Yuan. Focus on supporting construction of small and medium-sized enterprises’ credit guarantee systems and public service systems. Insist on “sharing in co-building and co-building in sharing”. Starting from the problems concerning interests that the people are most concerned about and that affect them most directly, handle 66 cases of civil engineering well and enable all people to share civil business achievements.