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No. 1 Hospital of Nanchang
   No.1 Hospital of Nanchang, the third affiliated hospital of Nanchang University, is a modern comprehensive upper first-class hospital integrated with medical treatment, teaching, research, prevention and care. The hospital has a team with high-quality members engaged into health care and medical research. Besides, the hospital has a large number of advanced medical equipment that is rare in other hospitals in Jiangxi Province. The Hospital features complete departments, strong technical force and great comprehensive strength in medical treatment, teaching, research and others, as a result, the Hospital has been the at the leading positioning the health circle of Jiangxi province and the important base for scientific research, medicine and teaching of Jiangxi province.
   The Hospital was founded in 1934 and was changed its name into Hospital for Workers, Peasants and Soldiers at the beginning of the Cultural Revolution. In December 1973, the Hospital restored its original name. Over the 70-year development of the Hospital, especially after the establishment of New China, the hospital with the medical talents with great skills and good conducts has provided the sincere services to Nanchang City and even Jiangxi Province, as a result, the hospital has been at the leading position in the development of multiple disciplines and the service concept of the Hospital of "Heal the Wounded and Rescue the Dying, Serve the Public" has been deeply rooted among the public of Jiangxi Province.
   At present, the hospital covers an area of 35,000 square meters and the total construction area of 81,800 square meters. Now the hospital has 800 hospital beds and 1,175 service workers, of which, there are 203 employees with the titles of professor, associate professor and the titles of the equivalent level, there are 10 doctors, 8 doctors famous in Nanchang, 3 experts granted with the special allowances of the State Council and 17 visiting professors.
   The Hospital now has 36 clinical departments, 10 medical departments and 8 various research laboratories. The Hospital also has more than 20 specialist clinics, special clinics and specialized clinics. Besides, the Hospital undertook the tasks of the health care for the public of Nanchang and for the on-the-job cadres at the deputy county level, the retired veteran cadres and the senior intellectuals of Nanchang. The Hospital also took the medical and first aid task of other places in Jiangxi Province. The outpatients of the Hospital are 650,000 annually and the discharged patients are 25,000 annually. In addition to the teaching of the School of Medicine of Nanchang University, the Hospital also provides the clinical practice opportunities of other 8 medical schools of Jiangxi Province.
   The Hospital with strong technical force has undertaken more than 20 scientific research projects at the national, provincial and municipal levels. In recent years, the Hospital has been awarded more than 10 scientific and technological progress prizes at provincial and municipal levels. The haploidentical bone marrow transplantation, green laser treatment of prostate disease, stem cell treatment of diabetic foot, keyhole surgery of hemifacial spasm, artificial elbow joint replacement, scoliosis treatment, colonoscopy and treatment, excimer laser ablation, cataract phacoemulsification lens implantation, trabeculectomy for glaucoma and amniotic membrane transplantation surgery, large organs surgery under laparoscopic and transumbilical laparoscopic cholecystectomy as well as many other technologies carried out by the hospital has filled the gaps in Jiangxi Province.
   The Hospital at present has the most advanced 64-slice spiral CT, 1.5T superconducting MRI, SPECT, IU22 PHILIPS three-dimensional digital color Doppler ultrasound, digital mammography, small bowel endoscope, digital subtraction angiography instrument, green laser prostate therapeutic apparatus, balloon counterpulsation device, radio-frequency treatment instrument, GE8000-based ECG monitoring sys Leika, tem, CR, DR, AMO phacoemulsification instrument, Technolas 217Z excimer laser; Topcon operating microscope and other sophisticated ophthalmic equipment with the amount of more than 20 million Yuan. Besides, the Hospital has the pharmacy intravenous admixture center, hemodialysis, endoscopy center, clinical testing center, imaging center and eye center with the advanced facilities.
   Address: No. 128, Xiangshan North Road, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province
   Tel: 0791-88862309
   E-mail: ncyybgs@yahoo.com.cn
   Traffic route: No. 5, No. 18, No. 25, No. 232, No. 217 buses to No. 1 Hospital Station