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Male Hospital of Nanchang
   Male Hospital of Nanchang in Jiangxi Province, established in August 1991 after being approved by the Ministry of Health, is located in Nanchang Institute of Medical Sciences and near the beautiful Xianghu Park. The hospital is the first public male hospital in Jiangxi province integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine and combined the research & development and the clinical research. Now the hospital has more than 100 employees. With years of training, the hospital has a team of outstanding professionals specialized in skills and with good conducts, of which, 15 employees have senior titles, 35 young and middle aged employees are the backbones; 8 employees have medical master degree, 7 employees are pursuing a MA degree and there are one doctor and one graduate teacher. Employees of the hospital have awarded "The Best Doctor in Jiangxi Province", "Advanced Worker of Jiangxi Province in Technology and Science", "Model Worker of Nanchang" and other honorary title one after another and one employee in the hospital has been granted the special allowance of the State Council. Now the hospital has one academic and technical leader in the health circle of Jiangxi Province and one expert for the young and middle aged herbalist doctor training. With the effort of a decade, now the hospital has achieved good social and economic benefits and has treated hundreds of thousands of male patients, releasing them from sufferings and bringing happiness to unfortunate families.
   The hospital is the first one engaged into the diagnosis, treatment and research of male diseases. At present, the hospital is provided with sexual function rehabilitation department, prostate disease department, male infertility department, venereal disease department, urology department, gynecology department, sexual psychology consulting department and other clinical departments; furthermore, the hospital is also provided with chemical laboratory, color ultrasonic room, male infertility laboratory, gene amplification laboratory, laboratory of medical genetics, biochemical laboratory, sexual function treatment room, prostate treatment room, sexual psychology consulting room, operating room, preparation room, nursing department, in-patient department and supplementary reproduction center.
Address: No.168, Hefang West Road, Qingyunpu District, Nanchang City
Postcode: 330001
Hotline: 0791-85211168
Traffic route: No. 20, No. 25, No. 203, No. 230, No. 238 and No. 601 bueses