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Jiangxi Skin Disease Hospital
   Jiangxi Skin Disease Hospital is located at the Yingbin Avenue, where is the south gateway of Nanchang and near the beautiful Xianghu Lake to the west. It is a modern specialist hospital with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. For decades, all employees of the Hospital, with great courage and enthusiasm to reform, exploration and innovation, promote the rapid development of the Hospital and the march toward the new victory of innovation.
   Jiangxi Skin Disease Hospital founded in 1955 is one of the largest hospital specialized in the skin diseases in East China. The Hospital integrates with medical treatment, teaching, research, prevention and health care. And the hospital is of strong technical force. Now the hospital has 210 employees, of which, there are 6 employees with the title of professor or chief physician, 8 employees with the titles of associate professor or associate chief physician and 44 employees with intermediate professional title. And the hospital is provided with the internal curative department of skin diseases, surgical department of skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases center, testing center, treatment center, laser cosmetology center, department of pharmacy and other department, of which, the internal curative department of skin diseases is one of the very "Famous departments" in Nanchang and the sexually transmitted diseases center is the sexually transmitted diseases prevention and control institution designated by the Health Bureau of Nanchang City. In 2004, the new outpatient building of the hospital has been put into use, where the information management has been fully used; only "One Card" is enough for the diagnosis and treat. The annual outpatient amount of the hospital is more than 100 thousand people and the in-patient department is provided with 40 beds. In 2004, the hospital was awarded as the most popular hospital by Nanchang people. The hospital sticks to providing services for the patients with the skin disorders from all corners of China. To provide convenience for patients, the hospital set up the second out-patient department in the downtown area of Nanchang.
   The Hospital has established the long-term cooperative relationship with the Skin Disease Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Skin Disease Hospital of Shanghai as well as other advanced domestic hospitals; furthermore, the Hospital has provided the vocation guidance, teaching and training on the local skin prevention organs of Ji'an, Yichun, Shangrao and others in Jiangxi Province; and at the same time, the Hospital is responsible for teaching the School of Medicine of Yangzhou University, Academic Medicine Jiangxi, Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
   Internal curative department of skin diseases
   It was awarded as "Famous Department" of the three famous projects of Nanchang in 2004. The department can diagnose and treat all kinds of common skin diseases and difficult and complicated skin diseases; furthermore, the hospital is provided with five special sub-departments for diagnosing and treating special difficult and complicated skin diseases to suit the remedies to the cases.
   Address: No. 310, Yingbin Avenue, Nanchang (Next to Jiangling Hotel)
   Tel: 0791-85211928
   Postcode: 330001
   Fax: 0791-85211928
   E-mail: jxskin@jxskin.com.cn
   Traffic route: No. 20 and No. 203 outer ring buses to provincial Skin Disease Hospital Station