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Jiangxi Mental Hospital (Jiangxi Psychology Healing Center)
   Jiangxi Mental Hospital is located next to beautiful Yudai River and Qingshan Lake. The Hospital now covering an area of about 45,000 square meters is the psychological and mental healing hospital of the largest scale and the most powerful technical force of Jiangxi Province. The Hospital has nearly 50 years of history since its establishment and now it has been strong enough. Particularly in recent years, the administration and management authority of the Hospital sticks to the requirements of the municipal government and the municipal committee on "Enriching People and Toughening Up the City", " Struggling to do well in building Nanchang into a modern regional economic central city and a modern civilized garden & profound city", "Realizing the three foremost items" and "Building the four most important brands", insists on the tenet of "Soothing the soul with true love, curing the patients by serious attitude", constantly depends the reform and development of the hospital to meet the requirements of economic construction and builds the Hospital into a satisfactory and relieved one, thus effectively promoting the coordinated development of material civilization, spiritual civilization and political civilization. Now the hospital has changed from the one with the single psychiatric department into a large psychological and mental healing hospital consisting of psychiatric department, psychological department, and department of the elderly, the drug rehabilitation department and the health rehabilitation as well as others. The hospital has made the notable achievement in the enterprising tide of Hongcheng.
   Today, the Hospital, as the medical care, teaching and research center of Jiangxi in mental healing, not only assumes the duties of Jiangxi Province on the medical care, prevention, teaching, research, community service, judicial expertise and psychological rehabilitation as well as others on mental healing, but also is the cooperative hospital of Shanghai Mental Health Center and establishes the good channel for technology exchange with the mental health institutions in Japan, the United States, Britain, Canada and Hong Kong and Taiwan and other areas. At present, the Hospital has 450 designated beds and 800 beds available to the public. The Hospital has more than 420 employees, including 318 health technicians and 37 employees with senior titles. The Hospital has the psychological consultation clinics, outpatient service of psychiatric department, outpatient service of experts and outpatient service of famous doctors. The Hospital has 12 wards of the in-patient department (7 general psychiatric wards, 2 wards for aged diseases, 2 wards for psychological diseases and 1 drug rehabilitation ward) and one large recreational therapy rehabilitation center. Now the Hospital has great environment with large-scale lawn, lots of green trees, birds and flower, and air fresh. The Hospital creates the environment for the patients to away from the noise of the city, so as to enjoy the beautiful nature. Besides, the living facilities and various types of rehabilitation facilities are available in the Hospital; the medical employees in the Hospital are kind, thoughtful and skilled. As a result, the scientific diagnosis and the suitable drug as well as various means for treating the psychology, physics, brain function and others can be provided to the patients with mental disorders; furthermore, the Hospital is special in the treatment of mental schizophrenia, affective disorder, brain organic mental disorder, senile dementia, sporadic encephalitis, epilepsy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, reactive psychosis, neurological disorders, psychosexual disorders and other difficult and complicated diseases. And the professional achievements of the Hospital were awarded the Second Prize of the Ministry of Health and the Third Prize of the Municipal Scientific and Technological Achievement. The medical services of the Hospital have covered Jiangxi Province and neighboring provinces. In accordance with the statistics, there are 61% patients from Nanchang, 37% out of Nanchang but in Jiangxi Province and 2% out of Jiangxi Province.
   The Hospital now has a set of advanced medical equipment, such as color brain electrical activity mapping, transcranial Doppler, high-pressure liquid chromatography, automatic chemical and biological detector, heroin qualitative tester, B ultrasonic meter, blood therapy instrument, music therapy device, large-scale multi-functional fitness equipment and others, now in recent, the Hospital has introduced the ECT treatment instrument from the United States that allows the inspection of many physiological indicators simultaneously. The hospital has realized the paperless network management from nobody.
   The Hospital has always followed the principle of the state of "Low-cost, wide coverage" to achieve the reasonable treatment, rational use of medicines and reasonable fees to bring mental patients to return home and return to the community, so as to make a due contribution for the comprehensive governance and stability of the society. The Hospital has been granted as Civilized Unit of Nanchang, Advanced Unit of National Labor Day Prize, Nanchang Advanced Unit of Safety Production, Garden City of Nanchang City, Advanced Unit in Building a National Health City and Nanchang Advanced Unit in Health Work as well as others. And in 2003, the Hospital was one of the first hospitals awarded "Relieved Hospital of Nanchang" and in 2004, the Hospital was awarded the provincial "Satisfactory Hospital", which can prove that the hospital is of the coordinated development of "Three civilizations". Today, the diligence, wisdom, truth and credibility of the hospital creates the image of efficient management, excellent quality, honorable health personnel, warm service, beautiful environment and civilized behaviors. In the further, the Hospital will continue to stick to the important thought "Three represents theory" and the scientific concept of development as the guidance and make a progress in the reform as well as provide the convenient, satisfactory, efficient, high-quality health care services to the public.
   Jiangxi Mental Hospital, Jiangxi Psychology Healing Center
   Address: No. 43, Shangfang Road, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province
   Tel : 0791-88176378 Fax: 0791-88176385
   Hotline of Psychological Department: 0791-88178152;
   Hotline of department of the Elderly: 0791-88176769
   Hotline of Psychiatric Department: 0791-88176378
   Hotline of the Department for Medical Insurance:
   Traffic route: No. 7, No. 24, No. 208, No. 216, No. 220 and No. 231 buses to the Station of Beijing Hotel; or No. 5, No. 11, No. 13, No. 209, No. 602 or tourist bus 1 to the station of Nanchang Academy of Sciences