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No. 9 Hospital of Nanchang
   Nanchang Liver Disease Hospital, known as No. 9 Hospital of Nanchang, Infectious Diseases Hospital of Nanchang and Affiliated Infectious Disease Hospital of Nanchang University, was founded in 1953 and is the oldest first-class public hospital specialized in infectious diseases integrated with medical treatment, scientific research, teaching and preventive health care in Jiangxi Province. The Hospital is mainly engaged into the treatment of a variety of liver diseases and can treat other infectious diseases. No. 9 Hospital of Nanchang is the training base for postgraduate in infection control of the School of Medicine of Nanchang University, the AIDS treatment center of in Jiangxi Province, the centralized treatment hospital of tuberculosis of urban residents of Nanchang City, the basic medical insurance designated hospital for urban workers (residents) of Nanchang, the rural cooperative medical service designated hospital of Jiangxi Province and the cooperative hospital of Beijing You'an Hospital of Capital Medical University.
   The Hospital plans to provide 600 beds, and now 400 beds are put into use. Now the Hospital has 560 employees, including 70 senior professional technicians, 170 intermediate professional technicians, 2 doctors and 5 master teachers. Liver disease department, the key department of the hospital is the leading department of Jiangxi Province, now the department is divided into severe liver disease branch (including severe liver disease ICU), chronic liver disease branch, branch of traditional and western medicine on liver diseases, metabolic/autoimmune liver disease branch, liver oncology branch and liver surgery branch; in addition, the Hospital is provided with a liver disease research institute, a liver disease diagnosis laboratory, a liver pathology s laboratory, a fatty liver outpatient treatment room, a artificial liver treatment room, a liver disease interventional therapy room, blood purification room and traditional Chinese medicine preparation room. The Hospital now is the largest hospital with the most complete health care technologies specifically for liver diseases in Jiangxi Province. The infectious disease department of the Hospital is also the key department and can be divided into Infectious Disease Branch I (acute infectious disease/ pediatric infectious disease) and Infectious Disease Branch II(tuberculosis/ HIV), now the department is the acute infectious disease treatment center of Poyang Lake Ecological and Economic Zone and mainly treats and researches various acute infectious diseases.
   The hospital is equipped with a large number of modern medical equipment, such as spiral CT, dual-panel digital X-ray machine (DR), color Doppler diagnostic apparatus, Olympus gastrointestinal videoscope, liver reserve function detector, automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic PCR instrument, genetic testing analyzer, automatic bacterial susceptibility analysis system, blood gas analyzer, automatic electrochemistry luminescence instrument and the world-class artificial liver support system, hemodialysis machine, radiating therapeutic instrument for liver cancer, large C-arm digital subtraction angiography system (DSA) and other therapy equipment, laying a solid foundation for the clinical and basic medical research and the diagnosis and treatment for all types of refractory diseases.
   Nanchang Liver Disease Hospital, with more than 50 years of experience, gives full play to the advantages of infectious disease treatment and carries out a series of first-class treatment technology projects leading both at home and aboard, such as artificial liver support system for the treatment of severe hepatitis, liver failure; autologous bone marrow stem cell transplantation for the treatment of end-stage liver diseases; Tips minimally invasive technology for the treatment of cirrhosis and portal hypertension, hypersplenism; ultraviolet blood irradiation and oxygenation therapy for acute and chronic hepatitis; manual intervention and prevention of the mother- infant vertical transmission of hepatitis B virus; liver disease therapy instrument integrated traditional and western medicine for the treatment of fatty liver and alcoholic liver disease.
   The Hospital has been awarded the honorary titles such as "Reliable Hospital of Nanchang City", "Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization and Advanced Unit of Struggling against SARS in Nanchang" "Satisfactory Hospital of Jiangxi Province", "Leading Specialist Hospital of Jiangxi Province" and "Satisfactory Hospital", in addition, the Hospital was awarded "The Great Collectives on Construction of Professional Moral in National Health Circle" by the Ministry of Health and was recommended as " National Trustworthy Model Hospital" by China Hospital Management Association.
   Address: No. 167, Hongdu Middle Avenue, Nanchang City 
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