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The Third Hospital of Nanchang
   The Third Hospital of Nanchang is located at the bank of Fuhe River and next to Shengjin Tower at the south of the downtown area of Nanchang. The Hospital was built in 1917 with the predecessor of the French Missionary Hospital- St. Aloysius Hospital. In 1951, the government took over the Hospital and rename "Provincial People's Hospital". The profound history of the Hospital creates the atmosphere of benevolence, compassion, superb skills, rigorous and realistic attitude; and also the history of the Hospital makes the employees be prudent, realistic and excelsior spirits; furthermore, the history of the hospital makes the hospital be famous among people. Since the 1990s, the hospital has cultivated many talented people and great scientific researches.
   With the profound historical and cultural background, The Third Hospital of Nanchang, as Nanchang city forges ahead in the reform, rises in the innovation, progresses with great efforts and is full of vitality now. Now the Hospital has the famous departments of the professional department for breast diseases, the professional department for emergency medicine, and the specialty departments of digestive system, minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, gastric cancer treatment, emergency treatment of critically ill newborns, endocrinology and metabolism. It is now a first-class general hospital integrated with medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care. In 2002, the hospital was awarded as the first charity hospital in Jiangxi Province to undertake the medical cares of part of the public receiving the basic cost of living allowances from the government in Nanchang. Furthermore, the Hospital has also been awarded as "Trustworthy Unit of Nanchang," "Advanced Health Care Unit of Nanchang", "Advanced Unit in Anti-SARS Campaign of Nanchang", "Advanced Grassroots Organization in Anti-SARS Campaign of Nanchang"," Advanced Unit in Health Care Circle of Nanchang" and "Satisfactory Hospital of Jiangxi Province" and so on.
   The Hospital plans to provide 600 beds and now 510 beds are put into use. The Hospital has 880 employees, including 120 senior medical and nursing employees. Besides, the Hospital is provided with the four-slice spiral CT from GE United States, German digital computerized imaging camera system (CR), digital high-frequency molybdenum and rhodium two-targeted X-ray machine, color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, breast duct endoscopy, automatic biochemical analyzer, sentinel lymph node biopsy instrument, blood purification apparatus and other large medical equipment and ICU, CCU monitoring systems, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular detectors as well as TDS sub-health screening instrument, etc.
   The hospital sticks to the tenet of "Specialty Skill and Comprehensive Treatment", persists in the principle of "One has to give up less significant directions, when making strategic decision in research", strengthens the construction of key disciplines and has set up a "Professional Department for Breast Diseases", "Professional Department for Emergency Medicine", " Endocrinology and Metabolism" and " Jiangxi Sub-center of the Early Detection of Thrombotic Microangiopathy."
   In recent years, the Hospital has achieved better results, in the first half of 2003, 2004 and 2005, the income of the hospital had increased by 22.6%, 38.8% and 12.8% year on year respectively, at present, the hospital has entered stage of sound development and the employees of the hospital are cooperative with each other. In the environment with new challenges and opportunities for development, the Hospital, with the principle of self-challenge, selects the way of reforming, so as to create a boutique hospital in the old downtown area of Nanchang.
   Rank: First-class general hospital
   Address: No. 2, Xiangshan South Road, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province
   Postcode: 330009
   Hotline: 0791-86612129, 86615534
   Fax: 0791-6615534
   Traffic route: No. 5, No. 9, No. 19, No. 21, No. 25, No. 26 and No. 30 bueses