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Five-star Hotels

Jiangxi Hotel

   Jiangxi Hotel was built and opened in 1956, and its name was embossed by Mr. Shao Shiping, the first Jiangxi Provincial Governor after foundation of New China. In the past 50 years, it was always the important reception place for the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province to hold major meetings, external exchange, as well as economic and trade negotiation, and now it is affiliated to Government Officers Administration of the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province. From 1999 to 2004, Jiangxi Hotel was appraised as “Excellent Star-level Hotels of Jiangxi Province” continuously for 6 years, and awarded with the titles of “Famous Chinese Restaurant”, “China Green Food & Beverage Enterprise”, and “Excellent Enterprise of Jiangxi Province” successively, and it was appraised as “Four-star Tour Hotel” in 2006.
   With a good geographic setting rich in natural resources, Jiangxi Hotel is adjacent to 81 Square, located in the business center, by bus, 30 min far from Changbei Airport, 20 min far from Nanchang Railway Station, and 10 min far from Nanchang Coach Station. It is the first choice of tour and commercial travel.
   Its overall refreshment and reconstruction was performed in 2005, and now it has 301 guest rooms of different types. Within the whole province, it leadingly applies the intelligent control system and installs the negative ionic water activation facilities with direct drinking water. All its guest rooms are equipped with LCD computers and the free broadband network service is provided. Besides, it also has 10 meeting rooms with different sizes, and the newly reconstructed multi-function hall has a capacity of 600 persons. All meeting rooms are equipped with advanced remote TV & telephone conference systems, multimedia projectors, audiovisual teaching devices, simultaneous interpretation facilities, and so on, and these rooms are the ideal place to hole various official and commercial meetings. 
   Its supporting restaurant offers Jiangxi Cuisine, Guangdong Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, and other cuisines, and has more than 1,500 seats in total. Yiyan (Cheerful Dining) Hall is luxurious and spacious and has a capacity of 350 persons, thus it is suitable to hold large-sized banquets and for meeting dinning; there are 13 Chinese-Western-style private rooms in the second floor, all noble and elegant, and they are the best place to hold high-grade feasts.
   In Jiangxi Hotel, you can enjoy the plentiful nightly entertainment, the advanced first-class Hong Kong City Club is nearby, Finnish bath, recreation & tourism, and other services are all convenient for you, Hongkelong Supermarket provides you the shopping convenience, and its affiliated Jinxiang Travel Agency facilitates your trip.
Address: No. 368, Bayi Road, Nanchang City
Tel: 86206666
Total number of rooms: 242
Total number of beds: 381

Gloria Plaza Hotel

  Nanchang Gloria Plaza Hotel is located in the center of the beautiful Nanchang City at the downstream of Ganjiang River, and adjacent to the primitive Tengwang Pavilion and the famous 81 Bridge. It only takes 20 min to the new Changbei Airport and 12 min to Nanchang Railway Station by bus. The hotel has 327 unique guest suites with gentile colors, and they are all equipped with IDD telephones, central air conditioner, the hotel’s own free movie channel, indoor independent coffers, satellite televisions, and internet. It also has complete conference facilities, Gloria Hall enables large-sized feasts or cocktail parties of 300 persons; 3 small multi-function halls offers you the convenience to hold all types of business meetings and seminars. Season Wind Kara Ok Bar has the most advanced singing & dancing audio equipment. The snack bar is convenient for you to buy the daily articles, newspapers, and tour souvenirs. The fitness center is equipped with the whole-day indoor swimming pool and advanced fitness devices, facilitating the customers to relax themselves and eliminate the tiredness after one day’s busy business or tour.
Address: No. 88, Yanjiang North Road, Nanchang City
Tel: 86738855
Total number of rooms: 327
Total number of beds: 488