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Four-star Hotels

Seven Star Commercial Hotel

Seven Star Commercial Hotel located in the urban center is the fashionable model of pioneer design and quality in new city, which provides elegant living, professional service and modern facilities. You will have endless business opportunities and experience the endless charm of the city here.
   Seven Star Commercial Hotel is four-star business hotel which is joint venture invested by Japan Zhushi Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Botai Group Co., Ltd. It covers an area of 9000 square meters with a total construction area of 23,000 square meters. It is located in the heart of the city center, from Changbei Airport only 30 minutes by car and trains station 10 minutes by car. Seven Star Commercial Hotel is senior business hotel. The building style reflects the modern leisure. Interior design style is South-East Asia exotic; guestroom’s design is Japanese current popular style of the decoration, which emphasizes on comfort and practicality. It is the ideal place for modern business customers and business activities.
Hotel main building is 72 meters high, a total of 12 levels. Guestrooms are located above the 4th floor with about 30 rooms on each floor. The number of guestrooms is 240 with total 368 beds included Standard Room、Deluxe Room、Junior Suite、Deluxe Suite、Presidential Suite. The hotel is with Lobby、Phuket Lobby Bar、Business Center、Shop、Prince Spa Club、Cam Ranh Bay Chinese Restaurant、Bali Western Restaurant、Coffee Gallery、Pattaya Beer Bar、Banquet Hall、Meeting Rooms、Executive office and so on. Cam Ranh Bay Chinese Restaurant can accommodate 500 people dining with provision of Jiangxi or Cantonese-style dishes, there are 12 Chinese dining rooms; Bali Western Restaurant can accommodate 100 people dining with provided 24-hour room service; Coffee Gallery and Pattaya Beer Bar can accommodate 80 and 50 people. Prince Spa Club provides Lounge Room、Chess & Cards Room、Therapeutic Massage Room、Quiet Room、Gymnasium、Billiard Room、Table Tennis Room and so on. There is 4000 square meters garden-style parking lot with total more than 100 parking spaces and 30 taxis set points. The hotel is equipped with central air-conditioning、advanced fire control system、24-hour free broadband Internet、free IDD or DDD and other services.
Tel: 8866666


Jinjiang Crown Hotel

   Jinjiang Crown Hotel is located at No.99, Hongcheng Road, Nanchang City. Jinjiang Crown Hotel is four-star business hotel. It is 21-storey high, and the main building area is 26000 square meters.
Tel: 86429999
Total Number of Rooms: 214
Total Number of Beds: 333


Ganjiang Hotel

   The Jiangxi Ganjiang hotel is a 4-star tourist hotel, subordinated to the provincial government office. It is located in the center-section of the prosperous “Ba yi” Road, the CBD of Nanchang city. It’s walking distance to the famous “8.1 revolt” monument. The opposite side is the long-distance bus station. The hotel is 5 minutes away from the train station by car, 45 kilometers away from the Changbei airport and half hour by car, with extremely convenient traffic.
  It provide a wide range of services guaranteed to satisfy the needs of the most discerning guests, such as rooms, restaurant, business center, entertainment, exhibition, hairdressing, sauna, tea art, shopping, tour, parking and car rent etc. The hotel layout is the modern botanical garden style’s garden type architectural complex, is the first "in the city’s commercial botanical garden hotel" in Jiangxi province. We provide 312 rooms including standard room, executive suite and Modern style room, 17 conference rooms in all scales, 140 parking berths, 1160 seats in all restaurants. The pond waters area is 1,270 square meters, and virescence area is 5,970 square meters, the green rate is 35%. It may be said "live in the Ganjiang hotel, enjoy the garden view" Here has the white wall and gray tile brown column, has the small bridge over the flowing stream pond, has the pavilion, the corridor, the arbor and red lantern, has the fragrant camphor tree, the sweet osmanthus, the lotuses, the bamboo, the plum and Belgium's cuckoo. Here has Chinese classical architectural beauty, has the Chinese modern botanical garden beauty. Here make the visitor temporarily to avoid the city noise and crowded, have the moment relaxedness and comfortable, satisfies the visitor joyful experience.
Tel: 86221159


Ruidu Hotel

Ruidu Hotel was set up on September 21, 2003. It is located at No.399, Guangchang South Road, Nanchang City. Ruidu Hotel is 16-storey high. There are 112 rooms there, and the standard room's area is 30 square meters.
Tel: 86201888


Jiangxi Civil Aviation Garden Hotel

Jiangxi Civil Aviation Garden Hotel was set up on May 16, 2001. It is a four-star foreign-oriented tourist hotel, and is located at No. 587, Hongcheng Road, Nanchang City. It is 12-storey high. There are 139 rooms there, and the area of the standard room is  about 37.8 square meters.
Tel: 88898888