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Human Resources

   Nanchang is the scientific and technological, educational, cultural center of Jiangxi province, has 800,000 undergraduates and postgraduates, and over 40 institutions of higher learning including Nanchang University.Nanchang has 69 scientific research academies and institutes at provincial or municipal level and 100,000 various professionals. A batch of Incubator Park in development zones such as Nanchang University Scientific and Technological Park and Jiangxi Provincial Pioneering Park for Returned Students is becoming bases for various talents for scientific research and pioneering their own business. Nanchang is one of the three bases of private institutions of higher learning in China, and three of famous private colleges and universities are settled in Nanchang. At present, Nanchang has eight postdoctoral scientific research stations, where there are over 200 doctors, and which introduce 60 intellectual projects from abroad and 200 foreign experts per time. Nanchang specially builds pioneering parks for Returned Students. In Jinlu Software Park and Jiangxi Provincial Pioneering Park for Returned Students, there are over 150 masters and 30 doctors who are pioneering and 120 software enterprises accounting for over 80% of the total software enterprises in Jiangxi Province.
   Nanchang in new century holds the idea of “talent is the first resource”, being aware of that filling a highland of talents is essential for realizing rising first. Therefore, Nanchang took measures to facilitate the introduction of sufficient talents reserve, such as Nanchang’s Implementation Measures on Introducing Excellent Talents throughout China, Several Rules for Encouraging Returned Students to Pioneer in Nanchang, etc. Owing to the optimization of talent environment in Nanchang, as of the end of 2007, total number of talents in Nanchang city was up to 517,000, with an annual average increase of 9.8%, ranking the first among other cities of Jiangxi province and other capital cities in central region, with an in-out ration of 1.61:1, and with a total net inflow of various talents of over 450,000. According to Nanchang Medium-Long-Term Development Planning for Science and Technology, by 2020, total number of talents will reach 1.4 million or so, and 2,500 out of 10,000 are talents. Nanchang will be one of cities full of excellent talents and rank the first places in terms of its comprehensive competitiveness.