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NewsJiangxi 100-Person- Investment Group Introducing 113 Large Projects
  According to FDI: On August 24th, the reporter of Dajiang Net learned from Jiangxi Commercial Bureau that Jiangxi 100-person investment group for key industries have been going abroad to introduce investment proactively since April of the year, with 113 contract projects signed successfully by early August and the total contract volume reaching RMB 31.273 b.
  It's learned that the 100- Person-Investment-Group has introduced a group of the Top 500 Enterprises such as Japan's Hitachi, the U.S Hewlett Packward, Singapore's Flextronics, Japan's Sumitomo Denso and so on .
  Among the 113 contract projects, 22 large projects have already been started, mainly focusing on such industries as new energy, electronic information, and non-ferrous metals.