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Jiangxi Got More than Hundreds of Millions of Dollars' International Investment Cooperation Project of on China-Asean Expo
   The China-Asean Expo was held in Guangxi a few days ago. The contract and the intent cooperation amounting has reached 108.74 million US Dollar. The contract amount of international investment cooperation was over 100 million US Dollar.
   The 7th China-Asean Expo was held in Nanning City, Guangxi Province from October 19 to October 24. More than 200 people from Jiangxi's more than 40 enterprises participated the exposition. They had set 41 standard exhibition positions and 100 square meters' net area. It exhibited power equipments, building materials, agricultural products and some other Jiangxi's traditional products. It had also exhibited online video, electrommunication, LED and some other new and high-tech products.