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Western China to Become Hub for Foreign Investment: Official
   Western China will become a hot region for overseas investment over the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) period, a senior official with the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Thursday.
   The ministry plans to adopt measures such as hosting the Western China International Fair (WCIF) to make China's vast western region more attractive to foreign investment, said Cao Hongying, vice director of the Foreign Investment Department of the MOC, at the introductory meeting of the 12th WCIF.
   Cao said he expected rapid growth in foreign investment in western China in the years to come due to the area's abundant natural resources and huge market potential.
   Besides the WCIF, the ministry would also provide favorable policies in the western region to help attract more overseas investment, he added.
   The 12th WCIF will be held from Oct. 18 to 22 in Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan Province.