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   Along with the 30-year of reform and opening up, Nanchang rapid the progress of urbanization. Urban infrastructure comprehensive strength has increased markedly. Nanchang has been officially named as "National Sanitary City", "National Garden City", the State Ministry of Construction, the city awarded the "China Habitat Environment Award."

   Since the 80s of the 20th century, the constructions of Nanchang city have been on track. At late '90s, Nanchang took the construction of Garden City and the modern metropolis as the target It brought the city construction into a new high-speed development period. At the late 20th century, the municipal government developed a "one Riverbanks" urban development planning, and it further defined the new pattern of urban development and proceed to open up Jiangbei New City at the early 21st century. The urban construction began to extend across the Gan River.

   By the end of 1978, the total length of the roads in Nanchang was 252.99 km, and the total area was 1,843,600 square meters. After the Third Plenary Session, Nanchang has accelerated the pace of urban road construction. It transformed the Shengli road, Jinggangshan Boulevard and a large number of main roads. It also construct Hondu Road, erqi North Road, a large number of cities such as roads, open up the city exit routes, the formation of cities, counties, range of fast-track; improve the city's backbone road, building, rebuilding urban primary and some other new roads. Since 2003, Nanchang has totally invested 460 million RMB to transform 470 alleys in Nanchang. At present, the current total length of the city roads reachs 855 km. The road space reachs 15.21 million square meters. There are 108 city bridges in Nanchang. These have greatly increased the carrying capacity of the city and expanded the urban development.