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Investment Guarantee

   For further optimizing the investment environment, improving the work efficiency of government organs and providing convenient, rapid and circumspect service for investors, our city guarantees a public, equal and uncorrupted high-efficiency investment environment through a series of policies and regulations. 

   【High-efficiency Certificate-transaction Guarantee】
   Chief Representative System and Administrative Entrustment System: The chief representative is appointed by the dispatching department and authorized administrative entrustment. Each department entrusts and authorizes its chief representative to examine and approve relevant matters and sign on relevant documents in the settle-in center.
   Combined Examining and Approving System: For the matters requiring the examination and approval of more than 2 (including 2) departments, carry out the working system of“One Window Acceptance, Report to the Related, Combined Examination and Approval, Handled within Limited Time”.
   One Examination One Check System: For the simple license without collective discussion and expert argumentation, carry out the one examination one check system of “workers accept examination,chief representative check and issue”in principle. 
   Combined Examination and Check System: organize various departments to lawfully carry out written examination’s annual inspection of enterprise, annual check and the concentrated transaction of annual inspection matter, carry out combined examination and check based on actual conditions.
   Comprehensive window system: Organize the departments with less license transaction to combine establishing comprehensive window, which is convenient for merchants, and also avoids the waste of administrative resources. 
   Centralized Charging System: Administrative institutional fees related to the permitted matters settled down in the center are directly under financial account’s management.
   Once and for all Inform System: If merchants go through transactions at window, the workers at window shall inform the merchants, once and for all, of the matters to be transacted and materials to be provided.
   Green Passage Service: The project listed into the green passage service shall be implemented all process tracking service by special person, and the system of “handling a special matter specially”, and the approval time limit shall be shortened 35% again based on the promised time limit. 
   Electronic Government Affair: Build certificate-transaction online service platform, online supervision platform and online management platform; and establish rapid passage for online communication and handing affairs between investors and government departments.
   First-inquired Responsibility System: If one applicant inquires or handles affairs to window, workers shall answer, handle or introduce the applicant to related departments as soon as possible, but can not refuse with ignorance.
   Reservation service system: The applicants can reserve with related window through locale, telephone and other modes, and are allowed to handle affairs at festivals or holidays. 
   Nanchang Administrative Service Center
   Nanchang Administrative Service Center, established on September 28, 2000, is the government window for foreign services to uniformly handle administrative examination and approval affairs. The Center carries out centralized office, one-stop permit, an integrated service and one-window charge. And the Center persists in the service tenet“merchants-oriented and enterprises centered”, and provides high-quality and convenient permit certificate transaction service for many merchants and the public.
   Add: Administrative Service Center Building, Fenghe Avenue  Tel: 0086-791-83889389 


   【Impartial Complaint Guarantee】
   Complaint Service System: (1) First-inquired Responsibility System: The first-inquired person shall not refuse or shuffle with ignorance or other reasons, no matter what level or department complaint service organization he or she worked in for any work or duty. The first-inquired person must take charge of accepting, treating, tracking service and the feedback treatment result; 
   (2) Complaint Self-selection System: The complainant can complain to the investment service organization of related departments or local complaint service organization or directly to municipal-level complaint service organization;
   (3) Leader Responsibility System: The leader of the department accepting the complaint case shall take all charge of the complaint case. Nanchang optimal investment environment leading team will request to investigate relevant responsibility of leaders of the department if it does not accept or put forward solutions on the complaint.  
   Complaint Service Scope:(1) the complaint that foreign-funded enterprises, during the process of certificate transaction, investment, construction, production, business and other related activities, have serious opinion difference which can not be unified with related units and workers in the city, or the enterprises can not solve the significant difficulty; 
   (2) complaint of any investor, when foreign-funded enterprises are in the process of certificate transaction, investment, construction, production, business and other related activities, there is serious opinion difference among investors, while the negotiator can not get consistent opinion;
   (3) The complaint that foreign-funded enterprises, during the activities like terminating contract in advance or organizing liquidation after the expiration, etc., have opinion difference with related units or workers in the city, or there is serious opinion difference among the investors of the enterprises, or when they have difficulties;
   (4) Other complaint services that foreign-funded enterprises need may file.
   Complaint Service Procedures:(1) The complaint-accepting department shall decide whether accepting or not in 2 working days after receiving the complaint. If the complaint is beyond its treatment scope, the complaint-accepting department shall transmit it to other related complaint-accepting departments in time, and notice the complaint-accepting person in written form; and if the complaint is in its treatment scope, and all necessary materials are attached, the complaint-accepting department shall in time inform the complainant that the complaint has been accepted; while if the materials are not complete or unclear someway, the complaint-accepting department can require the complainant to supplement materials or inquire face to face, and then accept. 
   (2) The complaint-accepting department after accepting complaint shall launch investigation and coordination accordingly, and then put forward the treatment opinion which shall be checked and signed by the administrative leader of the department, and then inform the complainant of the complaint treatment result in 7 working days after accepting, and meanwhile report to Nanchang optimal investment environment leading team and related parties; 
   (3) If the complaint accepted by the complaint-accepting department can not be completed in 7 working days because of its complexity and other reasons, the complaint-accepting department shall notice the complainant in written form and express its reasons, and notify the complainant of the complaint treatment situation every one month delayed, until the complaint are totally completed.  
   (4) The complainant and related parties have no reaction in 3 working days after receiving the treatment decision of the complaint-accepting department, it will be deemed without objection, and related parties shall unconditionally implement the treatment decision; 
   (5) If there is objection on the treatment decision of the complaint-accepting department, the complaint shall apply to complaint service organization at upper level of the complaint-accepting department which made the treatment decision for reconsideration in written form in 10 days after receiving the treatment decision.
   Nanchang Effectiveness and Surveillance Complaint Center 
   Municipal Organization Effectiveness Complaint Center, the government functional department, is specialized in the uniform accepting, investigation and harmonization, and the treatment of complaints from investment environment of the whole city.
   Add: F1, Nanchang Municipal CPC Committee Building (E), Honggutan
   Tel: 0086-791-83886000