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Jiangxi (Nanchang) Taiwanese Businessmen Industrial Park

   Jiangxi (Nanchang) Taiwanese Businessmen Industrial Park was unveiled jointly by Taiwan Affairs Office of State Council and Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government, is a brand industrial park featuring the core of electronic information industry, and the best undertaker of high-tech industry to be transferred from the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Southeast Fujian Delta.
   Four areas designed in the park, i.e. high-tech industrial R & D area, high-tech product manufacturing area, Taiwanese-funded enterprise officers living area and Taiwanese businessmen assembly hall.
   (1) High-tech Industrial R & D Area  The scope designed is located in Beida Scientific and Technological Park in Shuanggang Avenue. Making use of existing conditions in Beida Scientific and Technological Park, the R & D centers of Taiwanese-funded enterprises gather here, which forms an industrial R & D center of high-tech Taiwanese-funded enterprises.
   (2) High-tech Product Production Area Production departments of Taiwanese-funded enterprises will gather in this area, factory buildings of Taiwanese-funded enterprises such as Shenji Technology gather here.
   (3) Taiwanese-funded Enterprise Officers Living Area  A batch of leisure and entertainment halls and hotels and restaurants will be built here, which will provide good living conditions for staying Taiwanese businessmen.
   (4) Taiwanese Businessmen Assembly Hall  A place where Taiwanese businessmen live, communicate, have entertainment and leisure.
   At present, there are 445 large Taiwanese-funded enterprises have settled in Nanchang, such as TECO, Shenji Technology, Uni-president, Yadong Cement, Federal Tire, Guangsheng Electronic, Lianzhi Photoelectric, etc.
   The strategic positioning for it is “the promised land for high-tech Taiwanese-funded enterprises, cost-effective expansion base for large-scale project, supporting platform for upgrading of traditional industries, strong engine for regional economic growth, and ideal paradise for IT elite to pioneer their own businesses”.
   The park intends to operate to be the industrial park with an annual output value of RMBY 100 billion within five years, and highlights the introduction of large-scale high-tech Taiwanese-funded enterprises which are strong, innovative and industrially correlated.
   We will insist on the idea of “merchant-valued, honest-oriented, efficiency-focused, supporting facilities-important, and return-first”, strive to create it a “topping Taiwanese businessmen industrial park in mainland of China”, with “lowest cost, fastest return, highest efficiency and best reputation”.