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Three Industries

LED Industry

   Nanchang City was approved as China Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Industrialization Base by Ministry of Science and Technology in May, 2004. There are over 15 semiconductor lighting companies in the Base, in which 7 companies were settled down after the approval. The sale incomes were over RMB 1.5 billion yuan in 2004 rising 44% over the previous year and occupying 2.77% of local industry.
   The Base has formed a perfect industry chain. Nanchang University, Jiangxi Lianchuang Photoelectric Co., Ltd. and Lattice Power (Jiangxi) Corporation as upstream industry, Jiangxi Lianchuang Photoelectric Co., Ltd., Nanchang Sunrise Optech Co., Ltd. and Lattice Power (Jiangxi) Corporation being a chip manufacturer as mid-stream industry, Jiangxi Lianchuang Optoelectronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Nanchang Liangzhong Electronic Co., Ltd, Nanchang Yongxing Electronic Co., Ltd as a chip-packaging manufacturer and the light source, light fitting and LED display screen of Liangchuang Boya Technology Co., Ltd, the mobile back light of Liangchuang Zhiguang Technology Co., Ltd and Nanchang Jingming Electronic Co., Ltd. as downstream industry, and the LED supporter of Nanchang Hongsen Hi-tech Electronic Co., Ltd. as a supporting industry.
   The Base owns a diligent team with high-innovative spirit on LED management, technology development and research, professional technician and skilled workers. There are over 8,000 employees engaging in LED industry in Nanchang City in which the senior technician is over 1,000. For quickening the development of semi-conductor light industry, the leading companies (Jiangxi Lianchuang Optoelectronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and Nanchang Sunrise Optech Co., Ltd.) have set up technology centers which are responsible for marketing analysis of semiconductor lighting, research and development of basic technology, the development of LED chip driven by semiconductor lighting, LED fitting, semiconductor lighting device of special use or decorating lighting and integrating system of light fitting and lighting and testing and analysis of LED products.
   LED Industry will hold the research and development advantage of semiconductor lighting to enforce the leading place of development and industrialization of the mid-stream chip and support the development of under-stream packaging and application industry. The total economic output of semiconductor industry and its percentage in the total economic output of the whole city will be increased via investment attraction, further investment and scale-enlarging. The semiconductor industry will realize the sale incomes over RMB 6-7 billion yuan and the production value over RMB 10-11 billion yuan in 2010 and the Industry will be the pillar industry in Nanchang City.


Complet Vehicle Production and Auto Parts Industry

   The complet vehicle production and auto parts industry as one of pillar industries in Nanchang City develops very quickly with a large scale.
   At present, there are over 223 enterprises engaging in the complete-vehicle and supporting parts production such as JMC, KAMA Bai Lujia, GETRAG, Lear and Visteon in Nanchang City with an annual production of over 0.5 million vehicles and a total sale income of over RMB 100 billion yuan.
   With JMC as a core, we have invited Isuzu, Ford, Chang’an and other famous enterprises to settle down in Nanchang City.
   The vehicle industry in Nanchang City has some advantages of vehicle-nearly-matching, quick development, peripheral support and export-growing. The part purchasing rate of JMC is over 20%, so, the supporting market is very huge. There are a lot of large-scale vehicle enterprises with a supporting market of RMB 350 yuan in the Six-hour Economic Circle around Nanchang City such as Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM and Geely at its east; Guangzhou Honda and Nissan at its south; DFAC and CF Motors at its west; and JAC and Chery at its north.
   PPC and Provincial Government of Jiangxi Province will give a great support of vehicle industry in Nanchang. Nanchang has established many supporting policies for developing vehicle industry and Vehicle Part Production Base in Nanchang Xiaolan Economic Development Zone is under construction.

Service Outsourcing Industry

   The increase rate of Nanchang service outsourcing industry in recent 3 years always keeps about 29%.
   In January 2008, Nanchang High-tech Development Zone was appraised as “China Service Outsourcing Demonstration Zone” by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Information. The basal industrial pattern has been formed by Ahead, Golden Dome, Strong and other key software enterprises. Giesecke & Devrient Information, Nerin Automation, Yuanjing Technology, Xingzhi’s Education, etc. form the pattern of flourishing development of software service outsourcing in our city. IBM, Microsoft, ZTE, UFIDA and other famous enterprises settle in Nanchang one by one.
   Global Famous Strategy Consultation Company --- Roland Berger sees Nanchang from the third party, thinking that there are five core advantages for Nanchang to develop service outsourcing industry:
   1. Stable and abundant human resources: Nanchang City has rich human resources reservation. Higher institutions, vocational technical training organizations and enterprise cooperation training form the talent training system of various levels. There are relevant specialties of electronic information, software, etc. in University of Nanchang, Jiangxi Normal University, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, East China JiaoTong University, Nanchang Hangkong University, Jiangxi Agricultural University and Jiangxi Science & Technology Normal University. 45 Nanchang higher institutions include 7 software colleges, and Jiangxi Ahead Institute of Software and Technology is one of the 35 national demonstration software institutes. IBM-Ahead Service Outsourcing Talent Training Base and Microsoft-Jiangxi IT Talent Training Base supply many qualified personnel for developing service outsourcing industry in Nanchang. 
   2. Low comprehensive commercial cost advantage: Annual average wage of Nanchang urban employees at present is about RMB 16,377 yuan, compared with domestic existing 14 service outsourcing base cities and the cities where 4 service outsourcing demonstration regions are located, Nanchang City has obvious HM cost advantage, about 39.8% of that in Shanghai, 67.7% of that in Dalian, and 82.9% of that in Wuhan. In addition, from the angle of commercial cost like communication cost, water and electricity cost, etc. considered from service outsourcing enterprises, Nanchang City is also greatly lower than the above cities and regions.
   3. Topping infrastructure construction: The supply of Nanchang’s water, electricity and gas is enough, and various parks have realized “seven connections and one leveling” of infrastructure. Telecom, Netcom, CTT, Mobile, Unicom and other communication pipeline network have been constructed in various land use centers, and telephone and broadband network cover the area of the whole city. The urban main network belt is 480G, exit belt of broadband metropolitan area network is 4X2.5G, which meets the development of service outsourcing industry. Nanchang has built High-tech outsourcing service demonstration area serving for the service outsourcing industry, and Honggutan Creativity Industrial Park taking the creativity industry as core. The good air quality rate of Nanchang is 92.5%, green-land cover percentage reaches 36.9%, green-land area per capital covers 7.2 square meters, and various life supporting facilities are complete. Nanchang Administrative Service Center, Human Resources Service Center, Busines Information Exchange Center, Entrepreneur Club and other service centers provide more overall professional services for service outsourcing enterprises.
   4. International-level Professional Service: The investment-promoting group of Nanchang has deeply understanding for service outsourcing industry, and can initiatively predominate the development tendency of the industry and the development opportunity at home and abroad. And they can recommend the investment opportunity and investment projects of Nanchang to settled enterprises, supply investment policies and human resources to enterprises, and look for investment and cooperation partners for enterprises.
   5. Great Support from Provincial and Municipal Governments: Jiangxi Province and Nanchang City presently has established preferential policies on service outsourcing enterprises. In which, it is definite that Nanchang City shall not only arrange local necessary support fund based on the proportion 1:1, but also from 2008 allocate the special development fund of service outsourcing industry in this city, for true fund support of talent introduction, market development, enterprise housing subsidies, authentication subsidies, rewards for the earning of foreign exchange by the enterprises via export and others of service outsourcing.
   Facing the future, Nanchang will rely on existing educational resource advantage to develop IT education and training industry for establishing qualified talents of software and information service outsourcing. Nanchang based on the human resource advantage vigorously develops the call center service and other information outsourcing services such as customer information collation, data analysis, data mining and data management and then transfers to other high value-added services. Based on the low business cost and the basic services of server hosting, computer renting and virtual computer as a developing point, Nanchang will focus on the high-level services of data center discussion and enterprise disaster backup. Relying on Hi-tech Service Outsourcing Demonstration Zone, Honggutan Creativity Industrial Park, IBM-Ahead and Microsoft-Jiangxi IT Talent Practicing Base makes Nanchang be an international service outsourcing center and the best undertaker for service outsourcing in the world.