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Two Bases

Photovoltaics Industrial Base

   In recent years,the world focuses its eyes on photovoltaics industry,and Nanchang steps out first. Photovoltaics enterprises and projects invested in Nanchang include mainly: monocrystalline silicon chip project with 40 million annual output invested by America General Silicon Material Co., Ltd.; presently world largest thin-film solar base with 1000 MW annual output jointly invested by LDK Best Solar Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. and industrially correlated enterprises; solar polysilicon project with 1300 tons annual output invested by Jingzhan (Nanchang) Technology Co., Ltd.; monocrystalline silicon project with 600MW annual output invested by Shanghai Kamudanke Company. Nanchang has taken firm steps towards to be a photovoltaics industry base, and has basically formed a complete photovoltaics industrial train.
   LDK Best Solar Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. is  the world largest thin-film solar cell technology R&D and industrialization enterprise under construction. This company and industrially correlated enterprises intend to invest USD 2.5 billion for the first phase Nanchang Photovoltaics Industrial Park in Nanchang High-tech Zone, dedicated to build a R&D and production base of photovoltaics industry, introduce world topping technology and equipment in complete sets, construct supporting factory buildings and power facilities. The first phase industrial park will produce second generation of 1000 MW 5.7m2 high-effective two-section thin-film solar cells whose stable conversion efficiency will be up to 12% in the near future.This project is the world largest and most advanced technologically thin-film solar energy project under construction. Upon the starting of this project, this company and industrially correlated enterprises will operate according to international standard, and strive to create it into a world famous photovoltaics industrial park within 3-5 years.
   Jiangxi has abundant reserves of silicon minerals with excellent quality, with 98.7% silicon and 0.44% iron, and the daily output is over 200 tons. Jiangxi’s reserves of power quartz which is the main material of silicon material has proved to be 20 million tons or so, ranking the first throughout China.
   In 2007, Jiangxi LDK Solar Co., Ltd. established Nanchang University LDK Solar Energy Research Center with the national key university Nanchang University to jointly push the development of solar energy technology and industry in Jiangxi at the principle of “mutual complement, mutual benefit, mutual advancement, and mutual development” through combination of production, teaching and research. At present, more than ten institutions of higher learning including Nanchang University are planning to open solar photovoltaics industry college or related faculties, in order to foster various technical talents in R&D, production and marketing for Jiangxi’s photovoltaics industry, meanwhile to set up a world advanced platform of training and practice and R&D for photovoltaics talents, and cultivate a distinctive training and R&D team of photovoltaics talents.
   According to the development direction of “large project-industrial train-industrial cluster-industrial base”, Nanchang has come up with a series of policies to support development in industrial associated aspects, guide large enterprises, large projects and supporting industries to settle in industrial zones and parks, facilitate industrial supporting and industrial butt joint between large enterprises and medium-small enterprises, and strive to seek new mode for industrial clusters which are of professional, high-tech and ecological production.
   To support photovoltaics industry development, Jiangxi Provincial Government organized a leading group under the leadership of the Governor and worked out a series of preferential policies. Nanchang is considering to appropriate guiding fund for photovoltaics industry, actively set up financial platform for development of silicon material and photovoltaics industry.Nanchang will provide very preferential policies in terms of administrative fees, power price, transportation, land, factory building, etc.

Aviation Industrial Base

   Nanchang is the birthplace of airplane of new China, has the industrial industry, has professional processing equipment of world advanced level, and has strong manufacturing technology, comprehensive processing and production capacity in respect of sheet-metal forming, digital control processing, tooling mold designing and manufacturing, airplane partial assembly and general assembly, especially in manufacturing and processing of airplane’s large parts and complex parts.
   Nanchang aviation industrial base mainly relies on the leading enterprise Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industry Group Ltd. The company is engaged in basic design, R&D, production, sale, maintenance of training plane, general airplane, other aviation products and parts, as well as in related businesses and import-export trade; subcontracting production of aviation products; development, consultation, service, introduction and transfer of aviation science and technology; manufacturing and sale of ordinary machinery, metal materials and products, apparatus and equipment, building materials; metal surface treatment and heat treatment. Major product is jet training plane, multi-purpose agricultural and forestry airplane, Haiyan propeller aircraft. Basic training plane VI, wining the first quality golden prize of China’s airplane manufacturing, has been widely applied in aviation school and China Civil Aviation, and other units and exported partly. The company now has twenty thousand staff, including over 3,000 engineering and technical personnel, over 800 staff with senior technical title. It has also a landing gear manufacturing factory with nearly one thousand staff, and a range with over 3,500 mu (about 233 hectares) lands for test flying.
   Hongdu Aviation Group establishes state-level airplane research institute (650 Nanchang airplane design and research institutes). All technologies are at levels for producing regional aircraft. It has aviation product R&D center and scientific research department, a expert consultant team consisting of Shi Ping (medalist of National May 1 Labor), aviation golden prize winners and winners of special government allowance, all of them are excellent and experienced in designing of various types of airplane; it meets conditions for new aviation products’ research and development, in terms of airplane designing, type testing and technological research; it has aviation work team with brilliant technology, diligent and hard working.
   Nanchang High-tech Zone is planning to construct an aviation industrial city covering an area of 25 square kilometers to create Nanchang a major production base of aircraft,  international aviation industry subcontracting production base.