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Nanchang Changdong Industrial Park
   Founded in September 2001, located in the south of Jiefang Road (E), Nanchang Changdong Industrial Park (Changdong Park) was approved as a provincial-level industrial park in March 2006, covering a total planned area of 21.5 square kilometers. Changdong Park is the largest provincial-level key industrial park in urban planning of Jiangxi province. Changdong Park has formed four backbone industries, i.e.: knitted garment industry led by Hongkong Bondsin Garment Industrial City, Zhongji, Jingdong Dyeing and Finishing, U-Right Garment, food and beverage industry led by Sedrin Beer, Wahaha, Nanchang Uni-President, pharmacy and chemicals industry led by Sanjiu Medical and Pharmaceutical, Huatai Pharmacy, Biote Science and Technology, and Kaixinren, and electronic information industry led by Beijing BVE, Shenzhen MTC, Lianchuang Boya, and Bell Software.