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Donghu District
   Donghu District covering an area of 18.35 square km is one of administrative districts of Nanchang City. With commerce, exhibition, tourism as a leading role, finance and agency service as an important point, business and trade logistics, entertainment as a supporting point and education, sports, culture, information and medical care as a supporting point, Donghu District actively creates a modern service hotland with dense integration and clustering development. Many star hotels and famous enterprises at home and abroad have settled down such as Gloria Plaza Hotel and Nanchang Lake View Hotel, Wal-Mart, KFC, McDonalds and Industrial Bank. The People’s Bank of China and the provincial branches of the four largest state-run banks are also settled down here. Shenglilu Pedestrian Street as the first commercial pedestrian street in Jiangxi Province here is awarded ‘The Most Prospective Pedestrian Street in China’at the first batch.