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Honggutan New District
   Honggutan New District is set up for widening the urban development space and implementing the urban development strategy of One River and Two Banks. The District covering a planned area of about 78 square km has four areas of Honggutan Central Area, Fenghuangzhou Area, Hongjiaozhou Area and Jiulonghu Area, which is new administrative center, new commercial center, new culture center, new living center and new leisure center of Nanchang City. At present, many famous enterprises have settled down in the District such as Shangri-La Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, American Continental Hotel, Hongkong Shimao Group, Central China International Industrial Rare Materials Town, Shanghai Greenland Group, Shanghai West, Shanghai Bay, Guangdong Liantai Group, Sunny World Group, Xinzhongyuan Group and Beijing Financial Street,etc.