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Jiangxi Nanchang Xiaolan Economic Development Zone
   Founded in March 2002, Jiangxi Nanchang Xiaolan Economic Development Zone (Xiaolan Zone) is located in the south part of Nanchang, with a planned area of 40 square kilometers, and 18 of which have been built. Xiaolan Zone has formed five backbone industries, i.e. auto & auto parts industry led by Ford, Lear Interior, Visteon, Shanghai Bao Steel and JMC, the food & beverage industry led by Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Asia Beer, Master Kang and Huangshanghuang Group, the medicine & medical apparatus industry led by Huiren Pharmacy, Jiangxi Guoyao and Jiangxi Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, the light textile & garment industry led by Sanxin Tep, Xinlong Chemical Fibre and Hongkong Yongtong, and electric machines & electrical appliances industry led by Tellhow Sci-tech, People Electrical Appliance.