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Nanchang Changnan Industrial Park
   Founded in October 2001, located at the south gate of Nanchang City, Nanchang Changnan Industrial Park (Changnan Park) was approved as a provincial-level development park in March 2006. Its starting section covers a planned area of 2 km2. Changnan Park is striving to develop modern logistics industry while keeping its traditional mechanical processing industry. Now Changnan Park has basically formed into a distinctive industrial park as a processing base of large and medium enterprises’ supporting products, a modern logistics base and a base for establishment of non-state-owned enterprises. Many enterprises have settled in Changnan Park, such as Shenzhen (Changnan) Agricultural Products  Logistics Center, Xindi Refrigeration World Co., Ltd., East China Decoration Materials Exposition City, Hubei Jiuzhoutong Pharmaceutical Logistics Co., Ltd., etc.