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Xihu District
   Xihu District covering an area of 34.8 square km is one of administrative districts of Nanchang City. The District has formed three developing points: 1) the tertiary industry(commercial industry), the District owns over 21 large-scale retail stores and supermarkets, 4 municipalmunicipal-level special streets, 11 super-scale markets with an annual turnover of RMB 0.1 billion yuan and 70% of provincial financial organs; 2) the business building economy, the District owns over 48 large-scale buildings with over 2,500 enterprises which includes 13 provincial branches of the global top 500 enterprises including IBM, Siemens and MAERSK; and 3) Xihu (Anyi) Industrial Zone, the manufacturing base of transporting and communicating facilities with electric car and fuel-driven bicycle as a leading project in the Zone is listed into one of  “3010” Planning projects of Nanchang City.