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Wanli District
   Wanli District covering an area of 238 square km is one of administrative districts of Nanchang City. The forest coverage is over 73.5%, Meiling Mountain in the District is national forest garden and national key scenic spot. In June 2007, a cooperation memoire for building “IMB-Ahead Service Outsourcing Talent Practicing Base” in Ahead Software Vocation and Technology College at Wanli Luoting Industrial Park was signed by People’s Government of Nanchang City, Foreign Trade and Economy Department of Jiangxi Province, Information Industry Department of Jiangxi Province and Labor Department of Jiangxi Province with IMB and Ahead Software Company, and the Base is regarded as the International Training Base for Software Talents by State Expert Buream,and Jiangxi Province Service Outsourcing Talent Practicing base by Foreign Trade and Economy Department of Jiangxi Province.