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Jiangxi Sanghai Economic and Technological Development Zone
   Located in Xinqizhou of Nanchang’s north suburb, covering an area of 58 square kilometers, Sanghai Economic and Technological Development Zone (Sanghai Zone) is a provincial-level key development zone approved by Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government in July 1992. In July 2008, Sanghai Zone set up “National Biological & High-tech Industrial Base & Sanghai Biology and Pharmacy Base”. Sanghai Zone’s dominant industry is biology and pharmacy, having formed pharmaceutical industrial cluster led by Jisheng Pharmaceutical Factory and Sanghai Pharmaceutical Factory. A lot of pharmaceutical companies have settled in Sanghai Zone, such as Xinglin Baima Pharmaceutical, Kangzhengde Pharmaceutical, Jishun Pharmaceutical, etc. All settled-in companies produce over 260 varieties of medicines, 8 of which are state-level new varieties, 12 of which are protected varieties of traditional Chinese medicine. There are perfect supporting facilities in Sanghai Zone. Additionally, opto-electrical, mechanical and food industries are founding their way into Sanghai Zone, and Fushi Science and Technology, Beiyang Food Additive Co., Ltd. and other large enterprises and large projects are settled in Sanghai Zone one after another.