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Party and Government Delegation from Yichun City Investigating in Nanchang, Yin Meigen and Liu Jianyang Accompanying

Source: ncnews.com.cn      August 9, 2018

Party and government delegation from Yichun City investigated the industrial development, urban construction management and ecological protection in Nanchang on August 8. Member of Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of Nanchang Municipal Party Committee Yin Meigen, and City Mayor Liu Jianyang accompanied the investigation. Secretary of Yichun Municipal Party Committee Yan Ganhui, City Mayor Wang Shuiping and leaders from Yichun City Wang Hong’an, Wang Wei, Cai Qingping, Li Xinghui, Nie Zhisheng, Qi Haiyun and Zhang Jialiang participated in the investigation. Leaders from Nanchang City Guo Yi and Wan Xiuqi accompanied the investigation.