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Further Accelerate the Construction of Strong City in Tourism, Facilitate Fast Development and Great Improvement of Tourism Industry in Nanchang for A New Era

Source: Nanchang Daily      September 13, 2018

The city-wide tourism industry development conference was held on September 12, deeply implementing the spirit of the 6th plenary session of the 14th Provincial Party Committee, the province-wide tourism industry development conference and the 5th plenary session of the 11th Municipal Party Committee, researching and deploying the strong tourism city work for current and future period. Member of Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Municipal Party Committee Yin Meigen emphasized on the meeting that the whole city should further strengthen sense of responsibility, mission and urgency, marshal the full resources of the city and gather the full wisdom of the city to further accelerate the construction of strong city in tourism and facilitate fast development and great improvement of tourism industry in Nanchang for a new era.

City Mayor Liu Jianyang presided over the meeting. Director of Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Development Committee Ouyang Quanhua and municipal leaders Wei Guohua, Ling Wei and Hu Bin attended.