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Several Opinions on Constructing Nanchang as Regional Modern Logistics Center by Nanchang Municipal CPC Committee and Nanchang Municipal People’s Government (excerpt)
    ◆The newly established logistics enterprises engaging in traffic transportation and warehousing will be rewarded according to 1.5% of business revenue in previous three years of their business.
    ◆The logistics enterprises getting the advanced (excellent) rewards issued by related national and provincial departments will be rewarded respectively RMB 0.05 million yuan and RMB 0.03 million yuan.
    ◆The logistics enterprises which are listed into municipal key logistics enterprises, exceed RMB 200 million yuan on business income of the whole year, increase more than 30% on business income in current year and increase more than 10% each year in recent 3 years, based on 30% increase on main business income, according to the standard of rewarding RMB 0.01 million yuan every excess 1%, their legal representative (or main operators) will be rewarded once not more than RMB 0.20 million yuan.