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Several Opinions on Constructing Nanchang as Regional Modern Commercial and Trading Center by Nanchang Municipal CPC Committee and Nanchang Municipal People’s Government (excerpt)
    ◆When the certificate change of commercial and trading enterprises during the process of combination, merger and re-organization are approved by municipal government, the enterprises shall be derated the cost of production of a certificate or license, and administrative institutional fees of registration certificate.
    ◆Commercial and trading circulation enterprises and professional market recognized above provincial-level commercial and trading, industrial and commercial, tax and other departments and enter for the first time to Province Top 10 and China Top 100 will be respectively rewarded RMB 0.05 million yuan and RMB 0.10 million yuan for their operators.
    ◆The commercial and trading enterprises (excluding fiscal monopoly enterprises(the  same below) making first breakthrough RMB 200 million yuan on annual sales volume and paying more than RMB 10 million yuan of tax (value-added tax, business tax and income tax, the below same) will be rewarded RMB 0.10 million yuan; the commercial and trading enterprises making first breakthrough RMB 500 million yuan on annual sales volume and paying more than RMB 20 million yuan of tax will be rewarded RMB 0.20 million yuan. The professional markets, recognized by municipal commercial and trading, tax and statistic departments, making first breakthrough RMB 1 billion yuan and RMB 2 billion yuan on annual sales volume, paying more than RMB 15 million yuan of tax, with great employment contribution and strong industry development driving force, will be respectively rewarded RMB 0.10 million yuan and RMB 0.20 million yuan.
    ◆The commercial and trading retail enterprises listed into municipal key commercial and trading enterprises and exceeding RMB 500 million yuan on sales business income, and commercial and trading wholesale market exceeding RMB 1 billion yuan on annual business income, increase more than 30% on business income in current year, and increase more than 10% each year in recent 3 years, based on 30% increase on main business income, according to the standard of rewarding RMB 0.01 million yuan every excess 1%, their legal representatives (or main operators) will be rewarded once not more than RMB 0.20 million yuan. 
    ◆The above rewards are not repeatedly computed, and the single highest reward will be given. At the same time, the commercial and trading enterprises getting the advanced (excellent) awards issued by related national and provincial departments will be rewarded respectively RMB 0.05 million yuan and RMB 0.03 million yuan.