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Cubic Sugar KTV
Contact Phone: 0791-86663377
Address of Guangchang Store: No. 299, Guangchang South Road, Nanchang (beside Ruidu Hotel)
Address of Mindelu Store: No. 415, Minde Road  Daytime: buy two hours, free for all court, night: buy three hours, free for all court. RMB50yuan for one VIP card, 20% discount with VIP card

Tianyuan Qiangui
Telephone: 0791-88861111
Decolor KTV
Contact Phone: 0791-86379988
Address: No. 98, Erqi North Road (Qianhuaban Shopping Center)

Dongmei No. 1 Shangge KTV
Contact Phone: 0791-86376666
Address: No. 197, Fuzhou Road
Happyday KTV
Contact Phone: 0791-88133111
Address: No. 207, Hongdu Middle Road, Nanchang City (beside Broadcasting and Television, Red East Restaurant, opposite to Celebrity Restaurant)
Bus Line: 28, 215, 119, 16, 216 get off at bus station of provincial television station and walk for one minute

Male and Female Discount KTV
Telephone: 0791-86632852

Happy Hometown
Telephone: 0791-86220222
Address: No. 317, Xiangshan South Road, beside Hongkelong Xiangshan Store