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Residence Permit Application for Foreigners Enter to Invest, Work, Teach or Perform in Nanchang
   I. Application Documents
   1. Official letter issued by the local recipient organization with basic information of applicant, reasons for applying, items and period of stay;
   2. Original and copy of applicant’s valid passport with current visa;
   3. Original and copy of Registration Form of Temporary Residence from local police station; (Applicants lodging at the hotels within the network of the Entry-Exit Office of Nanchang Police Station should provide the hotel lodging certificate.)
   4. Foreign investor should submit duplicate of the Business License of foreign-capital enterprise, the Organization Code Certificate, the Certificate of Approval of Enterprise or the investment certification issued by the relative provincial authorities. Foreigner who comes to invest or work should submit original and copy of the “Certificate of Expert” or “Certificate of Employment”.
   5. Foreign teacher should submit original and copy of the “Certificate of Expert” issued by the Provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs and the foreign teacher approval issued by the Provincial Department of Education.
   6. Foreigner who comes to perform should submit the performance approval by the Ministry of Culture or the Provincial Cultural Department;
   7. One recently taken two-inch full-faced color photo;
   8. People whose first application for residence permit is longer than one year should submit certification for health issued by Jiangxi Provincial Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (applicants under the full age of 18 years are exempt);
   9. Enterprise at first application should submit original and copy of the valid Certificate of Approval of Enterprise, the Business License and the Organization Code Certificate. (The Outbound Administrative Organization should provide original and copy of the Resident Representative Agency Registration Certificate and the Organization Code Certificate.)
   10. Entry “Visa/Residence Permit Application Form”.
   11. Others if necessary. 
   II. Processing Time: 5 working days in the case of complete submissions