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Residence Permit Application for Foreign Students in Nanchang
   I. Application Documents
   1. Official letter from the school/university (stating the basic information of applicant, reasons for applying, items and period of stay), “Enrollment Notice”, JW201 Form or JW202 Form issued by the Provincial Department of Education;
   2. Original and copy of applicant’s valid passport with current visa;
   3. Original and copy of Registration Form of Temporary Residence from local police station; (Applicants lodging at the hotels within the network of Immigration Office of Nanchang Police Station should provide the hotel lodging certificate.)
   4. One recently taken two-inch full-faced color photo;
   5. People whose first application for residence permit is longer than one year should submit certification for health issued by Jiangxi Provincial Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (applicants under the full age of 18 years are exempt);
   6. Entry “Visa/Residence Permit Application Form”.
   7. Others if necessary.
   II. Processing Time: 5 working days in the case of complete submissions