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L Visa Application for Foreign Children of Chinese under the Full Age of 18 Years Entrusted To the Care of Someone in Nanchang
   I. Application Documents
   1. Original and copy of applicant’s valid passport with current visa;
   2. Original and copy of Registration Form of Temporary Residence from local police station; (Applicants lodging at the hotels within the network of Immigration Office of Nanchang Police Station should provide the hotel lodging certificate.)
   3. One recently taken two-inch full-faced color photo;
   4. Birth certificate of the applicant (Certificates for those who were born abroad should be attested by Chinese embassy or consular post in that country.); duplicates of the parents’ passports. If one or two of the parents is or are Chinese, he/she should submit certification of permanent residence overseas. 
   5. Letter of authorization by the applicant’s parents stating the fosterer or guardian entrusted and the period of foster; letters of those whose parents are abroad should be attested by Chinese embassy or consular post in that country; parents who live in China should come to this police station for the issue of the letter of authorization.
   6. Identification card, permanent household register and temporary residence permit of the fosterer or guardian;
   7. Original and copy of notarized guarantee certificate of the foster
   8. Identifications issued by organizations abroad must be attested by the Chinese embassy or consular post in that country.
   9. Entry “Visa/Residence Permit Application Form”.
   10. Others if necessary.
   II. Processing Time: 5 working days in the case of complete submissions